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I belong to the crowd who think that once you go out of the sensor's comfort zone, it makes the lens less appealing. While this one gathers light as a f/1 lens, bokeh and FOV is roughly like a 85/1.4 full frame lens. And the better light gathering capabilities is offset by the larger sensor on full frame. And guess which lens is probably lighter and cheaper at this point...

But hey, each to their own. I guess the upside is specifically if you for some reason really, really want to be on the Fujifilm system OR if you want to mix and match light lenses with lenses more aimed for professional use like this.

Still, even with that... I think uphill battle. Fujifilm will probably fight hard to pretend the critically acclaimed 56/1.2mm doesn't exist now because -- come on... It's VERY similar in properties and can be had for half the price. And even if this one is awesome -- that one is also awesome.

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On article Nikon Coolpix P950 review (227 comments in total)

The RAW support is clearly the definining feature of this camera and actually positively impressing me. Not just for the added editing headroom, but even in tough circumstances for this tiny sensor, even the noisy RAW like in the cropped bird photo is SO much more naturally rendering and pleasing than the soft mess from the JPEG's here as well as from the P900 and P1000. It's just unfortunate that camera manufacturers are hell bent on softening photos to hell and back without even leaving options to disable that madness for those of us who're otherwise happy enough with JPEG.

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So was it even shown this was a privacy intrusion of the kind that is alleged? The examples in the video clip doesn't bring any light to that. It's a bit silly if this feature just got disabled by fear rather than facts.

Edit: OK, so apparently it doesn't really see through any fabric. Sigh... So why was this disabled again?

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On article Nikon Coolpix P950 sample gallery (106 comments in total)

Thanks for the RAW vs OOC gallery samples. When the built-in JPEG engine is as terrible as in this camera, they are really helpful.

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Horshack: So it's 'The most capable fixed-lens compact camera, ever with slow autofocus'

No real need for IBIS on an X100 series camera unless you're shooting in terrible lighting conditions. My Lightroom statistics once showed something like 1 in 200 photos at ISO 3200 or up due to pressure to keep it at 1/60 secs. I mean... Seriously. This isn't a huge issue with modern high ISO quality on a normal lens at f/2.0. Chances are the photos themselves will look uninspiring anyway with such poor and uncontrolled lighting.

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DougDolde: It's not what I'd want in fact I just bought an X-T3

I'm still on an X-T1 and personally eyeing the X-T2's! I feel like those had the real jump in output especially if one doesn't do video. Also, easily an X-T2 over the X-T30 for the handling.

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boarderphreak: Meh. If it scratches an itch, buy one. If not... Don't. 🤷‍♂️ Still a really nice camera.

What was the point with this comment? This is a review site whose purpose is to post opinions. Obviously one won't purchase things one dislikes.

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On article Kamlan 50mm F1.1 II sample gallery (91 comments in total)

I think I prefer the Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 rendering as for bokeh craze. But sure, it's a different focal length altogether. One that I happen to enjoy though! The shorter focal length, yet with retained DOF gives it an even more unique character. Few lenses pull me into the atmosphere like that Mitakon. And that one's also still pretty cheap.

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I kind of like "that" feature of it and it's refreshing to see bold moves like this. Especially bold when Fuji stock is dropping by -13% along with most others in the industry more or less. Interesting to see someone trying to care for the psychology of photography and not only the physiology. It's clearly going after Leica users. They've done very similar moves with the Leica M-D.

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On article Canon EOS RP review (1691 comments in total)

Tempting entry camera despite its flaws for me as someone who wants to finally try full-frame.

I think it shouldn't be compared to e.g. the Canon EOS R or the A7 III! That's missing the point. But rather against cameras like the Nikon Z6, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, the Sony A7 II, the Pentax K-1 & K-11, the Nikon D750. These are now all in the "entry" price range. Some are mirrorless, some not. For some it matters, for others not.

Of those the Nikon Z6 strikes a surprisingly awesome balance between price and features but is in the same bad spot as for native lenses. It's thus also a troubled alternative for me as a user who also need to consider great bargain lenses in the system. Yes, adapters exist. But relying on adapters other than for novelty gear does not a happy photographer make. Suddenly it becomes clear why both Canon and Nikon price these entries into their new lens mounts so low.

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This sounds like a killer APS-C camera, Fujifilm really pushing that format here. But wow, that sub monitor came out of the blue. What the...

Edit: And the small set of controls on the back? Are they going after Leica fans with this one? Or trying to ship a cheaper option than Leicas with similar appeal? I wonder if this model will work out well for them. It's a bold step in... some... direction at least.

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roberthd12: I have had the camera for two weeks. I have the latest firmware. I use high performance mode. I use focus priority. I have read every review and followed every tip. The result? Autofocus is horrible. Around 50% of focus confirm beeps are wrong. Small focus box, area focus, does not matter. And the face detection is very hit-and-miss. On the plus side, image quality is very good. And while there are occasional situations when I can use manual focus, there is no reason at all for a camera to be released with this iffy of an autofocus system.

I'm sad to hear this as it's so close but AF beeps when it's wrong is always frustrating and unforgivable. I'm surprised Fujifilm didn't improve on this in firmware patches as they have often done before. Even specifically about revised AF algorithms.

Edit: Apparently I was wrong and FW 1.10 does seem to mitigate AF issues somewhat at least.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-A7 pre-production sample gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

I love the hues of magenta here which cameras somehow often struggle with.

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ballwin12: Am I the only one who likes CMOS, "old" generation sensors (like in this X-A7) better than new X-trans ones found in XT3, XT30?..

Yes, it's funny even as an X-Trans user. Every time galleries are posted for those plastic budget X-A cameras, the differences are imperceptible or even working in their favor. Fujifilm's main reason for the X-Trans was lower noise levels but then they've been found to cheat a bit with ISO by underexposing somewhat and ending up gaining like half a stop of lower noise just from that alone. I have a feeling their base ISO 200 rather than maybe a more correct ISO 150 was more behind that X-Trans secret. (it has now finally been lowered a bit in the X-T3)

So I'm still far from convinced. I once saw a tiny bump in X-Trans details when pixel peeping their JPEG's but that advantage would often be eradicated when comparing RAW's and working with still more mature Bayer sensor engines.

It's not that I dislike X-Trans output unless if we're paying more for it because then I don't think it's worth it. How many Canon/Nikon/Sony users honestly wish they had an X-Trans inside their cameras?

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wcan: How is a 48mm equivalent considered telephoto?

It's because in the camera world, wide is normal and ultrawide is wide... I think this happened because phones are more often used in social events rather than for artistic choices, and then you want to capture people close to you or in close quarters, so they gravitated towards being wide. But it's confusing to a photographer, yes.

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X-A7 (328 comments in total)
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muljao: Does it matter that it's not the x-trans sensor? I thought that was fujis way of getting such nice pictures? Just curious

Just to clarify on this: The X-A7 doesn't have a moire filter either, despite being Bayer sensor based. I'm not sure how much of a problem that still is to be honest. I don't hear about it all too often anymore. In any case, as long as you don't manage to get moire artifacts (assuming you can get it), there ought to be no softness disadvantage on the X-A7 compared to the X-Trans sensors due to this.

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bloodlmt: Dpreview, please test the new "Bright Mode" and make a comparison with other similar cameras. Is this Fuji take on computational photography much like "Google Pixel HDR+ algo" ???

Yes, I'm very interested in this given Fujifilm's experience in color reproduction and all. They know their stuff and I can't wait to see if this is their first step into computational photography. I'm sure we'll see more of this from all manufacturers in the future; they'll have to go there. If Fujifilm can already do that number crunching without slowing you down on a 24 MP readout in an entry level camera CPU (?!) that's plain amazing and one of the highlights of this camera.

So yeah. I'd like to know more. Like if this is just "DR400" or more, and how it relates to their old DR modes. I get the impression it's something new.

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X-A7 (328 comments in total)

Honestly sounds like a steal if you're fine with the plastics. 24 MP with fairly low noise ISO 51200 was full frame territory just a few years ago. Add 4K @ 30 fps on top, Bluetooth LE, a new Auto HDR mode etc etc and this is quite an "entry point" camera. I'm tempted to switch from my aging X-T1, haha... I don't need the weather resistance and I'm not demanding a sturdy body as for what I do as I'm way more careful than, say, a photojournalist moving in rough areas. The Bayer sensor can also, depending on point of view, be (and it pains me to say this as a Fuji fan) a gift.

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On a photo in the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VII sample gallery sample gallery (13 comments in total)

Fantastic to see this coming out of a truly compact camera. Very good for being the long end, and that was before I even saw the ISO.

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How can a camera of 2019 that (according to this article) makes it virtually impossible to even frame a shot in bright daylight or give a frustrating focusing experience indoors be lovely?? These sound like key features for any camera.

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