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  • This is very true. Even more so when you think that if you never print bigger than 24X16, gazing at a 100% image in an editor is almost entirely irrelevant (note to Sony A7Rii users). A 'good' ...
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    I would simply never shoot star field photos at max aperture. No fast lens is aberration free at max aperture - not just coma but astigmatism and LoCA as well. I would always stop down.
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    I would always opt for the 14mm F2.8. Sure, its slower but it has almost no optical distortion. IMO it's the best super-wide (21mm equiv) that money can buy, and its much smaller and cheaper than ...
  • Which has something to do with how long you keep the shutter open ;-)
  • It has nothing to do with the pixel size though. It was just tuned that way.
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    Good choice. Great lens. Don't worry. There's always one or two that fail QC but the performance is excellent. Not for me. Giving up on PDAF focus and very slightly different bokeh? Not really. You ...
  • I just included a link showing you otherwise.
  • This is not true in the general sense. If you downsize an image by 50% you combine 4 pixels into 1. The SNR is similar to a sensor with a pixel with double the pitch. 4 small photosites are just ...
  • OK, lets say you have a full frame and APSC sensor with the same pixel size, so the FF sensor has about twice the pixel count. A lens at a given F-number will create the same sensor illuminance - ie ...
  • When the Israeli air force started using female fighter pilots, they discovered that they actually had better G tolerance, better situational awareness, and less tendency to be target fixated. A ...
  • Your maths is fine. This isn't exactly a matter of opinion, but not everyone can do maths.
  • The EXIF data only refers to the original file from the camera, and sRGB was the setting on the camera (used by the imbedded thumbnail in the RAW). RAW has no colourspace. LR defaults to ...
  • Don't worry. It's just a different ISO standard (SOS vs REI). Its not far off ISO 100 on most cameras.
  • :-D
  • I bought an Xpro1 for the same reason back in 2012. I just enjoyed using it. When the Xpro2 came out I sold my Nikon D800 and all my Nikon lenses. Just wasn't using them. Compared to most Canon ...
  • Natural selection on a universal scale. Only the fittest civilisations last long enough to make it to the stars... But what happens to the unfit ones ;-)
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    Getting close to a tobacco ban. Banned in public places in UK. Use amongst teenagers massively declined mainly through public education. It just isn't cool any more. Compared to what? I agree you ...
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    50 MP is twice as many as 24, so yes I would expect you are right (plus the decoding time for live view, image buffering etc). However, I seriously doubt that moire would be the same issue in ...
  • Replied in Legalise it.
    And we are doing a great deal to reduce that, in case you hadn't noticed. But alcohol and tobacco have been part of the pub culture for centuries and prohibition didn't work. Possibly, but see my ...
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    Yep, the whole subjective experience is much more important than any single factor. I think this is where Fuji scores over any of my previous cameras. It's not any one factor, its the whole package ...
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