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This is the first APS-C lens since 4 1/2 years and it's a freaking consumer lens.

One has to let sink in the mental distortion it needs for the product manager of the APS-C line to have A6xxx bodies developed with class leading sensor, AF and EVF and combine it with an utter mediocre convenience lens line up for it.


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peterwr: A quick question I've never managed to get an answer to: does anyone here know, officially how come Zeiss don't make these manual lenses for Sony cameras? It would seem logical, given their tie-up.

Typically Sony??

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Andrei Todea: As a Nikon user wanting to go pro, I hope Nikon doesn't announce a 36 MP sensor to compete with this camera's 6 digit ISO.
Congratulations to Canon for stopping the megapixel race (and starting the ISO race, which sounds more useful).

If MF lenses are important to you, you might think about a system switch. I seriously doubt that the D4 will have such a gigantic OVF like the 1D X.

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sensibill: Way too expensive, lenses too big and heavy, sensor and lenses are poor for short DoF, sensor is likely going to turn out IQ inferior to m43 and APS-C mirrorless cams. Body no smaller than compact mirrorless competitors.

Other than the AF and/or shot processing, I see nothing compelling at all.


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role_of_72: For me the design looks like Nikon was in a hurry and they released a prototype/development phase camera. This (body) design simply cannot be a finished one..

Same for me. Also the naming, "Nikon 1", that sounds like a prototype code name.

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