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  • It does not seem to be aperture dependent. The wall shot is F2
  • Shot of white wall with Helios 44m
  • The same adapter does not cause the green edge with my SD14 or SD15. The green cast  effects about 20% of the image.  I have used Helios 44m-2, Industar 3.5 and Pentax SMC 50mm f 1.8 and the green ...
  • M42 lenses work on my SDQ but there is a green tint on the right edge of the pictures. I can brush it out with Lightrooms  tint adjustment brush. Manual focus is really easy with focus peaking.
  • Take the white balance tool in Lightroom and click on a portrait skin color. Now Light room will give that point equal values of illumination...just like a white point or gray point. But your brain ...
  • Here is a shot from SPP with highlight recovery on. The shutter speed was chosen to push the large peak all the way to the right of the display. The shutter was 1/8 second. Then I pushed the ...
  • My experience with the SDQ indicates that there is about a half of stop of extra headroom when the histogram reaches the right side of the display while shooting. It looks like SPP highlight ...
  • I am not a good judge of modern prime lenses because my only other primes are 40 years old! Having said that I think the lens is amazing for a kit lens. Contrast and color are the first things I ...
  • Here is one from an area where the lights were a bit brighter.
  • That shot was approximately 2 stops under exposed due to the car being white and reflections  from bright lights.  I was not being careful at all about exposure. Here it is without sharpening, ...
  • The international car show in Grand Rapids Michigan. I don't know what engine is in the Jag but it sure is a good looking car. The lighting was a mix of mercury vapor lights and colored spot lights ...
  • Created discussion thread Shiny objects at car show
    Testing the kit lens wide open in dim light at a car show. Shot in low resolution.
  • I downloaded the latest Adobe DNG converter and converted Kalpanika DNG files to new DNG files and they now open in all the programs I use that import DNG files. Raw Therapee opens without crashing ...
  • Created discussion thread Video with 3D effect
    Someone has figured out how to create the 3D effect in video.
  • I bought my SD15 on eBay and it came with the M42 adapter.
  • A high res shot at f8.  I found that the green cast along the edge is easy to brush away with the adjustment brush in LIghtroom  using the tint function. The lens is very sharp in the center, not ...
  • Created discussion thread My SD Q lost weight.
    Industar F3.5 50mm.  Works well but produces a very slight green cast on right side of images. My contribution to nude portraits.  Taken at F4 with Industar lens.
  • Driving to work on foggy morning.  Shot through the windshield. Playing with my new Quattro while driving. :-) It looks like a road to nowhere.
  • I have had SD14 SD15 DP1s DP2s and now have SD Q.  You will not regret getting one.  Get the kit, the lens is worth the price of kit IMHO You have already learned what needs to be done with the SPP ...
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