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subscription means more features for the social media crowd.
lower the price... but attract a lot more people with easy to use features... that is what adobe is doing.

adobe has swallowed all professionals already.
now they go after the billions of clueless people who want to edit their images easily.

for longtime photoshop users this means: less usefull features will be introduced.

because the new features will be easier to use but quality wise offer worse results.

look at all that mobile crap and the social media features... it´s only for people who would not have touched photoshop 3 years ago.

or the new LR import dialog made for imbecils who don´t know what a folder is.
no professional needs or wants that!!

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Pat Cullinan Jr: More phony baloney from Adobe. But at least we won't be seeing it for another four or five versions.

it´s not even close the same in lightroom....
lightroom just warps/stretches the image.

this "new" feature "content aware" fills empty regions.

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mantra: hi
will be added in cc 2015 ?
or should i wait for cc 2016?

wait.. why wait? you get cc2016 anyway.....

you can not buy photoshop anymore.. you have to rent it... so waiting makes no sense.

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PWPhotography: When content-aware fill and crop will become available in Lightroom?

i don´t want to imagine how much that would slow down "lightsnail" even more.

i have a 6 core 5820k with 32GB ram and catalog and image files on a fast SSD... and i often hate using LR because it is so slow compared to other software.

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Flowchart: This is really useful, I am happy to see it being implemented - as it is "content aware fill" works very well in some cases.

CAF works as bad as before for 90% of the content.
just look at the river bed after the CAF. :-(

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Lan: Another great new feature only for CC users. Oh wait, no, I created an action to do this already ;)

new feature?

more like two old features working together.

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mhm... i am suprised that such images can win anything.

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so adobe sells this as a new feature?

you could have done it before.
just select the empty regions with 4 clicks of the selection tool and choose content aware fill.

pretty lame to make such a fuzz about it.

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