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Ergo607: I feel a bit uncomfortable having to correct you (yet again:)

the end of the decade is at the end of 2020, not end 2019.

It is very simple: we started counting with year 1, everything before that is regarded to as years before Christ was born (when technically Christ was probably born 3 years after that - but that's another debate.)

End of the first decade was the year ten
The first century halted Dec 31 100
the first Millenium was until 1000

At the same instance: we have another year to go (including maybe some exciting new camera's) before the decade stops...

Shigzeo, imagine you have 10 (the decade) empty glasses in front of you and you start to pour water (time) in them. The first glass is complete only when full, the same way the glass nº 10 is only complete (and hence the decade) when full. Zero is just that, zero. Signifies the moment just before the first drop of water touches the glass, if you want, you can consider the first drop as the first day of that year (glass).

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Camera Conspiracies: The DPAF sucking is the biggest shocker here. Canon's major advantage over other cameras is now jerky and unreliable. How did they let that happen?

I think it's pretty obvious that when Nikon announced their countdown to mirrorless release, Canon rushed to put out their unfinished product instead of completing it and working out the kinks. The pressure of competition got to them.

They got that flippy screen though ;)

"Canon, why did you do it! You loser." :P

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brycesteiner: GET OVER IT!
M43 has more "professional" options than any other format out there now. From low end to high end, large to small. It's available and yet people complain.
I hope you realize these features you have been asking for--and Oly delivering--costs money. Those saying m43 is not a real system/sensor/camera/ whatever do not realize there are many who make money without a problem in the system.
Professional is defined by the person making money and the work they produce, not the tools used to get there.
M43 has matured significantly in the last couple years and have done a great job filling all gaps in the line.

I agree with almost everything you said, but strangely enough, STILL think the camera is overpriced... ;)

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brycesteiner: I always thought the original E-M1 test shots here looked like there was always a slight amount of blur--either motion or out of OOF. Clear back in 2013 it would be that way and so I would compare to the E-M5 even though that wasn't the camera I was looking at.
Compared to the E-M1mk2 it's pretty clear the E-M1 is a little out of focus.
It might explain what might be the problem with people's view on the new camera, thinking it doesn't resolve well at 200

When DPreview tested the original EM1, it still had the shutter shock problem, that's the blur you see. Then, when Olympus rectified the problem with the firmware upgrade, DPreview did not redo the test shots. If you check the info 'i' in each photo, you see that up to iso 400 (1/160) you are still within the shutter speed that causes shutter shock. From Iso 800 (1/320) and on, it disappears. Test it, youcan see that the iso 800 image is much sharper than the iso 400 one.

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CameraLabTester: "disqualified after reaching the penultimate round, due to digital manipulations of some sort being discovered"


Well, they have to really define this "some sort" fellow.

"some sort" is making quite a stir of some sort to this sort of thing.

Hope they all sort it all out, in some sort of way.


"some sort" because they are trying to encapsulate all the manipulations they found. The alternative is to specify each manipulation in probably a tedious list (20% rejects remember?). Eg: 'If you know if you have a criminal record of 'some sort' you can't run for...(whatever)' This is just arguing over semantics.

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Theelderkeynes: This list is a disaster and DP should rerun it. Heaven knows how they came up with this parade, presumably after a very long lunch. Perhaps they can be explicit about how they (a) came up with the list selection and (b) how they missed such stars as the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM "A". I have no axe to grind, I'm a micro 4/3 user. Transparency must be made complete here. A failure to open up the selection criteria to scrutiny leaves DPReview with a lack of credibility.

Quezra, the 40-150 2.8 was announced in Photokina 2014 and available to testers in October (give or take). I don't consider a mockup an announcement, it is at best a step further of a declaration of intentions. No glass on that mockup, just a shell.

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(unknown member): WTF? Where is the Otus 85? I've spend $4300 for an nonexistent lens! :)

Jane79, he sounds very enthusiastic about it! :P

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texinwien: It's been pointed out to DPReview staff on multiple occasions that the E-M1 studio samples with ISO set to less than 800 suffer from clear and undeniable shutter shock.

Perhaps DPreview will revisit those samples and prepare ISO 100 - ISO 400 studio samples that are not marred by shutter shock? Would be great...

It´s better seen in the bill and coins.

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Steve Balcombe: Superb. Maybe just a little long - it's very hard to hold the attention for nearly seven minutes - but I wouldn't want to be the one to decide what to cut out, it's all so good.

Nicolaus, i wouldn't mind watching the 9 minutes version or even more! Is it available anywhere?

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