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  • Aliasing is always a combination of sensor and lens resolution. The higher the MTF at the Nyquist frequency, the worse it is. 24 MP FF has a Nyquist frequency of 83 cycles/mm (6000/36) same as 11 ...
  • Replied in Analog rules !
    You do talk a lot of nonsense.
  • Bokeh describes the characteristic s of out-of-focus blur circles, ie the blurred images of points. Blur is already quantified, usually as a point-spread function. It has dimensions. There are ...
  • Replied in Analog rules !
    Whatever dude. Describing a cassette player as 'hi-fi' was always a stretch at the best of times.
  • I doze off to the cricket... ;-)
  • Any unmoderated internet source is a minefield. There is some amazingly good stuff for free, and some amazingly entertaining trivia, which I love for relaxation - better than Netflix sometimes - ...
  • The 'reality' recorded by a camera when photons hit the sensor is not the 'reality' recorded by our brain when photons hit our eyes. We don't process the information in the same way. So which ...
  • Ha! Brilliant. You forgot to mention the 23 who insist that having a larger bulb would give you more light, so it's always better than a small bulb.
  • Pixels per inch are not dots per inch. 8000 X 5333 is 42 megapixels (how big are they printing this??) Start with an unsharpened image, upsize to 8000X5333 and use smart sharpen. Adjust the noise ...
  • Some people's minds are so well protected there's nothing in them ;-)
  • He just summed up human life in general. The internet is just a mirror of human banality.
  • So, if its pitch dark, what ISO are you using and how do you track the subject? And if your shutter speed is fast enough to freeze the action, why would integration time increase? I beg to differ. ...
  • So, you shoot fast action in the pitch dark? It's amazing, isn't it, that so many people seem to be taking rather good action images with mirrorless cameras these days, TV cameramen have been ...
  • They are the Leica of camera bags. The bag is the same price as everyone elses, but the label costs £500 ;-)
  • What happens when a cinematographer picks up a camera to do some location shots for a movie... https://www.nuribilgeceylan.com/photography/turkeycinemascope1.php?sid=1 I saw these at an exhibition ...
  • I think you underestimate how well street gangs know their marks.
  • You are talking about signal to noise ratio not dynamic range, in which case its total sensor area that matters. This is shown by the ISO tests in the first half of the video where the RP clearly ...
  • They seem to work though. I haven't worn one out yet ;-)
  • Do you know what dynamic range is? I have no idea how this is relevant. No-one here cares what you buy, and problems with the RP and 6D are hardly a secret.
  • The charts are produced independently by Bill Claff, not by manufacturers. I have never seen a chart for DR from any manufacturer. The technology employed by the sensor is at least as important as ...
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