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David Burghard: I love my Sony DSC-RX10, but it has developed a problem and I was wondering if anybody else is having this issue? The camera is kept in perfect condition, but now the zoom lever sticks while zooming out and when you let go of it, it continues to zoom out unless I tap it a little and it snaps back to center where it should be. The zoom lever is variable speed, meaning that if you move it a little, it zooms slower. If I do it slowly, at some point I can make it stick. I've sent it in for repair TWICE under warranty. The first time it came back worse and the second time it is a little better, but still can stick. I don't know what to do about it and am tired of sending it back to the same shop. Has anybody seen this problem?

My guess is a tiny amount of Tri-Flow will do better than WD40. It's less messy in the beginning and will last longer.

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Tony0211: I'm 74 years old and spent most of my photo days looking through SLRs with viewfinders. I'm looking for a high end compact but only the Panasonic offers a viewfinder although the author is critical of it. What does one do on a bright sunny day at the beach or anywhere too bright to see the image on the screen?


I'm 77 and I find the missing viewfinder a serious weakness in pocket cameras. Almost none have them anymore. I like a shirt pocket camera because I can have with me much of the time. My Powershot 100 is good in all other regards, but much of the time I have to literally point and shoot. That is, I can't see the viewfinder so I guess which way to point the camera. Thus framing is not possible, often the zoom isn't useful and a lot of extra pixels have to be devoted to cropping. If there's lens flare I find that out too late. All in all I'm unhappy about it, but the choice today is a larger camera or guess what you're getting.

In my opinion a Hoodman converts a pocket camera into an unpocket camera that doesn't serve the purpose I'm after. I have larger cameras.

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Small Smile: Is'nt for me: thanks, Mr. Penny!
I will wait patiently for the new version of the lovable FZ50... ;

I agree with you about the FZ50, but I fear you will wait forever for a new version. Sadly, they must not have sold. They are after all, in an odd market location. Most people who are willing to carry a camera that large choose DSLRs, the others want super compact cameras and don't understand the value of lens barrel zoom and focus.

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