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Tomas_X: Everybody can see in the forums there are many of D300(s) users who do not want to switch to FX and who do not want to buy D7000 or D7100. I do not understand why there are so many people who think they know better what we need. I understand many D300 owners are affraid D400 will not come, but I do not understand the people who do not want for D400 and must explain why is D400 pointless. Their arguments are not universal and are unusable for D300 owners who wait for D400.
Why every DX D300 owner has to switch to FX? The D300 owners who want to switch to FX, already bought D3, D700, D800 and maybe some of them D600 now. But there are many rest D300 owners who want the semi-profi DX body. We love our DX lenses and our FX lenses on DX bodies.
We know our D300(s) very well and we know why we do not want D7000 or D7100 or D7200.... How can the people who do not own D300 strictly tell the D7000 is better in every way. We know it is not, we know why is D300 body the right for us.

How many of you guys tried the D300 and the D7000 side-by-side? I did, as Tomas did. I was offered to trade my 5 year old D300 for a brand new D7000, said no and never looked back. The controls on the D300 (focus options and features, AF-ON button, etc., etc.) and the way the camera sits in your hands leave the D7000 in the dust. No offence, the D7000 is a really fine camera, but it's just not for me (after getting used to the D300). A lot of people feel the same, so don't blame us, as we don't judge the other guys hwo made a different choice. The D7000 (or its succesors) will never be an option, as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand, just because FX is really fashionable these days, it doesn't mean we have to bury serious, high end DXs. Just think that, 6 years ago, THERE WERE NO Nikon FX DSLRs. Did that mean there were no Nikon pro users? Come on, guys! Let's not fool ourselves. There are lots of people who DON'T NEED FX for their kind of work. Nikon just cannot ignore this.

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