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ottonis: I wonder how this genious man has experienced the transition of "his" Adobe from everybody's darling towards sort of hated monopolist after changing their business model a few years ago. While software as a subscription has existed quite some time before in specialty and niche markets such as statistics (SPSS), Adobe brought this much berated concept to the "mainstream" - at the expense and disadvantage of the consumers.
For lack of competitive alternatives many, if not most creators have subdued to the subscription model.

That being said, there is serious competition in the raw developing sector (DxO, C1 etc) and the video editing sector (DaVinci). Now, we are waiting for a proper and serious Photoshop contender. Corel Paint needs some polishing....

The "hate" for Adobe predates the switch to the subcription model though. Just like any other big tech player like Google, Microsoft or EA they have a long history of acquiring cute little mom&pop software companies which they then turn to evil corporate entities :)

Link | Posted on Apr 25, 2021 at 12:46 UTC
On article Gone but not forgotten: Adobe Flash is no more (170 comments in total)
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starbase218: Good riddance.

But, secretly I long for the internet as it was in the nineties. More honest, less commercial, without so many tracking cookies and big data that we have now. With animated GIFs, and tables for layout. When people created websites with Geocities, and neither Google nor Amazon was almighty.

And I work in IT.

I miss those days too. I miss message boards. I also miss the old internet crowd from back then, they were different from the crowd that mobile internet and social media brought to the internet.

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Nice to see that there are a few ACDSee fans in the world. It's still my go-to software for all things jpg (view, rename,resize), no one else comes close. I will never understand why Adobe doesn't implement the "fit in height/width only" resize option from ACDSee or am i too blind to see?

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T Olivier: One article and 56 comments at 8 PM EST and not one mention about where these pictures were taken or who those people on pictures were.
All we learn, they were NAZIS (or nazis).
What kind of country is it? Naziland? People's Republic of Nazia? United States of Nazistan?
Just in case someone is interested, the photographer, the Führer and his admirers were Germans and the country where National Socialist German Workers' Party held power between 1933 and 1945 was Germany.
Someone has mentioned that we now need pictures of Stalin. Agreed. He was yet another leader who was implementing the socialist idea; this time in Russia.

Oh boy, this old "Nazis were Socialist" lie again. Buahaha, that's so dumb.

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mfinley: 3 lbs! Why that's like carry a bag of 12 quarter pounder hamburgers around with you, no room for the french fries, nor any money left over to buy them.

@vscd yes! Please stop with this imperial nonsense.

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Can someone please explain to me why videographers like 40mm focal length? Is there an aesthetic or technical reason to it?

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Studio1138: Well the ONE Card slot is a deal breaker for me, and probably a lot of other professional photographers! I was so ready to buy until I saw this. I guess Sony A7rIII will get my money now. Nikon dropped the ball on this for sure!

@JerryWilliam Underrated comment!

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On article DPReview TV: the Sony 400mm F2.8 is a pretty sweet lens (318 comments in total)
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quatpat: A cow in bright sunlight at IS0 12800 and f/14, in order to demonstrate the quality of a 2.8 lens... really??

@knappe duivel underrated comment!

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(unknown member): It is practically a monopoly. No surprise there...

it kinda is. it's the only decent allround software.

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PeterAustin: It will help directing casual photographers to the same locations we see repeatedly on Instagram. That means less foot traffic at other locations. The app could be useful to figure out which locations to avoid.

Hallstatt approves ;)

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I love Instagram but it's starting to p*ss me off with this greedy little stuff that has Facebook/Zuckerberg/Stock Market/Analyst written all over it.

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Mike CH: Before that whole rent vs. ownership discussion starts again:

You have never, even in the past, as a consumer *owned* software. You have, at the most, owned a *license* for perpetual use. And the media on which it came.

he must be fun at parties.

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Mike CH: Before that whole rent vs. ownership discussion starts again:

You have never, even in the past, as a consumer *owned* software. You have, at the most, owned a *license* for perpetual use. And the media on which it came.

you are correct of course but you also know exactly how it used to be in the past, you practically "owned" the software. you payed once and could use it forever. these days are gone and people are p*ss*d about that.

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MaxiMax: I'm 54 and I grew up with film photography, vinyl records and audio cassettes. Today, I really don't miss the old analog days. Evolution moves only in one direction, never back. Digital technology is far more better, and I really don't understand all the latest hypes about analog technologies in image and sound. Nostalgia must be the only explanation.

I agree with video and partly photography but surely not with audio. not that analog audio necessarily sounds better but it was the time with the best music. all the pro tools possibilities from today only produce throwaway crap.

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On article Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera review (182 comments in total)
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DVT80111: I'd like to have the reviewer to spend time to show this feature "direct sharing to the Chinese Government"

If i were you i would worry much more about the NSA getting your data than the chinese counterpart. lawny13 explained why.

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rochester21: Nikon is the largest seller of photographic equipment in the world period. Even Sean Spicer agrees.

The only reason Nikon will stop selling cameras in Brazil and close its factory in China is because they don`t like brazilians and chinese, it`s a race thing.

upvote for funny.

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eengelmann: Italian parasites are the best in the world!
This is sure!
(Foreigners can maybe belive what the major says that's it's not for money, but I can guarantee that it is bull**it in Italian style! They are interested only in money!)

@derfotograf Jeder der auch nur ein Mal in seinem Leben in Italien war, weiß das ;)

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this comment section deeply saddens me. for some years now i wonder if we'd be better off without comment sections and social media. i miss those days when i had no knowledge of all your opinions.

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On article Hello Lightroom CC: Embracing the future (504 comments in total)

"hopefully increased internet service provider (ISP) bandwidths" that right there is the main weak spot in all cloud based solutions for media. no further discussion necessary. i will most certainly not upload my RAW files into a cloud with the 125 kb/s.

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M Chambers: It's really a shame the went to being totally web based.

They're making money simply be people getting a free starter month with their new device and then forgetting to unsubscribe.

Adobe used to be great when you could bootleg their stuff but now there's no point in even trying to work with them.

bullcrap. they were already fine without the subscription model, so bootlegging can't be the reason.

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