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On article Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path (1622 comments in total)

What is YOUR goal? And why?
I did the 'move up' thing years ago..back when FF offered much better low noise, and the other benefit I was after was better bokeh. More durability in the bodies (and perhaps lenses as well) was a bonus.

Size/weight isn't an issue for me so it was never part of my criteria.

I made many a great image, printed large (16x20 and up) from APS-C cameras and lenses. I liked some of APS lenses better than the FF equivalent.

Many of my associates are moving to mirrorless - similar quality for less weight they say. I'm happy where I am. Last body upgrade didn't give me as much improvement as I'd seen in previous upgrades, so I'm more skeptical these days of many claims.

So what is YOUR goal? Ignore the marketing hype and stick to that.

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inevitable crafts studio: sadly the major issue why i never used the forum, not even for reading through posts, is the cascading design of the threads, if i cant click on a thread and then just scroll down to read it, i will not use it

i cant understand why you dont make a normal forum like all other pages.

you cant read a forum like on your pictures, where you can only see the first post and a "norton commander view" of the threads

thats pointless to read

also, no mobile version in 2012? i only use the dpreview site on my ipad.

i dont read camera forums as a job, i come to this site when allready bored, and if its not streamlined for reading i cant see why i should generate clicks for you ^^

I like the threaded view myself. Yes, it's different than other sites and might cause threads to wander -not sure, but I tend to reply to a person because it's threaded and I can follow who's replying to what.

In a flat view if the thread gets long or wanders its way too easy to be overwhelmed by it all and just ignore it - cutting discusions short, reducing input, etc.

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