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LJ - Eljot: Who has a TB3-Port? I have not seen a PC in real life with TB3 yet and my wifes MacBook only has USB. Her phone has TB. Of course, Macs have TB but PC? And yes, it is theoratically twice as fast as USB 3.2, but practically?

Every Mac since 2011 has Thunderbolt. 2011-2013 has TB1, 2013-2015 has TB2, 2016-2020 has TB3, today they all have TB/USB4... that's what they call it.

Anyway, every Apple desktop or laptop has Thunderbolt, it can have the same appearance as a Mini Displayport or USB-C port.

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Lbs26: I will never buy a DJI product again,1 month ago my Dji Mavic 2 PRO landed it self in water without any reason,despite pushing the controller's joystick it was tottaly unresposive...i have contacted DJI support,they first said that i was flying in tight places,then they said another version that i was flying without GPS,which is not true,and finally decided to make -30% offer for new drone,so thats my story with DJI products,i've heard from other users the same sad story,that the drone landed in water.

I lost sooo much time dealing with DJI care. I fly every week and lost a few birds, DJI care is a frustrating mess half the time. The time it works, it works but communicating with some of their people can be a real pain.

I've had drones lost in forbidden areas, drones get wet in rain, drones stuck in trees, etc. Every time DJI asks for enormous amounts of data but if you can't send in a dry, complete drone, you might as well not call them.

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Thanks for article Kara. I repeat myself, sorry :-) but please... Show us a photo comparison. Fly both drones and take some pictures with both of them. Raw, 100 iso and 1600 iso. A picture says more than a thousand words.

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yslee1: Isn't this also the camera that started DPReview?

Phil Askey, is that you?

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hunk: Assumption without proof.

I'm a licenced pilot and frankly, often amazed how most animals and especially birds seem to ignore a drone. It's as if they understand the drone is not a natural enemy and though loud, not dangerous. That's not to say I fly nearby protected zones of course, just that I think in this case there is more happening than two drones crashing. There might be other factors in play.

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Assumption without proof.

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On article DJI Air 2S vs Mavic 2 Pro: which should you choose? (84 comments in total)

How hard can it be to fly with them both, take some pictures in RAW, and show them side by side on this page. All the blahblah is lovely to read but what we photographers need is a side by side. We want to know the difference in detail, high-iso noise, the DR, how much we can underexpose, etc. On the video side, does log matter much in this case.

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On article Review: DJI's Air 2S is the ultimate consumer drone (207 comments in total)

Kara, we talked about this before. Would it be possible to show a side by side comparison between this drone and the next? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you did a article about drone photography with the Autel EVO II, Mavic 2 Pro, and this one?

Side by side, from raw, but also pano's.

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Rolf Brenner: Where can I get my R6 with Hello Kitty emblazoned? I think it's very cool for a professional camera could be great for street photography nobody takes you serious and with the silent mode of the R6 it's a really perfect fit. Any ideas where do get this design or similar?

Order a custom printed version with the exact same surrounding as you are photographing in. You will be perfectly camouflaged and as long as you use ES you wil be able to work freely in new, creative situations. Like following a gang when they go on a violent robbery. Maybe climb over a fence and photograph lions close up. Street photography as well.

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Mariano Pacifico: This also apply to digital cameras in manual mode

I wish Canon had a cheaper R5 without metering. With the knowledge of the Sunny 16 rule it seems like a gadget you don't really need.

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MinAZ: So with this new release, Macs seem to have gotten a lot faster. I am a PC user, but would this release justify the expense of upgrading to a Mac to take advantage of the new improved speed?

Happy with mine, but.. maybe wait a few months (?) and get a Mac with m1x silicon. It's supposed to have not 4 but 8 fast cores (next to 4 power efficient ones) and should double the performance of the current models. Early benchmarks have showed up.

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I don't know why everyone in Holland calls Sony a toy-brand. It's supposed to be not really professional. I had a few in my hands and I agree the ergonomics are horrible but the specs seem pro enough. Of course much of this is marketing bs. Maybe Sony should focus on the funny walking dog robot and the great Playstation.

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Henderson92: Now Apple will include camera on their next gen Apple watch. Seriously, watch it.

Apple will never put a camera in a watch. Apple is a very privacy minded company and a camera in glasses or in a watch is not something Apple would consider.

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I would have liked a photo comparison from the RAW-images, this Autel vs the Mavic 2 Pro.

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Jones Indiana: How is this different from the Hahnel Cube that has been available for years already?

This is nothing more than branding the Manfrotto label on an OEM charger and brand labeling batteries.

The batteries may, or may not be better than any other 'unknown' 3rd party battery for your camera.

I use a lot of Baxxtar LP-E6N batteries. They perform great in my 5D, R and R5. Most important, they are red. (my GH5 uses the same form factor and as these are black I can pick the correct one with my eyes closed, well..)

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On article Hands-on with the the Canon PowerShot Zoom (123 comments in total)
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Piotr W: what a useless product

I'm buying one for my mum... She takes pictures of birds in her little garden with her 8 yo iPhone. This looks like an upgrade.

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QuarryCat: I use 11/800 mm every day with R5.
I can get fast moving, small animals faster then ever before with heavier lenses (I got E-M1III with 6.3/100-400 mm & 7RIV with 6.3/200-600 mm but if I got good light and could use it with 1/1000 at 8000 ISO - everything is " nearly perfect".
But on R5 20.000 ISO is the absolute maximum.
I tried the R6, but 20 MP is not enough for me and the micro sharpness is missing.
But I wish the 11/800 with Sony E-mount - Sony AF is much better then R5 - I get much more sharp pictures with 6.3/200-600 mm.
The R5 AF-System is not as far developed as Sonys.
I hope Canon can fix some issues by firmware - but double-CMOS seems not to be the best solution for focusing.

I did some wildlife with the Canon R5 and the A7RIII and the R5 is faster and more decisive. It helps if you use the correct AF settings although both systems manage wildlife well with the standard AF-settings.

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entoman: I'm not a thermal engineer but it would seem to me that the logical thing to do would be to transfer the heat by conduction directly to a part of the camera body that isn't touched by the hands, i.e. the base plate.

Another option would be to transfer it to a thermal port, into which an accessory cooling device could be plugged. This accessory could then be pruchased by the presumably very small number of R5 buyers who actually want or need to shoot video for periods in excess of 30 mins.

I bought the wft-r10 grip. I appreciate Canon designed a grip that will sell in small quantities... it's worth a lot to me. For the few that would buy it, would it be possible to design a grip with a build in cooler that requires the removal of the original bottomplate?

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On article Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000 (462 comments in total)
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hunk: I don't know. I read a lot about broken sensor mounts om Sony camera's and I do own two Sony Tough Memorycards that corrupt my video files. I like the brand, they used to make nice household products... but with all the stuff breaking I would never consider this a 'professional' brand. Why do they ask pro prices then? They will sell only a handfull, like with their Sony Mylo, Aibo, eVilla et... No way the Sony amateurs are buying this.

About the Sony Card replacement program. I discovered some of my cards were bad weeks ago and as of today Sony did not send replacement cards. As this is a Sony problem I expected swift action. The only thing I got was a vague email (below, in Dutch). Am I supposed to buy other cards while waiting for the replacements? I might troll a bit about the sensor mounts but this is bad customer support.

(Beste Hunk de kock Hartelijk dank voor uw aanmelding voor ons vervangingsprogramma. We valideren uw aanvraag en zullen bevestigen of uw product wel of niet door dit probleem wordt getroffen. Als het product wordt getroffen, ontvangt u een e-mail met instructies om het product te retourneren.)

Link | Posted on Jul 8, 2020 at 19:50 UTC
On article Sony 12-24mm F2.8 GM arrives in August for $3000 (462 comments in total)

I don't know. I read a lot about broken sensor mounts om Sony camera's and I do own two Sony Tough Memorycards that corrupt my video files. I like the brand, they used to make nice household products... but with all the stuff breaking I would never consider this a 'professional' brand. Why do they ask pro prices then? They will sell only a handfull, like with their Sony Mylo, Aibo, eVilla et... No way the Sony amateurs are buying this.

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