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  • Isn't an iPhone a disposable camera in the first place ... ? With the added option to occasionally pass a call ...

  • Samuel C `The problem is millions of instagramming selfie-stick using morons see the photo, hop on the tracks, and nature takes its course.`

    That's called natural delection and survival of the...

  • I thought enthusiast level cameras were sealed, the D90 is not. And also the D90 is the successor to the D80, which in turn is the successor to the D70s, which was definitely Nikon's entry-level...

  • D7200 is not entry level. It's an enthusiast / semi-pro camera. I compared the D5300 to the Pentax K-70, which are in the same market segment, and the Pentax beats the crap out of the Nikon in what...

  • It would be just nice that Nikon just put a second command dial and a pentaprism viewfinder on their 3xxx and 5xxx series. That is what has always rebuked me on the entry-level models and I...

  • @String: Hmmmm... so supposing that I pay 1 month and then stop I still am able to load my RAW files into another editor and recover my work ?

    I calculated an average of 30 years, taking into...

  • @villagranvincent: as long as there is no real competition to Adobe and that people don't turn away to alternatives there won't be any change.

  • @String: What happens if you stop paying for your CC license ? Are you still able to access your edited files ? Also, what guarantee do we have that pricing will remain stable ? For me, and that is...

  • @String: I checked mxx's gear list. They are mostly old DSLR's and the glass is far from being pro-grade, except the two Limited lenses.

    @imagery2: I think that the 10$/month just adds insult to...

  • Perhaps this is the opportunity Corel has been waiting for to make their come-back. Aftershot Pro 3 looks promising and has a native Linux version too.

  • What I have on my computer is my concern. That's called privacy and that is the main reason I use open source software. As I said, for me (and that is my own opinion) any company providing tech...

  • I am in no way an Adobe hater or lover (actually I couldn't care less, I use FOSS).
    Now that this is out of the way:

    Reilly Diefenbach: "Adobe also has excellent tech support, including remote...

  • I suppose it is because "Brides Magazine" is read by a large audience and it could downturn potential clients if their photographer uses a Hasselblad / Mamiya / Pentax 645Z / ..... (put other great...

  • Commented on photo Devetashka Cave in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    Nice picture, however I would have pushed saturation a tad and made it in a 1:1 aspect ratio cutting out the top hole which is too distracting and unbalances the composition.

  • Commented on photo trumpets in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    Nice colors, but unfortunately, the main subject is too centered.

  • Commented on photo Little Hands in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    The idea of the picture is great and the square napkin works very well. However there are too many distracting elements like the black blurry thing on the right side and the other person on the...

  • Submitted a challenge entry Girl at the station
    Picture taken at the Liege Guillemins train station from the train.
    Placed 51st in the challenge. Picture taken at the Liege Guillemins train station from the train.
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