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graybalanced: As usual many are saying this proves iPhones are "overpriced." That is not proven by the data.

All it proves is that the iPhone is set to a price that the market will bear. That's how markets work. If the iPhone was overpriced, it would not be as profitable or not profitable at all. People have many, many less expensive phone choices. No one forces them to buy an iPhone. That many choose an iPhone means they freely decided the iPhone contains value that justifies the price.

In fact, because of the sheer margin of profit, on a free market basis some could argue that the iPhone might be underpriced.

No, I don't even own an iPhone 7 or 6. My free market choice was to choose a less expensive phone.

My choice was to buy a second-hand 5S. Don't need the expense nor headache of being an "early adopter"!

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deanfuller: NPS: Don't drive there. Don't walk here. Don't even LOOK at that. Just another part of the federal leviathan staffed by functionaries . . . . some with guns . . . .

Almost as dumb as the tourists trying to get a better shot of a grizzly bear in Jasper NP (with their little point n shoot cams and phones) surrounding the bear and cutting off it's escape route.

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On article CES video: the Nikon D5600 (42 comments in total)

A newer, deeper handgrip? Oh my palpating heart! Let me rush right down and trade in my obsolete D5300 that will no longer take adequate photos because it doesn't have a "newer, deeper handgrip". Booooring.

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2stepbay: Beautifully done. I for one love the imagery coming from UAV work. However, I also rue the excessive noise these drones create.

The noise..."Yes, Yes, Yes!"

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On article A closer look at the Nikon Coolpix P900 megazoom (195 comments in total)

What we tend to forget when considering mega-zoom cameras and lenses is the effect that atmospherics can have on the final result. True, the camera will let you get closeups of stuff that's not terribly far off; but when you start shooting on a hot, dusty, smoggy, or humid day, or over a highway or field or rock that's reflecting heat, or over water with humidity rising off it, then shots of anything that's truly at a distance are going to be compromised. (I felt I was pushing the limit with a Panasonic FZ-150 and 1.7X TC in Africa a couple of years ago and that was about 1/2 of the effective range this Nikon has).

Moon or star shots during cold weather and away from pollution should be pretty darn good though. Still, a limited market I'd think.

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claudio pasciuti: I'm a D3200/D5300 user and All I can say is that they're excellent cameras fo the only doubt is:why to chase Canon in this stupid fight to touchscreens war?On the field you can use tilting screen and direct access controls,but the only thing about touchscreen is a lot of dirty fingerprints on the screen.You can use the touchscreen of your Android/IOS device to control some featues and that's all.
Put in depth of focus button and AF micro adjust controls,instead!Who cares about Canon little gimmjicks?

As justmeMN says, if you don't like the touchscreen, then don't use it. But if that is the case, then why bother buying the 5500 when the 5300 offers virtually the same features at a now much lower price point? I have to agree with claudio on this one; don't bother chasing Canon, create your own set of features and benefits and get them to chase you.

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On article National Park Service bans drones in Yosemite (170 comments in total)

Now I want to have government drones banned from the airspace above my property. Excellent move be NPS and I hope it is extended to all National Parks.

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On article Nikon D5300 Review (311 comments in total)

I'm in the process of moving up to DSLR from Bridge and what I don't see is folks commenting on the advantages of the swivel/tilt LCD. The availability of that feature on the D5300 is almost enough to make me consider it in lieu of the D7100. Once you've used that feature you'll never want to go back to a fixed LCD for high/low/around-the-corner shots! Really nice when you've got the camera on a low tripod and don't want to lay down in the dirt to line the shot up too! Sure wish it was on the 7100 and that would be a slam-dunk.

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mpgxsvcd: My telescope is only an 800mm lens! Why in the world would an entry level user ever need a 1200mm equivalent camera? They can't possibly hand hold it at that focal length.

At least Panasonic is pushing the limits of reason in a good way. 20mm @ F2.8 is much better than all of the other super zooms.

I just wish they would make a simple 8 megapixel 20-400mm F2.0-F4.0 small sensor fixed lens camera. Give it the true 1080p @ 60 FPS video from the FZ200 and make sure it has RAW. That is a camera that would take great still images and videos.

You can hand-hold 1200 mm if you are doing burst photos of objects having predictable or no motion.

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Clint009: !!! No mention on lens brand! Leica?

And that's the fear with respect to whatever replaces the FZ200...that the lens quality will be compromised due to the zoom race. And that would force me to stick with my FZ28 and FZ150 (oh woe...almost two years old so obviously obsolete...)

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Shunda77: Because pictures of girls menstruating are just so progressive?

"the future of art is depravity"

The future is bleak.

shunda77, you'd be one of those who knocked the penises off of Michealagelo's statues because they "offended your sense of morals". Fortunately there are those who can appreciate reality as it exists rather than wrapping it in sackcloth.

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On article Automating Photoshop (33 comments in total)

An often-overlooked source for information and tutorials on Photoshop is your local library. Many libraries are now incorporating electronic access, including e-books and licenced databases. It's pretty easy to check them out to see what Photoshop (or other) information is available. For example, ours has the Photoshop CS4 and CS5 Bibles, Photoshop Trickery and FX (for CS4 and CS5), Complete Photoshop for Digital Photographers, Smashing Photoshop, Photoshop Restoration and Retouching for Digital Photographers Only, and several on Photoshop Elements.

You sure can't touch the price for a wealth of information!

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coastcontact: After driving the same old cars for 10 years I rented a near new vehicle for a drive from JFK to Monticello. Although the car was not an outstanding model the difference between that rental and my old cars was stark. Within a year I had bought a new car. The difference between the new car and the following year’s model was so negligible that there really was no justification in buying yet another new car.

Thus Panasonic’s 2011 models vary little from last year’s models. In fact new cameras have not experienced any significant improvements over the past few years. It’s not just Panasonic. Tweaked improvements are mostly cosmetic and do little to improve photo quality. Unless DPR or some other organization can resoundingly say that the FZ150 has made some serious leap, there really is no justification for a new camera.

I have to agree with dfswan: after using the studio comparison tool I was disappointed in the CMOS of the FZ100 vs the CCD in the FZ35 (I have happily owned an FZ28 for several years). Since I'm planning a trip to Africa in a couple of years that requires very light packing but demands convenience and speed (and familiarity with controls) as well as clarity of shots and as much optical zoom as I can find and a good image stabilization (especially at high zooms) I am happy I "discovered" the FZ150 in this website. I think I've just changed my "target purchase".

"Dear Santa......"

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