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A lot of Canikon users say "no pros shoot with Sony". In 2012 we personally shot over 250,000 excellent concert and wedding photos with our Sony cameras. Our plan for 2013 is to shoot even more!


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We have the 35mm 1.8 and it is wonderful for low light video on our Sony SLT-A77

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We just finished a 4 day gig as the official photographers on the Rock Legends Cruise. We shot over 9,000 excellent concert photographs and a few videos with our 2 SONY SLT-A77s and were very impressed with the results! We shot about 7,000 photos with no flash and had maybe 100 photos with a little visible noise. We had already taken over 15,000 excellent photos with our A77s so the photo quality was not a surprise.

What really surprised me was the quality of the video sound.

I wasn't planning on shooting any video so I left my external mic at home. I ended up shooting 2 concert videos from 10-15 feet away from one of the main speaker piles and was expecting the on-board mic to be totally clipped through both videos. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sound was excellent even though the source volume was blasting!

To see our review of the performance of the cameras and the photos and videos go to http://www.abetterdj.net and click on the RLC PHOTOS tab.

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Great review!

We've shot about 7,000 photos (4 weddings and 3 engagement sessions) with our A77s and the quality of the photos we are producing is nothing short of amazing. We are running about a 98% keeper rate. We shoot mostly in auto JPEG with external flashes and have no need for high ISO shots.

We have hands on reviews of the SONY SLT-A77 and the SONY 16-50MM 2.8 lens with photo samples under the SONY|MINOLTA tab on our site http://www.abetterdj.net

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You should all sell your Canon gear on ebay and buy some MINOLTA lenses and that 24MP SONY A77 everybody is going nuts about. It may not be the best at high ISO but everywhere else it really rocks for only $1400.

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OntarioJohn: My a77 is on order. My camera bag has an a100, 2 Sony Lenses, A minola lens, and a Tamaron. So I have 28 to ? the lens sold with the a100 a 70 300 Minolta Zoom, a 500 mm lens and these older MD lenses laying about like dead soldiers. I am not interested in fighting or negativity. I recently took my camera and my old sony gps gizmo from Dover to Inverness, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Saltzburg, Switzerland, Straussburg and Paris. Everyone loves the photos and with the gps and a linux box to post the data I uploaded to Google everyday a folder of shots which you could see move with the push pin. So zoomed in on London you saw how the pin moved around, parks etc. I'm 60, badly damaged by chemo, and took a big backpack and cane and 'hiked' through much of Europe with my wife. The a100 only ran out of battery once and I had taken about 2400 shots that day. Paris, what can I say!


You are going to love this camera. We've been shooting with them for 3 weeks now and they are amazing. Congratulations on a wise decision!

A couple of cheap upgrades for your lenses.

Dump the Tamron and the MINOLTA 70-300 and get a MINOLTA 100-300 APO (about $300 on ebay). With the zoom feature on the A77 the APO will give you awesome shots from 100-600MM. Your 500MM will now cover 500-1000MM! For your lower range shots the MINOLTA 28-135 is the perfect "walk around lens".

By the way we are getting about 800 shots from 2000MaH aftermarket batteries.

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mjkerpan: Why is everyone here harping about the rather lousy high-ISO performance rather than the very good low-to-medium ISO performance. While it may not offer good image quality over ISO 800 or so, the quality at lower ISOs is simply to die for. Compare the A77 and the 5Dm2 at base ISO: they're delivering similar (high) levels of detail. While this may not be a good camera for high ISO use, it would seem to be an ideal choice for studio use and landscape shooters.

And weddings! We've shot about 5,000 great shots with our 2 a77s including 3 weddings. We shoot mostly on auto with a few tweaks now and then when needed but this camera shoots bridal magazine quality photos right out of the camera. The 16-50 lens works perfectly through the entire range and the colors are far superb to any lens we've tried :D

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We have posted a link to the updated version 1.03 firmware for the SONY SLT-A77 on our site at http://www.abetterdj.net just click on the SONY/MINOLTA tab. It is really easy and supposedly fixes all of the reported bugs.

We shot about 5,000 photos including 2 weddings with the version 1.02 and experienced no issues. This camera is awesome

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We shot our first wedding last Saturday with our new A77 and a Minolta 17-35. The room the wedding a reception were in was dimly lit with yellow/orange light and the A77 handled it very well on Auto! We shot almost 700 shots and all but 2 were very useable. The camera handles well, is lightning fast, great color, and the only shot that had noise was one where the flash didn't fire. We've also shot hundreds of daylight test shots at different stops and they are stunning! We tested with MINOLTA 28-135, 70-210 MINOLTA beercan, Minolta 17-35, and a MINOLTA 100-300 APO.

To rgnewell: You obviously either haven't shot with the better Minolta lenses or had bad copies. Our 2 28-135MM Minnys shoot as nice as primes. Also try a Minny 20MM 2.8, and a 100-400 APO and tell us they are not great

We really like this camera and feel it is worth the extra money for the upgrade to our A55s. For wedding photographers this came is XLNT!

Do a google on our handle and you'll find our site with samples.

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