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Love this image! Probably one of the best I've seen on this website.

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harold1968: why convert to DNG ?
does this loose original NEF info ?
I keep my files as NEF and they work just fine in lightroom

can anyone point out an advantage of converting to DNG

Be a little careful with converting to DNG though. I switched from Lightroom to Corel Aftershot Pro (Because I got tired of how slow lightroom was running for me, even on a fast computer), and Aftershot doesn't accept Adobe DNG files. You may find it difficult to transfer your files to another program if you convert your files.

If you don't think this will be an issue, I found DNG files useful because of their smaller size and more importantly (for me that is), they don't use sidecars (think that's the term?) which is an additional file that contains all of the data you edit within lightroom.

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cdlm: There's a circular pattern around the boy, in the bokeh and in the trees, especially on the top right… is it because of the lens, done during development, or just pure (educated) luck?

I've read that certain lenses can produce circular patterns in the bokeh http://neilvn.com/tangents/2010/10/26/bokeh-a-few-notes/ but to me this does seem too much to be purely the lens. That said I do like the image, post processing or not.

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