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  • good candids  ... this one is my fav ,  i like your film like rendering cheers, alex
  • excellent work . ..
  • AF fine adjustment is critical. Put your camera on a tripod and do it at 45 degree angle on any spot with good contrast or take some pics in live view mode using tripod and timer to eliminate ...
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    yeah ... sorry you are right he didnt say he wanted to buy Pentax... just liked, and then he said " probably ".  Well, .. my bad .  Pentax / Ricoh, doesnt have enough resources  for marketing , and ...
  • Replied in Dealers in US
    Well, if your consider that: "However, I will probably buy a Nikon because there are many more local dealers selling and supporting Nikon" is the generalization... then I have nothing to say.  Just ...
  • Replied in Dealers in US
    Because people like yourself usually dont buy quality of Pentax products, they tend to buy less features but the name of Canon or Nikon ... then having better revenue C & N have enough money to ...
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    simply fantastic image in any sense;  as well could be used as a stock photo, desktop or even as ... your dream substitute / replacement     :-)
  • yeah...?  are you including me in your list " we all know "?  If I'm in list of medium format users ... why bother me with your crappy FF  ... (yea we medium format users all know what that is) .. ...
  • No problem here.. you seem to be a decent man and i wish you not to have another trouble with your camera cause for people like us camera is part of our nature and every time anything wrong ...
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    i like this very distinct style of your images and processing.. regards, alex
  • i like it ... something intriguing and scary.. regards, alex
  • my perception like this is a motion picture... well done regards, alex
  • feels like an image from a different planet...  very impressive regards, alex
  • to be honest ... i dont understand the intention of your post... If you wanted to make a point or reminder to me then you have no clue what is the difference between you and me in terms of ...
  • your camera is doing perfectly fine... You need to exercise right exposure with the right white balance or shoot raw. The general rule is : if you move up the iso  - move up the exposure to reduce ...
  • well, as i mentioned it was not definite cure, but one of available options and my own experience... As i said in my case it was K50 and it was one of the menu options for battery type change, and ...
  • indeed , i agree with that.. and on a good note, it would not make sense for pentax to deliver the higher RAW / JPG quality with the lower end camera even with a better/ newer sensor
  • Performance wise K70 is no match to K3,  prime II vs prime III, there are no questions... (noise reduction, distortion correction, high speed , etc).  Picture quality wise I dont think that K3 at ...
  • aren't they both 14-bit RAW? Or, maybe i dont understand the meaning: "added bit depth"? Can you pls explain, cause k70 edges k3 II with higher iso 102400 which means it might have a newer sensor, ...
  • Dean, you can try to use web translator if you follow the link. This is a short article about Helios history. If you have model 44M then it is might not be older than from 1980.. From this model ...
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