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  • Thanks Michael for your reply.  I have been thru the micro adjustment process using Focal with no improvement  in sharpness.  I am going to send both the camera and lens to Canon for servicing and ...
  • Created discussion thread Canon Service and Repair
    Hi All, I’ve got a Canon 5DS r camera and a Canon 24 - 70mm lens that I would like to get cleaned, checked and calibrated. I have never had this done over the 3 years that I’ve had this system so I ...
  • My work station has three monitors , two Benq 30" and one 27" ASUS.  I'm about to add a 4th which will be at least 30 inch.  Much of work is very large.  My images are in measured in feet.   But, ...
  • >Yes they built the ipad for video editing.< Greybeard2017 I guess an ipad would be OK for very simple video edits. I my case I need a lot of screen space, the more the better. My work station has ...
  • I agree with many on this thread regarding the advantages of a desktop PC.   One thing you might consider is building your own.  You can get exactly what you want and you'll save about 30% ...
  • I'm looking for a print lab in the Houston, Texas area that can print large ink prints on canvas, as large as 60 inches wide. I'm looking to switch out my 'go-to' print lab as they can not produce ...
  • More Ram Faster CPU  - That will do the trick. I deal with PS files up to 30 GB, up to 400 layers and dozens of groups, images measured in feet, multiple personal workstation monitors.. .  I have ...
  • Wow, The Surecolor P20000 looks like a beast :)
  • Thanks Mike for your teply.  Very helpful.  I'll stop looking and go other way.
  • Created discussion thread Very Wide Ink Jet Printer >60 inches
    HI All, I'm looking for a US based print lab that can produce a canvas ink jet print exceeding 60" . The image I currently have is just over 64 inches x 80 inches long in full vivid color.  My 'go ...
  • Oh, thanks for that Pictus.  I'll check it out.  Anything I can do to speed up processing of my work is something that I'm interested it. Being able to upgrade my PC myself (because I have learned ...
  • As the OP, I'm an old guy too (68 yo) and was not very PC literate before I decided to build my own. Doing careful research on Youtube and other sites I was able to pull it off.  I develop very ...
  • Thank you all for your replies.  This is very helpful input for me.
  • Created discussion thread Westcott Eyelighter Stand
    Hi Everyone,  Can someone recommend a stand for a Westcott Eyelighter reflector?  The stand I have is cheap, flimsy and does a poor job of supporting my eyelighter reflector .
  • Thanks Harvey for the link.  It was very informative.  I have wondered about the practical utility of a ProPhoto color space.  Its nice to see a real world example of its benefit.
  • Thanks Chaplain for the idea.  I will try that.   And, yes thanks for pointing out my mistake.  I did indeed mean pen.
  • I use the $70 Wacom Intuos 8 x 6 so I guess I'm in the small camp.  My work station is equipped with 3 screens and still, after mapping, I only use a small part of my 8 x 6  Wacom. I am loving the ...
  • Replied in It depends ...
    Thank you NAwlins and Harvey.  Your responses are very informative and give me a little deeper understanding of the issue.  Take care.
  • Created discussion thread Color Gamut: Print vs Screen
    Hi All, I was told (by someone who should know) that, in general, a computer screen will have a wider color gamut than a print.  I wanted to get a second opinion from this forum. Is this true? I ...
  • Replied in My B&H story
    This world needs more companies like B&H.  For at least the last 10 years I have placed orders with them and on occasion I have had to return something.  My experience with B&H has always been ...
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