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The writing is on the wall: it's full-frame or bust. Smartphones will eat everything else for breakfast.

Panny and Fuji are next. Nikon soon after. Mark my words!

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Bittersweet news...that makes me fondly reminisce about the so very many memorable Nikon releases that have graced us -- from the left-AF D800, the oil-slick D600, the buffer-crippled D7100, and much, much more.

Surely this isn't the end?

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Why does this piece of plastic cost as much as an entry-level iPad? You can get some 50" 4K TVs for close to this price as well. Any reps from Nisi care to answer?

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A shrewd move by B&H, for where would they be without the tax-dodgers and penny-pinchers who call it home?

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We can't fault customers for choosing the mirrorless FF camera with the best AF, the best sensor, the best battery life, the best video video and the best lenses.

Gotta love how that POS RP tanked, though! Guess consumers are not as stupid as Canon thought they were, LOL.

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