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On photo Street in Glasgow in the Your City - That street you never really looked at before challenge (7 comments in total)

Nice out of the box thinking. I figured it, I am curious to see if I was right.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)

Let's see,in 1999 I moved from win to Apple (OS 9) because of windows instability and MS policy on licensing. I loved aperture when it came out, but .... in 2011 I moved from Apple to Linux / KDE when I saw where OS X Lion was heading. (Desktop iOS with total control over the software you buy). iCloud services confirm that, after all you will just be a milk cow for them since they have your data and they can "milk" you so that you use their software to access and process your data.

Finally I did the right thing, today I have a Digikam + GIMP and Darktable workflow, I don't miss any features from my Aperture + PS workflow.

OSS is the future my friends, for freedom and to make sure that your RAW format will be supported and that you don't loose your libraries.

Just my two cents.

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Ben Tomohiku: Personally I think K-30 really looks like a Pentax, at least from the exterior better than K-01 or Q. Pentax is always so generous to adding better features on their cameras. I bought a Pentax K-X for my sister two years ago, at that time K-X is the best value entry-level dslr.However I am really sad that most of the people don't realize it, they're gonna say "Pentax? Never heard of it" every time when I recommend them some nice dslrs from Pentax, whatever. Pentax really should work on letting more people know about their business.

I agree. Pentax has some serious marketing issues. Nikon and Canon have established huge marketing investments worldwide and that is the reason why they are also the market leaders.
Nikon leads the entry level and mid-range market and Canon the pro-market.

If Pentax would market their products the way the two leaders do they would definitely gain a tremendous amount of market share due to their price to feature ratio.

Let's hope Ricoh will increase the marketing budget.

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Personally I find the design sexy. Now to the facts.
This is a mid-range DSLR playing in the same court as the EOS 600D or the D5100. I am talking here about the price range.

Despite it's pricing the K30 features many "pro" features which are on none of the above mentioned cameras. These features are obvious:

- 100 % weather sealing
- 100 % pentaprism viewfinder
- Eleven point AF system with 9 cross type sensors
- 6 FPS continuous burst shooting
- 1/6000th of a second shutter speed
- Two user modes
- Twin control dials

and last but not least a WR kit lens. And all this in a 900 USD package.

I think it is the best recommendation for people starting out in photography or sports photographers on a budget.

Also this promises a lot for the K-5 successor in September. (Photokina)

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RuthC: While the Host has encouraged us to be creative, and allowed no restrictions for entries, there are some shots here that bear no indication that they have been taken anywhere near a city. Surely there needs to be some connection.

Indeed I am disqualifying those shots

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On photo burj1 in the skyscrapers challenge (1 comment in total)

I would like to know wether this type of color and highlight range is obtained through HDR ? If not could you please tell us what type of shooting technique you used ?

Thanks for sharing the goodness :)

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