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Without falling into the 'I'm just as good as him' trap that a previous poster did, I too am the same age as Shore, born in 1947. Pioneering color photographer? I don't think so, given that Kodachrome came out in 1935, 12 years before either of us was born! Influential certainly, but hardly pioneering...

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marianco: A Leica Man can easily afford both the Leica and the Nikon D800e. Thus, there is no need for compromise.

If you can't afford it, get second job.

I think you mean that a rich photographer will have a D800E or 5dmkIII as a main camera, and the Leica as an interesting toy to do a little street photography if he wants to play at being Cartier-Bresson.

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Auke B van der Weide: I just would love to see Nikon to come out with a steel hammer called D-FM3a for EUR500 or so. Only black and white, no lcd, no autofocus, no videos, just as long as it is rugged, rain- and dustproof, cheap, has a huge VF and its batteries last a month..... that would give digital photography back some meaning

Perhaps more to the point is the obvious question - what does 'monochrome' mean in this context? Sure it outputs a monochrome image, but what is the colour response of the sensor? Is it truly panchromatic, or does it have some specific tone curve? At least with a D800, you can *choose* what colour response you want in your sensor output, using Lightroom to generate a monochrome image with the colour response that *you* want, not the one that Leitz has decided you will have. Pklus if you're starting with a 36MP Bayer array, especially the D800E with no anti-alias filter, you still have more effective resolution than the Leica. And better lenses to choose from, and more accurate focusing.......

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