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Sixpm: Just wait for another year and the price will drop to $299 including lens..happened with the V1 and J1..does it not? I'm sure most of us here have enough gear to get us by for another 12 month at least…. :)

It will drop to that after the V4 comes out with a built-in finder and a 24-120 equivalent f/4 kit lens. What were they thinking, leaving the finder out of this one?

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photofan1986: 1000 bucks for a 70-300 4.5-5.6 lens? What exactly do they smoke at Nikon's? I might be what they smoke, that is :D

@ Barbu: While I don't want a 4-pound f/2.8 300mm lens for my V3, I think a 200mm f/2.8 prime would be not much larger or heavier, and a great focal length for birds, and potentially quite a bit sharper than this zoom. Until it comes out, though, this new lens looks like a great bargain.

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straylightrun: $1000 for a 70-300 telephoto lens.....?


@ _sem_: Contrary to your statement, the MTF of this new lens looks quite impressive to me - significantly sharper than the 70-300 VR or 55-300 DX VR lenses, sharper than the 80-400, sharp out to 300mm. I look forward to checking this out.

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slncezgsi: Interesting lens, but I am wondering whether -in spite of the IS - the lens will be handhold-able. The magnification at the long end will be very hard to keep pointed towards the subject.

I plan to use mine on a tripod. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Nikon was considerate enough to put the Arca dovetail on their grip (unlike some more considerate manufacturers), so I'll have to get the plate from Kirk. Perhaps I'll wait until the camera's available without the grip.

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1MPXL: I stopped reading after $999.95

Clearly you're not a birder. As a budget birder, I have to seriously consider this lens/camera combination as one of the least expensive systems out there per high quality bird pixel. It may well find many customers who use the system only for this purpose.

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Simon97: 810mm is quite the reach for nature photogs. Not too concerned about the price. High initially then it drops later and/or there are discounts.

I have a J1 with three lenses. Only $500 invested and the first camera system I didn't want to sell off after a year or two. Very light and tiny. This new lens would be quite a reach ($) for me though.

@Northgrove: The new lens has substantially higher resolution per Nikon's MTF charts than either of the current Nikon 70-300 VR lenses, so it looks like a very nice partner with the V3 for birding. It's a less expensive solution than an APS-C camera with the 80-400 zoom, with significantly more reach. Looks like a deal to me, and for someone like my wife who would never carry a big bulky system, probably the only system she would actually carry regularly that can do a decent job on birds.

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Joseph Mama: *cough* 1000 dollars!? To put on a 200 dollar camera? Are you freaking kidding me?!?

You can also put it on the $600 V3 camera if it jars your sensibility. Unfortunately, you do have to buy a few extras to get the U.S. version right now, but with this lens you'd want those extras. Although it would have been really thoughtful of Nikon to put an Arca dovetail on the add-on grip - a la Fujifilm with theirs. I think Fujifilm probably has some photographers working in their design group. Would be a smart move for Nikon, probably.
Putting an $8000 lens on a $1600 APS-C DSLR is a simlar case - this is not uncommon with the long tele lenses. There are a number of people using Nikon 1s with 70-200 zooms that cost even more.

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Northgrove: I can't really imagine that this new 70-300 lens will warrant the price difference compared to an (nowadays ultra cheap) APS-C 70-300mm lens with the FT1 adapter.

Nikon's MTF curves show a substantially higher resolution lens to match the high pixel density of the 1 system sensors. Neither of Nikon's other VR 70-300s will come anywhere close on a 1 system.

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RRJackson: I get the too-expensive part, but the technology is amazing. It's a relatively small-sensor camera (as some have repeatedly mentioned), but it's really compact and has insane processing power. I've stood around in stores shooting with them and been amazed at the ability to shoot several exposures at once and have the camera suggest the best one. The AF is pretty great. The slow-motion video stills (or whatever they call them) are very cool. From the minute you pick up the camera you can tell it's got a ton of horsepower under the hood.

But yeah, it's pricey and the choices in optics are kinda thin, but with the 32mm f/1.2 what more do you need? I mean, it's pricey, but so is the camera. That camera and lens combo is gold, though. And with a 1/16,000 maximum shutter speed? Please. How can people disparage this little camera?

@Shamael: Unless one is forced to purchase, the price one pays must be equal to or less than the value to that purchaser. If it sells at that price, that's a good indication of the value. It may not have that value to you, of course - if so, shame on you for buying it. Pretty simple.

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Real McKay: Overpriced. MicroSD cards are they kidding? 1" sensor when the A has APS-C seems crazy. No competition with this one Nikon its behind the times.
But it does look good.
Make the Coolpix A an ILC and you have a winner.

I don't understand the objection to MicroSD and have seen it a number of places. People seem to assume that's self-evident - it isn't to me. Can you explain, please? I have bought a couple of cards to go with each camera I've had so I have space for 1000 or so images, pull them each day I shoot. I don't see how the type of card matters a whole lot, as long as it's fast enough not to constrain unloading the buffer too much.

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Antonio Mario Magalhaes: Richard,

I believe you missed the point of the System 1 in general, and the Vx in particular. Your starting points are flawed:

- "(...) the 1 System appeared to be aimed at what would, in the US, be called the 'Soccer Mom' crowd."
Nope. The simpler models (Jx...) perhaps; V1 was aimed at a household with a DSLR and where there would be people (the DSLR owner/spouse) who like to travel light but still take tougher shots as needed.

- "What didn't seem ... convincing was the more expensive 1 V1"
Wrong. The V1 was instantly seen by wildlife/sports shooters as having a tremendous potential.

- "the V3 (is not) focused on enthusiast use."
You're right!! Read Nikon's V3 announcement. It's aimed at the DSLR owner who doesn't want to lug equipment around AND could use the V3 power (20fps, 60fps w/o AF, etc, etc).

- "it rarely makes sense to (use the FT-1 adapter)"
Wrong again! It was THE thing to make sense for wildlife shooters.

-"lenses don't yet exist"
V3 + 70-300mm: amazing potential!

@stromaroma Too much money compared to what? D7100 with 600 f/4? D7100 with 80-400 + extender? MFT with something?

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Mike FL: Sony RX100m2 is much better than this V3.

I haven't seen that test. Can you refer me? Also not aware of the EVF option for the Sony. Can you point me there?

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VENTURE-STAR: It looks as if Nikon has actually produced a worthwhile non-SLR for once.

However, Nikon must offer a better (affordable) standard zoom as the 10-30mm is limited in range with a poor maximum aperture. The accessories seem rather overpriced. It remains to be seen what the build quality and reliablility of the V3 are like and the remarks by Jeff Keller about the control dials are a little off-putting.

I would really like to see a 5x zoom for these cameras, like an 8-40 or 9-45 f/2-3.5 or so, in the 24-120 territory that covers most anything other than architecture and birds, for which we need a specialty lens anyway.

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whtchocla7e: Based on features and price, this must the D400 replacement.
Why settle for 1.5x crop factor when you can have 2.7x. Haha.

This may very well be my D400. I'm tired of waiting for a full range of lenses for DX, and the only reason I need DX is for birds. This one looks like a nice birding camera with the 70-300 lens. If it gets results as good as the RX100, then I'm in.

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Edymagno: Poor Nikon. They produce a totally outstanding camera just to convert it into a real commercial flop by Micro SD card. Nikon needs desperately a new management.

What's the big deal with card format? I bought two cards for the life of my last camera and done. I take them out and read them and put them back in. If I get another camera, I'll want it to have a couple of cards too. I'll take them out and read them and put them back in.

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Cheezr: ok i officially give up! you got me Barney!
so where is the link to read the interview?
if i click interview it takes me to a list of interviews and if i click the d4s title it takes me back here, if i click any of the labels above the "you may also like" they just circle around but afaik there is no link to the interview.

If this is a test i surrender and maybe this is why there are only 5 comments, something broken???

Yes it is a test. Find the counterintuitive user interface. You did!

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On photo DSCF0229 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (4 comments in total)

Nice. The X-cameras and this lens appeal to me a lot as an environmental portrait combination. Takes me (far) back to the days when an M4 and 35mm Summilux were my walkaround combo at UW.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-T1 Sample Images sample gallery (4 comments in total)

Nice. The X-cameras and this lens appeal to me a lot as an environmental portrait combination. Takes me (far) back to the days when an M4 and 35mm Summilux were my walkaround combo at UW.

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BobYIL: Let's be patient until we see a comparison against the D800E. (How much we can pay over $3.000 just for some 25% more linear resolution?)

Yes, I'm waiting for Full Medium Format too. These puny sensors are like DX vs Full Frame when compared to 6x6.

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KonstantinosK: So, basically, you can have a camera with an x-trans censor in a body with an hybrid viewfinder, in a body with an hybrid viewfinder but with fixed lens, in a body with an electronic viewfinder, in a body with no viewfinder at all, and now in a body with an electronic viewfinder in a different position. I feel a bit it's the same camera, recycled all over again, with updated tweaks. I don't see why this should me more exciting than the X-Pro1.

This camera is for a completely different market than the rest of the X-cameras. This is an approach to the top-of-the-line action-shooting camera in mirrorless form, complete with battery pack to give it a full day's worth of shooting. And it has a plan for a lens lineup complete enough to take it seriously. This camera, with its full range of wide-angle primes, has the potential to seriously challenge Nikon and Canon APS-C systems.

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