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I never had the change to buy 'm. Would do so immediately if offered. Such is business and marketing. Love and hate, availability, exclusivity, etc. Bring them on!

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kayphoto: Careful Ricoh, the Apple aka Fruit company might sue you.

You might look at the i700 as an Apple Newton with a camera. Anyway... about sueing, ARM licensed parts for its Thumb instruction set from the SH software used in this Ricoh with SH-3 cpu. That Thumb instruction set went into several Apple product like the original iPod. At the moments patents for the SH instruction set are expired so it might again become an (open source) competitor for ARM.

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Neil2112: Seriously nice update.
Good work chaps, it's a beaut.

I know that a lot of the professional Apple haters will never get this, but as somebody that agonizes over every shot I really do have a deep appreciation for guys like Jony Ive at Apple that go to the trouble of making their gear as near-perfect as possible.

Did anyone watch the keynote? Do you really think Dull, HP or Sony would redesign the fans inside their stinking helicopter-loud laptops so that the sounds the blades emit cover a broader range of frequencies (and so make them quieter)? No of course not. They buy them off the shelf from Dung Shag Generic Parts Co. and have done with it.

If you as a photographer don't give a flying f about stuff like that too, I **guarantee** your photograpy will reflect it.

Ah, so retouching on the iPad3 is harder than on the normal resolution iPad2? No it isn't. Anyway, think of FCP. You can edit full HD 1920p on the macbook and still have 3MP left for tools and timeline. Seeing all pixels does really benefit there.

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Thanks. I own this camera two days and, coming from 20 years Canon, it's an amazing experience. I bought the camera for the megapixels in combination with the clean shadows which take some pushing around... but I'm thrilled with the other sides of the camera. It handles like a dream. AF, LOTS of buttons, the viewfinder, it's really good. Take a picture from 15 people, rotate the wheel and it shows 15 faces, one by one. Amazing stuff. One button push and it shows the pixels at the AF point in 100%... no more endless pushing the magnification button. Many buttons are customizable so you build your own ergonomics. It's all easy, even for a Canon guy.

I can't compare it to a 5DmkIII but it's a dream come true from a 5DmkII and 1DmkIII user.

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ybizzle: Apple fan boys rejoice!

Other than the display, nothing ground breaking here...

and if you think this is a minor upgrade (?) then there's the iPad at $399,- It's still available at 100 less.

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will it be possible to use animated gifs?

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IEBA1: I love it and it's NEARLY exctly what I've been waiting for, a compact, integrated lens, travel camera with emphasis on image quality. Except the emphasis swung too far on the chip side.

Sure, an APS-C chip is to be commended, but by going so large they ended up with a very limited 4x lens on there. Not as wide as needs to be, and certainly not long enough to get distant objects.

So the "Compact Travel Zoom" with focus on image quality category is starting to get some near misses, but still no bullseye.

And limited to 1080p24? How about 30.
Limited to 720p30? How about p60.
The C300 rocks, now show some forward thinking in the rest of the line.

24p is the preference of a lot of people, the slower shutter speed gives you that nice blur in movement... like the movies

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