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(unknown member): I'm looking forward to the day we all wear copyrighted detection chips, surgically implanted (and linked to our bank accounts). Then when we look at or listen to copyrighted material we can be accurately charged for the priviledge. It's unfair that so many people gaze upon copyrighted material for free!

Well said

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I like that logo shown in the article above - the one that looks like bubbles rising up. I think I'll use it for my own because when I looked at the 'View Image Info' there was no reference to copyright, or who owned it.

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RubberDials: Every other camera manufacturer has centre pinch caps - Sony, Pentax, Nikon, Olympus - even Minolta had them.

There's me thinking it's finally time for Canon to come clean with it's users and give them in-body IS and they roll out centre-pinch caps. Simply amazing.

When the lens is stabilsed, I witness the effect as I compose. With a stabilzer sensor, I do not see the effect until after the image has been captured.

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JWest: Those new lens caps are so clever! Why has no other manufacturer come up with this idea before? We're lucky that an innovator like Canon is around to lead the way.

They have - Tamron have had these for years. Whenever I buy a new Canon lens, I leave the front cap in the box, and go buy a Tamron - and they are lot less expensive :)

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On article Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR (488 comments in total)

Following up on backayonder's comments - having spent too many hours to count, standing at trackside (sitting or kneeling is not allowed), I couldn't agree more. I wonder how this particular 'plonker' would have reacted had it started to rain. Me - a plastic bag and some tape and let the rooster-tails begin. However, this is about the new 5D mkIII. Nice to see some expanded video functionality, but not going to trade my mkII - I keep them 'til they quit.

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