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Reading this thread makes me want to gag and puke. Is there any intelligent life in here? Too much garbage here to weed through to find anything useful at all.

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SM7: It seems that the "new" features are those that they intentionally kept off the 600D, so they could release an "upgrade". Dirty marketing.

I worked in the software business and was a mechanical designer. The first time I was introduced to the marketing concept of sequentially adding features to keep you buying was in 1977. This has been going on for a long time and everybody does it.

As strange as this is going to seem, there is a good side to it and that is if you waited to get all the features you wanted you would never get a product. Nothing would ever get released to the public. It is called "feature creep" and is the bane of any product development. I was a software development manager and worked with a marketing guy who wanted the world in the first release of a product. I said sure we can do that but it is going to take the next generation to complete it.

By then most of what was developed would be obsolete. In the mean time the potential customer is waiting for a product to make their lives more productive. I hope they are not holding their breath.

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