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The price is too high after 12 mos for Photoshop only occassional users (ie the hobbyist/serious amateur market). I don't need cloud storage so am paying for something i don't need. Lightroom, which i use for 90% of the job, still won't have all the features of PS. Keep it @$10/mo with no cloud storage and i'd consider it if adobe really continually improves it like they say they will..we all know this is more about a predictable revenue stream and anti-piracy and nothing more....

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Well you can kiss the hobbyist/serious amateur market goodbye Adobe. And I'm sure the 3rd parties such as Kelby and others are thrilled as well as the trickle effect of the serious amateur/hobbyist market abandoning csx takes hold. What planet are these mktg guys on - or is this their CEO trying to make his mark by "showing the industry" the new way(ie, the cloud). Consumer mkts are very different than business/pro mkts and my guess here is that Adobe has totally misread the impact on the former - and their sales will suffer as a result

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phanaticphotographer: My choice OM-D EM-5. The one which made me change from a Canon DSLR kit.
The reason; I can carry it around with a one lens mounted and one or more lenses in my coat pockets and have a comprehensive tool which allows Good quality to be achieved. Too frequently left the Canon kit at home because of bulk.

D800e without a doubt - groundbreaking resolution, excellent low light performance, and handles well.

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