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  • The R has the exact same image quality as the GREAT 5DmkIV. Some things on the R are better, some thing on the 5D are better. But the MILC is a lot cheaper. (but yeah, I bought the5R with wft-R10 ...
  • Maybe, to have a fair comparison, you should use the price at introduction? At my local dealership (Calumet in Holland) the 5R has the same (almost) price as the 5D mkIV when introduced. (I paid ...
  • About the Sony Card replacement program. I discovered some of my cards were bad weeks ago and as of today Sony did not send replacement cards. As this is a Sony problem I expected swift action. The...

  • I don't know. I read a lot about broken sensor mounts om Sony camera's and I do own two Sony Tough Memorycards that corrupt my video files. I like the brand, they used to make nice household...

  • Most people (pro's and advanced amateurs) work with a proxy workflow. On import the computer creates a lightweight FHD edit-friendly file for every piece of highres footage. You edit with the lores...

  • Replied in 85mm question
    The difference between f/2 and f/1.2 is HUGE. One-point-two brings a magical quality, something really special.
  • Replied in Nikon prices
    In Europe the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 for Z-mount goes for €500,- while they ask €800,- for its 85mm brother. My guess would be Canon will charge the same initially, then lower the price with €100,- It ...
  • Replied in RF for the win
    5 minutes in the movie... AF speed is much faster on the RF.... for static portraits it may not matter much but with events, weddings, sports it makes a big difference. Depends on what your ...
  • Replied in RF for the win
    I owned both. I find the RF versions much better. I get more keepers because of the quicker AF. More important, with the RF lenses I can use f/1.2 without any of the downsides. There are no ...
  • Wow. I own two of these. Used them quite a bit on important jobs. I did not experience failures but the thought alone makes me sick. I bought TOUGH cards because?

  • Replied in Not leaked.
    Canon Rumors brings this post with a [CR1] rating. Then some other site steals this rumor for clickbait and brings it as a fact. So anyway. It's [CR1], no certainty at all.
  • Best? No contest, my RF 85. It's soo good, when I show other photographers the bokeh, the lack of distortion or CA, the superfast (for a f/1.2) AF, the sharpness wide open, etc, they all want to ...
  • Replied in R5 & R6
    Had to pay € 100,- in advance.
  • Replied in R5 & R6
    Agree! The R5 will not sell! This weekend I ordered one at my dealer in the Netherlands. In the process I had a peek at his monitor and I could see some 40 (!) people had ordered before me. And the ...
  • Lol. You are a bit more organised than I am. My desk looks like a hardware repair facility so yeah, I create my own problems.
  • A camera on a cable, I personally hate it. If you would ever trip over the cable the damage could be significant.
  • Only the latest. Btw, there are lenses (RF24-105, RF70-200) for which new firmware is available.
  • I've read the answer from the German retailer. They don't possess any more data than what Canon published. It's a marketingstunt.
  • My current equipment takes SD cards at the moment and I own a lot of expensive UHS-II cards which are fine for 'regular' 4K footage on a R5. Express cards are only needed for extreme videospecs or...

  • If this monster turns out to be €5K I will buy it immediately. This is a Canon body and a workhorse for 4 years. I consider 5K a bargain as I hope to finally sell my Lumix gear I use for video.

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