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Albino_BlacMan: Has DPR reviewed a camera that hasn't gotten at least a silver award in the last 2 years?

Awards lose their meaning a bit when everyone gets them...

To HowaboutRaw, I did shoot mostly RAW with the G15, but my wife shot primarily JPEG. Both were excellent. As for my comments regarding the TG-2, I did not have an opportunity to shoot underwater, so I have to recuse myself from commenting on its underwater capabilities, which, I admit, is one of the main draws for this camera. Having said that, I was not looking for a camera that could just perform well underwater. Indeed, I would be using it more on land. Possibly, it was my comparison with DSLR images and those from the four Olympus cameras that I have owned, one of which, as I stated, WAS an underwater camera (the 850 SW) that heavily influenced my opinion. Anyone who does not have that reference point may find this camera to their liking. Just my experience.

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On article Olympus TG-2 iHS (106 comments in total)

I bought this camera before a snorkeling trip to the Caribbean, thinking that, with the bright lens, it would deliver sharp images. I was wrong, and fortunately, I realized that before I went and returned it, for the Canon G15, which is not an underwater camera and more expensive, for sure, but which produced incredible images throughout our trip, almost on a par with my DSLR. Glad I made the change. Having said this, for years I had the Olympus 850 SW, which was an underwater camera. While I never had the opportunity to use it underwater, it did turn out very sharp images, Unfortunately, it was dropped and the LCD screen broke, necessitating the search for a new camera (for my wife). Needless to say, I was shocked at how soft the images from the TG-2 were.

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