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  • I have very well centered 18-55 and 15-45. Ratings about the 18-55 may differ for sure since I also had a bad copy of this lens and returned it. The 15-45 is a superior lens sharpness-wise.
  • Quite the same and pretty fast in my opinion for all stm motors equipped lenses (except 22 which is a tad slower).
  • Always a pleasure to benefit from your photographic skills plus the fact that the place you live in looks like a paradise. Oh, by the way, this lens seems incredibly sharp!
  • I would delete 11-22 from your selection depsite the fact it is excellent and replace with 15-45 that is equally excellent and more general purpose. 15 is quite wide for general use.
  • My impressions based on my optics: The 22 is excellent The11-22 is a hair under The15-45 is in the same league than the 11 - 22. The 18-55 is "only" very good. So the real surprise has been for me ...
  • A better lens is a better lens. My point is to say that latest Canon cheap glass is not behind top notch Canon glass in terms of optical quality. A quick look to Mtf curves and pictures tells the ...
  • Agreed. Then you might have to face the anger of some ACR users or of some L lens users who would not admit they have paid more for less. I have experienced  that on another forum. Bad memories.
  • Hmmmm... UAE... Dull images... A veil... Only for these shots.... Too much dust in the desert? Was it windy? Weather proofed pentax maybe... :-D:-D
  • This is a tripod, IS disabled picture which has no other ambition than showing the quality of the lens. Hope I will succeed inserting a Flickr link:
  • Two issues: (1) It is sharp, (2) It is cheap. These are clear problems for companies and believers in unsharp and expensive stuff.
  • My copy of the 15-45 is actually better than the 18 -55. In all cases the main issue is to obtain a good copy of a lens hence to buy from a reputable seller to be able to return a so so copy.
  • As you said they suggested but have not tested yet the 18 -55. They also said that the centering quality was OK but not perfect. Mine is perfect so mileage varies here. There is no reason I guess ...
  • Impressive! What stacking software are you using and is it easy to handle for a newbie? Does your setup include a rotating mount? More photos please.
  • Pretty sharp indeed. I bought one thanks to the courtesy of Alan Sh who accepted to share some raw files which allowed to assess the good quality of the lens even in the corners. I have seen ...
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    IMG_1239DPP: Paris metro
  • Mtf curves available on  Canon US  site. EF  M 22 mm is left behind. This is getting really interesting.
  • If you were to oppose the 16 35 f4 which has a great reputation you would have to pick up the 11-22 and I am not sure we woud have a clear winner here. At very wide angle the 11 22 is amazing.
  • Replied in M3 in Venice
    Or on second thought we might exchange our M3's.
  • Replied in M3 in Venice
    Wonderful pictures. Lots of talent. I confirm this is not about the M3. I have one and went to Venice short time ago. My pics do not look like these. Keep posting please.
  • Well well. Thank you for being sorry (not really) to cause a probable gap in my wallet for the acquisition of the 15-45. Kindly accept that I feel sorry in return for the amounts invested in your ...
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