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Very impressive. Not!
No hidden costs, eh? The ink is cheaper but they earn it back with the much higher cost of the printer, and I betcha it'll stop working after a couple of years anyway, just like any printer these days.

I sold off my Epson printer a while back because most of the time the ink was used to clean its heads (despite having it turned on almost all the time, strangely enough). I replaced it with a Brother black/white multi-function laser printer and do my photo printing at a local shop instead. The best printing related decision I've made in years!

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On photo Vacuum Tube Collection in the A still life that contains something Electronic challenge (7 comments in total)

Beautiful! Would you mind telling us how you made the shot and lighting?

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Snikt228: Hopefully Lightroom 6 is soon to follow?

Where did you read about mid April?
According to this site ( it says: "All that we do know is Adobe has said Lightroom 6 would be released some time in March, so we don’t have too long to wait."

I have no idea which source they have it from though, so we can only guess if it's yet another rumor or an actual statement from Adobe.

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Mark H B Findlay: Hmm puzzling. How do they do it? What kind of saw would cut a lens neatly in 2? And then the question why? Squillions of quids worth ruined... and it won't actually tell you how good the pics are that these things help you take. Or how good the sandwich tasted, for that matter.

My guess on how it's done: industrial laser.

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Hugo808: I seem to remember that polarisers look dreadful on wide angle lenses because the polarisation occurs in weird looking bands across the sky.

Supply and demand I suppose....

Have they also introduced a 105mm lens cap to go with it? I couldn't find anything on their website.

I have a 105 Heliopan slim polarizer (attached to a Lee filter system) but am having a very hard time finding a protective lens cap for it (essential for expensive filters like these IMHO).

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On photo Hey Mike! in the Home Recording Studio. challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice, classic shot!

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On photo Mount Fuji sunset from Hakone in the Japan--Anything other than portraits challenge (1 comment in total)

WOW! This is a beautiful and different shot of Fuji from what people usually do. The background is almost like a painting.

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On photo Himeji Castle Cherry Blossom Snow in the Japan--Anything other than portraits challenge (7 comments in total)

Beautiful! I agree that the falling blossoms make it more interesting as well as the framing from the trees.

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Awesome photo and explanation of your process!

Wanting to get started with landscape photography I'm considering getting a variable ND filter as they seem so much more versatile and useful than a bunch of fixed value ND filters. Have you considered this, and if not -why?
As for the 105mm CPL filter I'm guessing you got that large size as not to cause any vignetting with your wide angle lens, right?
Finally, with the soft grad filter; wouldn't this affect some of the ice/waterfall as well, not just the sky as intended?

Thanks again for sharing.

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singernot: I'm heavily using the TS-E 90mm for my work since several years. I find it fascinating to discover new ways of taking pictures diretly on-site, not using PS in post pro. Check yourself:

Awesome photos Singernot! I'd like to get my hands on a lens like that some day and try it out myself.

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On article Aviation Photography (52 comments in total)

Thanks for a great article!
Which shooting mode do you usually use and what about metering?
Any good resources for learning more about aviation photography?

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