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To downsize my gear and be more circumspect in my buying habits!
I've bought too much, use too little and loose too much when I re-sell.
I think I'm the least useful tool in my bag! ;-)


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On article Accessory Review: Tamrac Zipshot Tripod (94 comments in total)

I went for the Velbon UT 43D, much more rigid, almost as light and certainly better made, okay maybe more than 2x the price, but we aren't talking mega bucks here are we?

Together with the Velbon V4 extending arm unit I can fit this comfortably into the bottom of my Manfrotto Stile VII shoulder bag. Holds up to a D7000 with even the 70-300VR really well.

Amazon UK have them at reasonable prices, I'm sure the other sites do as well.

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cgarrard: Ugh, when are manufacturers going to stick a small evf in the upper left corner of one of these enthusiast compacts? (See nikon p60 if you need an idea it can be done). This camera with a compact evf with decent magnification and resolution would jump its way into my bag. No viewfinder, sorry Nikon just not for me.


I would prefer a clip on (optical) OVF rather than an EVF, I don't like the delay imposed by EVF's. I know they are expensive, but then it's the users choice.
For a small pocket rocket it's not that much of an issue if one has a DSLR as an action camera.
If this new Nikon has a nice fast response and good ergonomics, it may well be the replacement for my much loved Ricoh GX200. I ran with the Nikon 1 V1 system for a few months before I become totally frustrated by it's weak ergonomics and somewhat flawed/buggy firmware, once again taught me not to be an early adopter, after nearly 60 years of photography, one would think you'd learn this! ;)

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atoz: Excuse me if this sounds harsh, but, if you're taking pictures like the ones posted, you should be using a simple point and shoot camera or your phone. It's like owning a Land Rover Defender 110 and using it to drive to the local 7-11 to pick up a six-pack of light beer.

Weatherwise, Seattle's a bit like the UK, except the light is better! - Maybe that's why DPR moved there? ;)

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On article Ricoh GR Digital IV Preview (187 comments in total)

I do understand the passion for high quality primes, but for me please fit the excellent zoom lens from the GX200 and I will replace mine as I would love the CCD sensor and hybrid AF system. I know the GRX is the obvious choice for users like myself, but the cost of that system outweighs my usage.

There is no finer user interface and handling experience than the GR / GX series. Let's have a GX300 please!

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drwho9437: I think for at least those in the US this is not good news. Ricoh has not had any significant presence here and Pentax is barely noticeable. When Hoya purchased Pentax there were many rumors they did so for the medical division, this seems to be the case. I personally felt there was a collaboration between Tokina and Pentax enough (now Kenko-Tokina, don't know if Hoya still owns it).

I wouldn't say there will be any rapid end for Pentax in all this. But I don't find the result encouraging.

Why worry about the USA? It's been a money black hole for many good companies in the past, Europe and the rest of the world is a much larger and growing market place.

Ricoh and Pentax are quite well represented and respected here in the UK.

Vive la difference!

Disclosure - I shoot with a Nikon D300s and Ricoh GX200, I was a Pentax user for many years and liked the products, but as a birder I felt I had to move on and couldn't afford two and a bit (Ricoh) systems.

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ogl: Pentax is exhausted by Hoya. Japanese plants are closed. The best two lens designers are discharged. QC is just above average. Only two really new lenses for 3 years: DA18-135 (really weak optically) and DA15/4. Ricoh has unprofitable small photo department. Pentax is unprofitable too.
Mixed emoutions...

As an ex Pentax (not Hoya) shooter for many years, both film and digital (the last was a K20D), who now uses Nikon and happy with my D300s and some reasonable Nikkors, I agree with PentaxNick about Pentax and Ricoh's ergonomics. I also own a Ricoh and again the ergonomics and quality construction are superb. i also have a reasonable knowledge of Canon as one of my good friends, who worked for Pentax for many years, now works for them.

Here in the UK Ricoh have an excellent reputation and are available from many quality photo stores and are rarely discounted. They may be small, but they have a very loyal user base which is not out of place, I know many respected professional photographers who pack a GR, GX, or GXR as their pocket rocket.

Let's hope that Ricoh, who have the experience of running a small camera division, can really make something of this. I have a feeling in my gut that this will be the case. I wish them (and the Pentax folk I've met over the years) all the very best.

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On photo Paris, Arc de triomphe in the A famous European city challenge (3 comments in total)

A truly lovely shot and beautifully framed.

Wish I'd taken it! :)

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