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    Provided that it can stand the air-conditioning/cold temperature in there, it could permanently stay in the glove box of my car, just in case I forget to bring my E-5 (happens once or twice a ...
  • Rick, what you looked up is the TCON-14 B ; this here is about the older normal TCON-14, with 46mm threads, that came with a step-up ring 43-46mm. The 14B was the 'real thing' in those days, a very ...
  • I don't think this 're-use of older components' is related to the factory move at all, but simply Oly's way of making sure to meet their high demands when it comes to the reliability of this new ...
  • So you didn't read the content, just the headline and then reacted to this headline!? Looks like I was right then; thanks for the confirmation! Liewenberger
  • Great job, Gavin, very beautiful shots!! Liewenberger
  • Replied in Japan (IR)
    Great job, Gavin, very beautiful shots!! Liewenberger
  • Pages 93 and 100 Liewenberger
  • I also bought a used one about two years ago, just checked it, there is no wobble or play at all and no click-sound. No idea how old it is exactly, the SN is 020004081. Liewenberger
  • You are wrong, Tony, it's the other way round! When you 'have to hold the camera at arms length to see the screen clearly', you are not short-sighted but far-sighted, weitsichtig, hyperopic. Rather ...
  • Replied in Oh Siegfried,
    you are so blinded by the ghosts in your head, that you see evil 'Full Frame Advocates' and enemies everywhere, even when there are none at all! Is that your 'positive outlook on life' as an Oly ...
  • Good job and nice documentation! Quite a difference, when comparing the before and after pictures! Liewenberger
  • Yes, looks more like an Oly NZ problem to me than something Oly in general. Oly Germany's spare parts distributor Via Da Vinci shows this battery cover as available. But they don't ship outside ...
  • Replied in Pen f new 680
    Link: https://www.woot.com/category/electronics?ref=w_ft_tn_el_3#ref=www.woot.com/footer/site@3.9-electronics/photo "Today Only - ends in 4hrs or until sold out" One year Olympus warranty.
  • A nice mix of very good shots, Trevor! Everybody knows about the Bücker Jungmann, but I must admit I didn't know about a Bücker 'Bestmann', so I had to look it up, interesting! Btw, it's ...
  • Actually it is not that complicated, Andrew! By using pesticides containing Glyphosate and insecticides containing Neonicotinoids we have killed most of the bees, or about 70% of insects in ...
  • Yes, that makes sense, film was slow, entry level lenses were slow. Reminds me of my very first camera, around the late fifties, a used Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor from the early or mid-fifties. https:// ...
  • What was good for Paris should be good for London, don't you think so!? Or what about this one, seen four weeks ago, my all-time favourite reply to these kind of threads ( https://www.dpreview.com/ ...
  • Replied in Synchrony
    And when these cards are from Synchrony, better run! An interesting read about this 'bank', mainly when scrolling down to the comment section! Just scary! https://upgradedpoints.com/synchrony-bank- ...
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