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So Chuck, tell us again how your brand new cameras aren't as good as your existing ones?

If this guy has responsibility for Canon's marketing I'm surprised they are still going!

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jazzybatra: Hello, I have an OMD EM5 and 75mm 1.8 lens. Most of my shots aure either out of focus or slow to focus small kids. Is this fast in OMD EM1? Is there a firmware or setting I should look at to make the focussing faster and accurate?

If you're using the lens at wide aperture (such as f1.8) then it has a very narrow depth of field, so fast, relatively close to the camera children will always be a challenge. Tracking auto focus will help - it isn't brilliant on the E-M5 and is reported to be much better on the E-M1 due to its phase detection autofocus. I'm not guaranteeing it'll solve your problem though. If you post in the Micro Four-Thirds forums there are a lot of helpful people there who may be able to offer suggestions.

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Bito1: Greetings all, I am new to this forum, and I have been using a Nikon D-90 for a couple of years, and now, since I travel a lot, decided to go with a low profile camera the Olympus EM 5 considering the places I go!
Can someone please advise me on how to set the shutter speed on the EM 5, it take about 2 or more seconds from the time I press the shutter button to the time the picture is actually taken. My ISO varies between 200 and 400 depending, at F stop around 5.6. I have tried many different things with no results. The shutter speed being so slow makes the pictures blurry also i am not able to take spontaneous shots.
Looking forward for your expert advises

You may have the 'anti-shock' set. This can be customised in the menu (last item in cog menu E) to be on or off - when on it can be tailored from 1/8 second to 30 seconds. It's the time between pressing the shutter and taking a picture - it can be useful for tripod work or slow shutter speeds, but a 2 second delay all the time would be pretty frustrating! I hope that helps you.

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Thanks for posting - I may give this a try with my E-PM1!

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Uwe Skrzypczak: Many, many thanks to all for your nice messages here on dpreview and on my websites and even to all the donators. Now i have the base to found my own NGO next year to support my second home, the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem.

Thanks a lot and warm regards to all


Thank you for such a generous gesture - I look forward to reading your book over the Christmas break. I just need to save up for a trip to Africa now! :^)
Thanks again and have a very Merry Christmas.

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