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On article Hands-on with the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V (234 comments in total)

Sony may as well just become a daily deal site with how fast they release products.

"Mark V looks good, but I'll wait till Thursday for the Mark VIIII."

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On article DPReview is hiring! Software development manager (109 comments in total)

So I work on something that's critical to people in their day to day life (money) with millions of users. I've torn down a couple of huge applications and introduced and replaced several mobile apps. I was also a cold-calling sales guy for nearly a decade.

I've become pretty resilient over the years. Lots of rejection and accusations of conspiracy and calls for my job and/or head (for something like moving a button).

That's all to say I'm pretty sure I'd still be driven to drink if my fellow dpreview readers were my users. Talk about herding angry cats when it comes to developing a single experience for everybody. Good luck to the team and the sucker err.... highly qualified individual you find.

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StrokerAce23: Question is, how does it do with reading Nikon secret sauce on default rendering? The scale is a million miles away for LR and buggy-perfect for Nikon software. If it's not the latter, it might as well be the former.

I've shot and edited every.single.image since I turned on my first DSLR four years ago. I spent the first bit chasing the Nikon look to get a handle on how things worked with a benchmark rather than what I liked. It's a hopeless pursuit. Every program has a different default interpretation. LR is not a look I like very much for people photos, but everything else about LR is more compelling than the other stuff I've tried so overall it's the best choice. There's probably 25% of shots that I would barely need to touch if it looked like the Nikon JPEG to start. I could shoot RAW+, but that's deleting a ton of JPEGs. Accurate Nikon reproduction is just something that would be a selling point for me because it would save me some clicks. Not because I try and make my stuff look like that, but because it's a better starting point for a lot of snapshots than the LR version.

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These things need to be fully cooked to appreciate what the camera can possibly do based on the first iterations.

I'm hoping somebody gets me a winning lotto ticket for xmas (my only hope at funding) so I can get a used RX1 after this drops. There will be just enough upgrades to shave a few % off the used price. I can live with the AF and lower MP because the lens and sensor are coated with ground up magical creatures that make every image at least 70% better than reality.

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Question is, how does it do with reading Nikon secret sauce on default rendering? The scale is a million miles away for LR and buggy-perfect for Nikon software. If it's not the latter, it might as well be the former.

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ZeneticX: I'm really tempted by this so I went and check out its feature thoroughly... then I hit a bummer, there's no histogram display, at all!

I use a couple of crutches to get around looking at the histogram.

While shooting it's bracketing.

After shooting it's my eyes. They will do in a pinch.

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Just a Photographer: If you can not get funding from a financial investor for this kind of service then it seems to me that its a bad idea to support such site as a kickstarter.

Especially after reading their disclaimer and my job as a project manager my advise would be to stay away from this project unless you want to loose money on it. It seems to me that the wrong people with the wrong experience are trying to get this site launched.

"Risks and challenges

This is a complex software project with unforeseen development challenges inevitably to take place. The biggest risk with a project like this is delivering it on time.

Our major challenge will be connecting with the third-party services and vendors. We have the least experience in this..."

I would charge $12,000 to write the business and functional requirements for the site.

Stuff designed by developers usually looks and works like it.

They may have experienced some integration pains and, granted, it's not a very high hurdle, but any SSO stuff is going to take 3x longer than anticipated if you can get it to work at all. I'm guessing aggregator because why would anybody have APIs they could use? I don't really get it.

So...install WP. 10 mins. Federated IDs or making some sort of screen scrape populate this thing...5 years.

Also Defrozen would get you more Google mis-types with Frozen 2 on greenlight.

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On article Photographing bubbles, one bubble at a time (73 comments in total)

Pretty sure anybody with kids has some of these because after blowing thousands of bubbles you at some point tried to make the bubbles bigger then you see the cool reflections and then you start pointing the camera at the bubbles instead of the kids. Bubbles are uncooperative subjects, but the results are pretty cool.

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Peter Hayward: I just wish Nikon would fix how 'tabs' work in their dialog boxes in Capture NX. Reported previously over last three years or so. No feedback. Not yet done. So simple to fix. Pity.

Did they fix the only save full blown JPEG or thumbnail preview with the NEF after you edit it? Love the results, just don't love processing my 15MB file into 25MB if I want to level it.

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Would love to see him do a retrospective on lens cap photos.

I imagine he could capture the subtle nuance in the depths of black one can achieve with the different brands over the decades.

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CameraLabTester: I'm gonna pop some pixels...

I got $50 in my pocket...


I see what you did there. Like.

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On article Photo contest: Enter for a chance to win $5,000 (130 comments in total)

Dear internet people with concerns over the excluded countries.

Please search for "Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)." There are other countries on the sanctions list than the ones excluded here, but it's probably an issue of not being able to send the winner the prize money if they live in one of those countries due to federal law.

I'd say it's preferable to know you're not elgible up front than to win and get the "Thanks for the great photo, but sorry we're not allowed to give you the prize because of where you live." email.

That would REALLY stoke the "this is just a grab for free images for commercial use" conspiracy.

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