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  • Thanks for your advice.
  • Thank you everyone for your thoughtful replies.  Regarding my external hard drive-is the consensus that I can store it away ( assuming it is kept in dry moderate conditions) and expect it to power ...
  • Thanks for your reply-this computer is a black plastic MacBook circa 2005/6 which in my experience runs like a tank-although I had  another one where the hard drive went bad. I keep it always ...
  • Thanks for your prompt response. With regard to replacing the hard drive-are you speaking about the internal hard drive in my old MacBook or simply the external hard drive from my second question?
  • Created discussion thread Older Tech Questions
    I have a 10+ year old MacBook that I keep around to work with older peripherals.  I fire it up maybe once a week and it continues to function well.  My question is, for its future good health,  am ...
  • Mystery solved-I had a speedlight set to TTL mounted in the hot shoe; when I removed it, the Auto ISO readout switched to the actual ISO as all of you described. Thanks
  • Again-forgive me if I am being thick-but my question is -if you have selected Auto ISO and the camera is licking the ISO for you-can you determine the ISO that the camera has selected?
  • Maybe I'm missing something -but the only thing I see whether I depress the shutter or not-are the words "Auto ISO"
  • Created discussion thread Auto ISO question
    I am a relatively new A6300 owner.  Is there anyway to determine/display the actual ISO you are shooting at when using Auto ISO?  I've only seen a display that reads "AutoISO". Thanks.
  • Bingo-thanks so much-I never would have gotten that without your help!
  • I also get the same message when I try to activate the flash
  • Thanks-its grayed out and when I select it I get a message: "This operation not available as follows: ISO Multi-Frame NR ?????????
  • Created discussion thread New A6300 Help Please
    I am a long time Nikon shooter and just bought a new A6300.  I love the camera but one thing is making me crazy-for some reason, even though the single shot drive option is selected, each time  I ...
  • Thanks-no video in the offing unless my wife decides I need to do something with the family films.
  • Thanks much! I haven't dealt with fan noise issues since the days of my G-4 Powerbook
  • Thank you for your thoughtful answers.
  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.  I think you are right about the RAM-where do I send the beer?
  • Created discussion thread New Purchase-I-Mac
    Re: New purchase-iMac I am considering the purchase of a  2017 27inch Imac with the basic 3.4GHz processor with 8GB of Ram (I will increase that at a later date if necessary) and the 2 TB Fusion ...
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