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entoman: It's a pity that firmware can't fix the numerous *physical* issues with the EOS-R, such as the lack of an AF joystick, or the lack of a second card slot, or the lack of a mode dial, or the unwanted inclusion of a dysfunctional swipe bar.

Let's just hope that the "pro" version is released fairly quickly, and incorporates all the above changes, or even more of their loyal customers will desert them...

The majority of EOS R users, who actually have the camera, don't seem to be complaining about what physical features the camera doesn't have. It seems that if a camera body doesn't have the features that you need, then that would be one of the criteria to assess whether or not to purchase the camera. Pretty straightforward. The camera isn't perfect (what camera is?), but the R is certainly a capable tool for those who have it.

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David Naylor: As a Lightroom user disgruntled by Adobe twisting my arm to become a subscriber, essentially doubling my annual cost and forcing me to pay for Photoshop which I don't use, I have been looking into the alternatives.

The conclusion is really that I just don't know what to do. It really is difficult switching from software that you have used for so long. You realise tiny little things which you really like about Lightroom which aren't there in the alternatives. One such thing is powerful file renaming on import (where I can use the original file number). Another hindrance to switching is just the task of learning a new interface.

That said, the Lightroom migration tool and updated UI sound promising and will be worth a closer look after release.

The argument about the subscription model doesn't make sense to me. ON1 charges $80 for an upgrade to the annual release. I've gone through this before with ON1 where I purchase an upgrade, and then there is another release that costs another $80. I'd rather pay the 9.95 per month ( and sometimes there are offers for less) for LR and PS where the software is updated on a regular basis. No-one is 'twisting' anyone's arm. It comes down to what works for you and how you want to spend your money.

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Brev00: I have been enjoying Photo Raw 18 and am looking forward to these enhancements. Exporting in the background and camera profiles are great additions. As an early adopter of Photo Raw 17, I was disappointed that I had to pay to get the '18 upgrade. This release is taking away that sting.

I agree. I went down that road with ON1 and won't be giving them any more business. I don't care if the software can also make coffee in the morning. I was burned twice, and the experience left me as a very unhappy customer.

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ewelch: Okay, so I've given it a try. Took me a whole 15 minutes of my time to figure out that this (sadly) is no replacement for Lightroom. At least not for anyone with serious photo editing needs. The layers feature is a separate application from the develop module! Holy smokes. There's no curves. At least none that I could find. (I searched help.) Don't get me wrong. It's a pretty good first effort for a Lightroom replacement. But if you are coming from Lightroom or Aperture, this program is a major step backwards in many ways. Sadly, I'll have to look elsewhere for what I want to use after I retire.

I gave up on ON1 since they can't seem to even get the image date and time correct. They indicated that they fixed it, but I let them know it wasn't so. If you want to stay with the latest non-point upgrade, it costs as much as an annual subscription to Lightroom. I'm staying with Lightroom and stopped giving my money to ON1.

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DStudio: I don't think this 'defect' in Canon's new Wonder-camera is a huge publicity problem, nor do I believe this is scandalous behavior on DPR's part.

Nevertheless, I find it quite amusing that this is a "midnight release" - even on the West Coast! I wouldn't be surprised if this is about the slowest time of the entire week for the website!

What odd timing.

Yawn, I don't think what DPR has to say about rolling shutter (as tested in an unrealistic scenario) is going to be the determining factor in what camera I use. Unless there's an overriding flaw in the camera, this kind of stuff is meaningless.

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Joed700: I don't understand why the Nikon D5 would receive such a high rating from DP. Looking at the spec sheet from DXO Mark, the D5 is ranked number 8 compared to other Nikon, Sony and Canon bodies in ISO noise performance, way below D4s or Canon1Dx Mrk I. In terms of DR, the D5 is even below Canon 5Ds/r and way below the Canon 80D and most of the Nikon FF bodies. FPS - Nikon never caught up the Canon 1Dx... I'm not trying to be difficult here...I do shoot both Nikon and Canon.

@Carey Rose - I find your statement about the dynamic range on the D5 somewhat ironic given that almost every review of a Canon body on DPR cites dynamic range as a con. I can't recall any reviewer on this site indicating, "the positives of this camera far outweighed the DR concerns" in regard to a Canon review. What a joke.

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BPD7: How did this pass QA? DO ANY software companies do QA anymore?

The release is the QA. They just beta test on customers now and fix (not always) what surfaces.

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It's no surprise that Adobe wants to push the subscription software model. I worked for a software company that went down this path a number of years ago, and at the time offered a lot of the same reasons that Adobe is giving now to entice customers to bite the fruit. Subscription models are one of the best revenue generators for software companies. As one of the senior VPs described it, "It's the gift that keeps on giving."

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