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Why would anyone want something the size of the hubble space telescope on the end of their camera?!

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I think DP have every right to mock the blinking lights on the KS 1. I am a Pentax camera user and massive fan of most of what they make but this was the worst new camera design I have ever seen. Anybody involved at Pentax / Ricoh for he design and release of this camera should have been fired!

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Finally my investment in all those classic old FF lenses will pay off! - Well done to RICOH for investing in PENTAX and taking the brand back to where it should be. Just need to sell a kidney.

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TrojMacReady: Am I the only one to notice that the KIIs sets new records when it comes to moire? If you ever have to explain why most cameras still have expensive AA filters, here's your example.

You must be looking at different images to me - KIIS looks far sharper to me - please tell me where the moire is and I'll get my magnifying glass out.

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Absolutely barking mad - you pay a photographer for some photos and he still owns them!

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I had a try out of the rx100 - it may have a great sensor but like all Sony cameras I've tried it feels like more like a computer gadget than a photography tool.

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the_chris: There should be two final ratings - one for the stills, one for the movie capabilities. The K-30 would have gotten a gold award if it would have been regarded as what it is, an excellent stills DSLR.

This is why manufacturers have to implement video features at all despite the camera could probably be a better stills camera for the money if the video stuff whould have been left out. You need to have the features because of the final rating which is what most readers remember in the end.

We have finally reached the point I feared this hole video stuff would lead to: "Coffeemachine of brand A makes better coffee than the machine of brand B, but brand B machine makes milk foam also so it is the better machine".

I think video AF on DSLRS is massively overrated. A lens with a smooth focus ring and some practice on manual focus is often far more reliable and less noisy!

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larrytusaz: I own the Nikon D5100 which uses the same sensor and goes for almost nothing nowadays, and yet this tempts me. Larger viewfinder, YouTube mode controls don't get in the way, it can run on AA batteries if the lithium fails (granted, I've never had that problem). Still, I'm happy with my D5100 overall & changing systems is something one should never do lightly (even if I only have the 50mm 1.8 G & 18-105mm VR) & the D5100-D7000 are due for updating.

But if the D5100-D7000 replacements get that relatively crappy D3200 sensor, that would be disappointing. Posters have suggested the updated bodies won't have the same sensor as the D3200--I hope not. The reviews for this sensor are far more glowing, & I have that now in my D5100 anyway.

And yes--WHO CARES that it doesn't have a dedicated YOUTUBE button? I don't do video in DSLRs anyway, & I don't believe in it. I'm GLAD it doesn't have such a button, that alone almost makes me want to buy it just to throw my support behind that decision.

2 years ago I picked up a Nikon D7000 and a Pentax K5 and there was no comparison for ergonomic and build quality. Both great cameras for sure, but I've never regretted my decision.

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jonikon: The K-30 may be a very good camera (leaving the reliability issue of Pentax DSLRs aside), but it only makes up one half of the image quality equation, with the other half being the lens in front of the sensor. Unfortunately the Pentax DSLRs suffer from a lot of cheap lenses with poor optical qualities, or very expensive lenses with acceptable, but not exceptional optical qualities.
For example, the Pentax SMC 16-50mm f/2.8 lens is over $1400 at reputable dealers like B&H photo, but this lens only gets 3 stars out of 5 (or 60%), for optical quality from the Photozone lens review. For value and the ultimate in optical lens quality, Nikon is a much better choice for lenses than Pentax, which makes a Nikon DSLR the better choice for a camera.

Yes the pentax limited lenses are well known for being rubbish aren't they?! - For their size, they are superb and build quality, like pentax cameras very high. Sure a few lenses in the range could do with improving just like Nikon. Plus the cheap DA 35 2 and DA 50 a.8 are very good peformers.

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ugly as sin

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Don't give up the day job - looks hideous - expect Nikon won't be happy someone plonking their logo over this - couldn't you get any more buttons and dials on?!

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