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JRFlorendo: This is a SLAM DUNK class action law suit, an engineering flaw by Nikon engineers, can't get any easier than that. Nikon just needs to slow down, it seem like they are coming out with a new FF camera every six months, at that rate, something is bound to get neglected. Sony and Toshiba already providing you with top grade sensors, slooow down and get the engineering and quality control right.

Troll. Please don't feed it.

Link | Posted on Jan 20, 2015 at 19:45 UTC

Keyboard confidence reigns again. The assholes out there can't resist to get their rocks off showing how tough they are by bashing Nikon for actually dealing with a problem and learning from their past mistakes.

Civility has been lost, everything must be a fight, and bashing & trahing has replace decent behavior. Wonderful.

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vwsjr: Surprises me how many people have come to Nikon's defense on this. What they are doing is fine for the most part, but if I bought a D750 and then had to be without it for weeks, or months, while it went back for repairs, I'd be incredibly annoyed. Yes some people have multiple camera bodies, but who wants to buy a new camera only to have to do without it almost immediately due to quality control issues. I'm not an owner so I could care less, but if I was, I'd want a new (fixed) model shipped BEFORE I return the old one, that would truly be caring for the customer versus just saving your own butt...otherwise it's like someone punching you in the mouth and then offering some ice!

Nikon learned form their past mistake and are out in front of this one. Tell us, exactly how would you make sure to have replacement bodies available with the fix in the short time frame that this problem has been out there? How would you identify the issue and the fix, then get that fix into production and produce how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of cameras in just a few days?

We're waiting...

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b craw: I've made a number of pinhole cameras for student use. Those usually use film or (most often) paper negatives. Saying that this camera is a waste of money because you could simply build one is wrong because this uses Instamatic process. I've adapted existing Polaroid cameras to pinholes and it is somewhat more difficult than most imagine, and this offers multiple focal lengths. So, the price here is not outrageous unless one has a lot of experience making pinhole cameras.

b craw, click through the links in the story. When you see the camera your question will be answered.

Link | Posted on Nov 10, 2014 at 04:53 UTC
On article Benchmark Performance: Nikon D810 review (2004 comments in total)
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Artpt: I appreciate how relative and absolute values play a role in product marketing...

"D810 is 25% faster than its forebears"


"5fps maximum shooting in FX mode (compared to 4fps in D800/E)"


Not designed specifically for sports. Is that concept too difficult to comprehend?

Link | Posted on Jun 26, 2014 at 14:11 UTC

Sure, competition has leveled the playing field, that was inevitable. But here's why I'll upgrade.

1. I have iPhone 4, so it's time.
2. I use it for much more than the camera (I'm a professional photographer), the camera is good enough for my purposes
3. All my equipment is Apple, so it works well together. It was a conscious choice to switch to Apple years ago. I got tired of dicking with equipment to make things talk to each other, sync properly, dealing with anti-virus software, and all the other downsides of windows. It was cutting into my productivity.
4. These are tools not religion or my ego. Right now, the Apple environment works best for me. If something better comes along for the complete package, I'll switch.

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On article Bad Weather = Good Photography (77 comments in total)
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Mr Fartleberry: I learned a long time ago not to waste my time and film on these sort of shots. Even today very few RAWs from trips get processed afterwards shooting in cloudy/rain conditions. I use my time better running into town and getting a real meal.

Then again maybe you can buy those zillion bags and rain covers thru Amazon if you think someone wants to buy your pictures of occluded misery.

Hmm. Living in a place that has plenty of overcast and rainy days I have learned that there is plenty to shoot and you can get wonderful results. The ovecast can yield very saturated colors and give a very different look to your images. Too bad you've closed your mind to learning and insist on what you consider perfect conditions to shoot. You have no idea what you are missing.

For me photography is about learning, flexibility and compromise. Working with those and using them to your advantage is what makes an exceptional photographer.

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If they have a real product in 2014 they should offer a generous upgrade path for those who purchased the original. It is a novelty and targeted for early adoptors (like me) to play with. But yes, in the end it wasn't very useful and it has been a pretty blue paper weight for quite a while.

Of course, my first if is a big if. We'll see.

Link | Posted on Aug 13, 2013 at 01:50 UTC as 33rd comment
On article 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months (593 comments in total)

Great article. Mr. Britton has summed up very well thoughts I've had regarding my DSLR. While I do still need it for work (for now), I haven't upgraded it as quickly as I used too. The quality from my D300 is still there for my professional needs.

For fun, I am shooting a lot of pinhole, and have taken my Hasselblad 501CM out of it's case along with my Roliflex. Shooting film again has been terrific because the process is different (slower) and I love the results. Plus, it doesn't weigh as much as the DSLR.

Am seriously considering mirrorless rather than another DSLR. Just need to play with closeup to see the results. My shoulder would appreciate the change, but my acupuncurist may miss me.

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D1N0: When they keep pro at $25.- they won't sell many ad free and doubler accounts. Does paying for no ads also mean that other people won't see them on your account pages? I guess that would be useful for some users. Others can simply use an ad blocker. And who needs more than a TB anyway. Just make different accounts when you are a compulsive uploader of images nobody really wants to see.

By the way. Flickr is not an exclusive mobile service, so when you mark it connect a lot of people won't see the article, because they opt out of connect. Should be under "other news"

D1N0, the $25 Pro account is availble only to those who already have it. They stopped selling them. The conssion was made when people complained, so they are letting those with the Pro account keep them at the same rate. So the Pro account won't affect sales of other acocunts.

Link | Posted on May 23, 2013 at 00:28 UTC
On article Service lets you order prints of any Facebook photo (114 comments in total)
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Eleson: Weird discussion.
Who are you all accusing of breaking copyrights?
- The person on fb that orders a print of a picture that you have agreed to share to them?
- Or the print service company that offers the service to print a provided picture on an item?

Think before you share. Or just be happy that someone liked a picture you took anough to spend some cash on printing it.

I don't understand why you think this is weird. It's the law, and both the person ordering the print and the comapnay taking it illegally and printing it are breaking it.

Link | Posted on Apr 1, 2013 at 22:41 UTC
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martindesu: I can't be alone in thinking that your iPhone screen there looks akin to that presentation speaker, who connects his laptop to the projector and then the audience is at mercy to his terrible and cluttered desktop. iOS is stale.

Apple don't want to give control to the end-user. That's why there is no such thing as a simple file management system on iOS. iOS needs addressing, before it could ever become viable for photo shoots. Apple don't like SD cards either, so there's another "no". RAW files in the cloud?

I cannot even begin to estimate the cost of any Apple-made camera or attachment, as they overcharge on everything. They are where they are today, due to enormous profit margins. I see people complaining about the price of a regular mirrorless camera lenses... an iLens would be crazy.

Android's open nature makes it ideal for companies and consumers alike. Apple's walled garden is all good and fun, but I suggest having a proper peak over that wall. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Too bad the Apple vs Whomever war still rages on. Get over it. These are all tools and you choose the tool that works best for you. It's not religion. And it seems that all the Android evangelists ever point to is the "lack of accessible file system". So what! I can't say I've ever felt that I was deprived on my iPhone because it doesn't have one. I can find everything and have never lost anything on my iPhone.

Regarding the "this post is silly" opinions, pundits are supposed to get silly from time to time, it's in their job description. If you don't have people musing about what could be then we would never have the pace of change we have. It's about ideas people! And you don't get good ideas if you don't put a bunch out there to see what other think.

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On article Exhibition Review: 8x10 By Impossible (85 comments in total)
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magneto shot: let it go guys.... embrace the new dawn. typewriters are long gone....

Tell that to all those behind the resurgence of vinyl records.

Link | Posted on Sep 2, 2012 at 22:26 UTC
On article Exhibition Review: 8x10 By Impossible (85 comments in total)
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nawknai: Finally, hipsters have a new type of film that they each discovered before his/her friends ever heard about it.

This is no more genuine than Instagram, so I don't see the point. Just use Instagram. This is just another example of the "bad is good" counter-culture hipsters trying to replicate a look and feel that existed in the past because of limited and imperfect processes and technology. Anything like this is going to be inauthentic anyway, as you're only getting these results by intentionally creating "bad technology". This is not a question of digital vs. film. This is more about film vs other film. In fact, compared to real Polaroid film, this is awful. It's like beta release of Polaroid film, before they perfected the recipe.

I'm a 52 year old professional photographer who doesn't wear skinny jeans but does use instagram a lot. By your definition I'm a hipster. I think you need to work on that definition.

Link | Posted on Sep 2, 2012 at 22:15 UTC
On article Instagram 3.0 update adds mapping feature (31 comments in total)
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kodachromeguy: I guess I do not get it. What do people do with all these photographs? Do recipients really want to receive oddly-filtered and modified pictures of their friends all day long? Do they really want to see how JoeJoe ate a taco or Buffy bought a new thong? Do you have time or interest to go through someone's album?

Do you get any social media?if you do you should understand instagram. If you don't, well, that would explain it.

Link | Posted on Aug 18, 2012 at 15:04 UTC
On article Instagram 3.0 update adds mapping feature (31 comments in total)
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facedodge: Here's the deal... Instagram encourages and elevates lazy photography. It saturates the internet with mediocure shots of food with antique filters and poorly done gaussian blurs.

Photographers view Instagram the way musicians view Justin Beiber, the way TV stars view Kim Kardashian, the way doctors view chiropractors, the way classical artists view modern art. That is to say we respectfully commend their success, but also disapprove of the implied association. We take offense when a friend or loved one says, "you're a photographer, you gotta check out this person's facebook page. They are really good" - Only to see shots of fruit and chain link fences with high contrast and sepia monotones.

In my opinion, Instagram is a fad that will leave an everlasting residue in the market place. Sadly, one click instant over-processing is here to stay. Canon, Nikon, Sony et al will likely incorporate Instagram like features into their point and shoots and entry level dslrs.

Have you scene that Nat Geo, in their iPad version of the magazine, has a section of Nat Geo on Instagram? Photographers share photos while on assignment. They don't seem like the type who have no self respect and are looking for affirmation. No, the problem with you and instagram is you. Stop fearing it, it won't bite.

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