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DJI is creating a drone flight school for Dutch firefighters and paramedics

DJI is setting up a drone flight school in the municipality of Enschede in the Netherlands, where it will train firefighters and paramedics to use drones in emergency situations.

Photo exhibition in Paris traces photography's love affair with cars

The simultaneous industrialization of the car and the camera has bound the two up in history. Suddenly, "the camera became the indispensable accessory for drivers eager to immortalize their travels."

Time-lapse captures thousands of fireworks going off over LA on July 4th

On July 4th, photographer Dylan Schwartz captured this time-lapse of Los Angeles from Mount Wilson Observatory. His vantage point gave him a spectacular snapshot of hundreds of individual fireworks displays.

Nikon updates battery recall: Overheating batteries from 2012 still causing problems

Nikon just updated a battery recall from all the way back in 2012. According to the update, certain EN-EL15 batteries are prone to short circuiting and warping/melting your camera.

Is newsprint the future of photography?

Cheap, fast and adaptable, many photographers and photojournalists are turning to newsprint to share their photographs IRL.

Haunting photos from inside the wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia

Two and a half years after the cruise ship Costa Concordia sank, taking 32 lives with it, photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski snuck onto the recently raised wreckage to photograph what remained.

What makes a great photo: Wise words from a veteran photographer

Photography veteran Charlie Howse shares nuggets of wisdom and insight from decades of teaching and practicing photography. His subject: What makes a great photograph.

These Nikon videos break down the gear and settings you need to shoot the eclipse

Planning to shoot the eclipse on August 21st? These videos are a great primer on the gear and settings you'll need to do it safely and walk away with a great photo.

How Instagram's algorithm learns from your likes to keep you coming back

Instagram's infamous algorithm is 'keeping an eye on you,' tracking your activity and honing your personal 'Explore' tab until you're totally hooked.

Panono buyer saves the brand, will continue making its 360° ball camera

Troubled tech company Panono and their odd 360° ball camera will live on to shoot another day. The investment company that purchased the Panono brand says it will continue all services 'without disruption'.