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Terrano: Ever since Apple killed the Quicktime Vr App after I had paid quite a lot for it. And later Aperture I am not sure about their commitment to Applications like this.

Oh, yeah, they are not interested in the pro market.

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Silken: What's Cosina? Oh, like Richemont announces the new rose gold Tank, or Volkswagen the 911 Turbo?

Mujana, the Voigtländer lenses are great!

Link | Posted on Mar 3, 2022 at 16:36 UTC

What's Cosina? Oh, like Richemont announces the new rose gold Tank, or Volkswagen the 911 Turbo?

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It would be nice to see Instagram ban people posting photos by other photographers without their explicit consent to do so.

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"D3 moment?!" No, Nikon's Zeds have not been far behind with half chip crop nonsense for years and years and years like their debacle of 2003-2012, when we all switched to Canon 1Ds's. Just a little af improvement, and they had the D850 as a crutch in the meanwhile.

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Silken: Still no hope for an interchangeable lens Phantom 5, eh? I guess they need to push out the M3, as people seem to be calling it, to compete with BMW.

Small is nice, but Phantom-style landing gear to catch it by is equally valuable for certain applications. As they moved the market for the phantom-size machine to the mavic, they could move the inspire to the phantom size... ... ...

Link | Posted on Oct 12, 2021 at 23:11 UTC

Still no hope for an interchangeable lens Phantom 5, eh? I guess they need to push out the M3, as people seem to be calling it, to compete with BMW.

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08amczb: Chris, Jordan, in general I agree with your recomendations, but now it's not even close.
Portrait shooting is a controlled thing with static subjects, you don't need any fancy feature introduced to the cameras in the last 10 years, even a Nikon D700 is perfect for making portraits. (Additionally more megapixels means more retouching...)
I would suggest a Nikon D610/Canon 6D/Sony A7II for low budget and a Nikon 85/1.8 or Canon 85 F2 for just portraits.
I use a Z6 II, but its's for events not just for portraits. Although get a 110cm 5in1 reflector and a stable stand with a sandbag (or an assistant) and you can solve any situations.

I was going to say a used D800 but...yeah.

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tell those [ ] to add a headphone jack and micro sd card slot while they're at it!

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manos234: Are all the photographers using these cameras out of their mind??
How on earth are they taking Olympic Games-level photographs in 2021 with 20mp cameras????
They should be fired all at once..

Our 21 megapickle 1Ds's were great in 2008, so why not?!

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StevenN: I'm sorry, but isn't this the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

Yes, it's definitely 2021!

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Pelican Air would be a nice upgrade

Link | Posted on May 14, 2021 at 20:47 UTC as 6th comment

Spooky. The PRC had an exhibit about "spirit photography" about 15 years back. I can see such a lens really appealing to that genre!

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Hopefully they can splash it away

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Whoa, 14-24 in a've really gotta work to keep the rotors and skids out of your shots!

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I worked in a camera shop as a kid, sometimes helping out the on-site repair guy. He used to call them Olympusuck because of these little cameras. I'm amazed to read so many comments from people who still have working ones! Don't take it to the beach! And why can't anybody make a digital replacement? $900 for a GR 3 and it doesn't even have a viewfinder! X100V for $1400...RX1RII for $3000 if you want one with a proper sensor, but they're a helluva lot bigger. What, nobody can shoehorn 5D II innards into an RX100 body at this point in time?

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Let me get this straight: the law firm stepping on DJI's toes is named Steptoe?

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nathantw: The product looks good, but what's with people using wide angle lenses for portraits? It doesn't do the model any justice whatsoever. I can understand if it's an environmental portrait where you need the background, but for a straight up headshot you might as well use a cellphone selfie camera. If you're going to take the time to shoot, do it right and use the right lens for the task.

Oh my Godox, yeah, smartphone selfie trend influence

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Silken: Cool. I wish someone would just make a digital "xpan" already!

It's probably worth a test, although I fear it won't be a noticeably different resulting image than a D850, which has the same horizontal resolution. Or, better yet, an M10r, when it arrives.

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On article Canon EOS R5: The long game ends with a big leap (681 comments in total)
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Silken: Just as the Canon 1Ds line was the only way forward for Nikon shooters doing anything but fast action sports starting in 2003, the Nikon D800 was the next logical step from the 1Ds III/5D II in 2012. And not much is needed beyond that, or the D850, so Canon missed the boat. From the D800, most still photographers will gain little value from anything more powerful than that D800. Until it's time to shoot video, and then the Sony A7R III electronicviewfinderful camera system offered an advantage (namely ibis, evf , and AF for video). Or a Zed if you're a Nickon shooter. If you've already been shooting video for the past several years, the R5 isn't going to entice you to switch yet again. Who on earth can really put 8k video to use? It's a "jump ahead" in a market that's already peaked. Certainly the sales numbers show that they missed their opportunity.

Yeah, my adding a compact form factor, full frame, "mirrorless" system to my kit came more than 10 years ago, in 2009 with the M9. Nobody's made a full frame electronicviewfinderful kit with as good a balance of size, wide aperture, and high quality to entice me yet. Even their own SL system lenses have an insipid size increase for the mere addition of autofocus. I added an A7R III to my kit for a year for a video project, but had no compelling reason to keep it alongside the rangefinder and dslr after the filming ended. Maybe now with the new small/light Tamron 2.8 zooms?

Canon won't be cancelling their slr support within the next 10 years. Whether their bottom line dictates that its in their best interest to kill off the FD mount is anyone's guess. Oh, I mean EOS mount.

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