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On article Opinion: Bring on the 70-200mm equivalents (347 comments in total)

Excellent article. I have only one reservation: in the FF 70 - 200mm 2.8 world there are not only Canon and Nikon. I am extremely happy with the stabilized Tamron version for Nikon. The price point is excellent.
I am saying this as someone who shoots 90 percent using m43 and prime lenses. Compromised zooms make no sense at all. If stabilized they can be ok for videos but similar things can be said of decent compact cams. Using a F4.0 - 5.6 on m43 means insufficent light in almost all indoors situations.

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AbrasiveReducer: An irony that you pay every month for a subscription that let's you download older software.

Nonetheless, a small victory since older versions of software are likely to be less trouble-prone than the most recent. Now, if I could just subscribe to Windows XP and Mac Leopard.

Gimme a break. I do not think a vendor is particularly excited about maintaing old stuff. What we have here is an ISV which has actually listened to customers. Nothing wrong with that.

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stern: The rip-offs at Adobe made me move to DXO last year. Was looking for decent and professional software for my RAW workflow (Apple is currently doing nothing ...), and Adobe's products were No. 1 on my list... but then - I was just about to make the move to their Creative Suite - came along this highway-robbery-like scheme and after some extra evaluation made me move to DXO. I am probably not the only one who said farewell to Adobe.

I liked the very cheap Lightroom / Photoshop CC subscription deal that Adobe offered end of 2013.
I am perfectly aware of the fact that I may have to pay much more in the future. However, nobody forces me to use a particular software (not even Adobe) and it really is up to me to choose the product I like best.
Given the variety of high quality post processing tools I do not understand the complaining in this domain (general image editing is a different story, of course).

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Review (611 comments in total)

Having used this great camera for more than four months on an almost daily basis I am still impressed with the many quality features it offers (excellent sensor, a convincing UI using buttons and touch screen, super fast X Sync @ 1 / 320s helps me shooting indoors portraits, tiltable flash, great EVF, in-body stabilization). The last camera which I found equally impressive was the E-510 (in 2005?). It's good to see how Panasonic has progressed its G series in the past few years (I know this is a GX but it reminds me much more of the G6 than of the unimpressive GX1). Combine this beauty with a Pany 20mm and an Oly 45mm and you have one powerful package.

Using prime lenses I almost get too much light under some daylight conditions. For some reason the ISO range only starts at ISO 200 which may mean one has to
a) stop down a bit (e.g. F1.8 -> F2.5) or
b) use the extended ISO range (going down to ISO 125)

All in all this is one neat product.

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On article Sony Alpha 7 Review (1597 comments in total)

I have read a lot of good things about this camera and applaud Sony's ability to innovate in the fairly boring FF sector.
What does not convince me at all is the camera + lens ecosystem. While the camera body has an excellent form factor the lenses necessarily render the whole package very large. Both MFT and Sony NEX have shown that excellent picture quality can be achieved with the combination of a modern sensor and top notch lenses. If the lenses are reasonably compact (like the prime lenses in the MFT universe) then it becomes perfectly possible to achieve a picture quality that hardly requires post processing while one can comfortably drag two or three lenses along at all times.

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I could tell you that I am particularly happy with the GX7 (superb new image sensor, splendid X sync, amazing form factor and Pany / Oly's great lens eco system). However, the bottom line is a different one: mirrorless ILCs have matured massively and virtually every camera listed above is a very good buy. As someone who follows the development almost every day I am excited that the teething troubles are a thing of the past and I have reasons to wonder what I shall do with my expensive full frame gear. Selling it off is a no go but I do find myself shooting mirrorless 98% of the time.

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