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On article Nikon announces $730 660GB CFexpress Type B memory card (150 comments in total)
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Tomio: Dpreview should contact Nikon to know the minimum sustained writing speed, because thats what determine the prize on this kind of card. The post is comparing the 1Tb Delkin card, when that card is not designed for speed as a card to be paired with a Z9 should.

Delkin black 512GB is 1400 MB/s sustained writing and cost $699

Wise Advanced is 640GB, also 1400 MB/s sustained writing and cost $780

Prograde Cobalt is 650Gb, also 1400 MB/s sustained writing speed and cost $730, the same price than the Nikon, so is probably the reason everyone is asuming is the same card but rebranded.

The only one with the same size of 660GB is the Angelbird that has a bit higher sustained writing speed of 1480, but cost 959.

If the Nikon card also has that 1400 Mb/s sustained writing speed I would dare to say is the best option, because you get 148Gb more than the Delkin for just $30 more, 20Gb more than Wise for $50 less, 10Gb more than Prograde for same prize and the same as Angelbird for $230 less.

Instead of contacting Nikon, I suggest testing the beast independently. It is very important to conduct such tests before engaging in real video recordings. I remember running into a nasty problem with a 16GB Sandisk when the 32GB version wasn't a problem.

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On article Nikon announces $730 660GB CFexpress Type B memory card (150 comments in total)
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JRSS: Delkin Devices 2TB Power CFexpress Type B Memory Card (DCFX1-2TB) with 1730Mb/s read and 1540MB/s write is selling on Amazon for $776.94. That means Nikon will be selling their slower card for almost 3x the price per TB. What are they smoking in Minato?

Are you sure the Delkin can sustain the write rate for an extended period of time? If you splash out the amount indicated then you ought to be sure you get what you pay for.

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Rvergon: I don't get why some people feel the need to argue about Olympus and Panasonic. I now own a G9 but in all honesty, I want both a GH6 and an OM1. Te only problem is my wife won't let me.... As you can guess, I can argue all day ;)

We seem to be in an identical situation. Even the wives seem to think similarly 😊

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User9180204109: Chris, like many others I express my thanks to you for your interesting, informative and enjoyable article. Well done! May we see more of this type on DPReview.

I admit to a bias, as a long time MFT user.

However, as I try to get involved with video again, having been mainly stills photography focussed in recent years, I am uncertain whether to pick the OM1, or wait for reviews of the forthcoming GH6. The appeal of the latter is the ability, I think (to be confirmed or refuted by reviewers, once released) to better adapt to use of anamorphic lenses (I have the Sirui series, but pandemic restrictions have prevented me from properly using them) and other video-centric features.

I am hoping both the OM1 and GH6 will facilitate recording to an external USB-C SSD such as a T5, as I can do with the BMPCC4K, and it would also be great if they could record to BMRaw for editing in DaVinci. Hopefully when you complete a full review of the OM1 you can address such questions.

Julian White

That's an interesting point Julian - I do get tired of using tiny memory cards. Support for an external SSD would be a game changer.

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vFunct: Hope it has internal ProRes Raw recording, as well as on-chip phase-detect AF. Could also use high-frame rates, like 240fps 4k.

We need more small sensor cameras for video. Full-frame sensors are absolutely horrible for video because of the shallow depth-of-field in full frame. Try editing a video from a full-frame sensor - everything is always out of focus! And that's a horrible look in general, unless you're going for that silly artsy look which might be useful for only a few situations.

But in general, you want more depth-of-field, not less.

(Nikon needs to reintroduce the One sensor, in a Z9 body...)

There are indeed too many movies with exaggerated fiddling around with DoF. If the majority of the displayed scene is out-of-focus there is little benefit for the viewer.

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alexmulo: Potential comments after release:

"Sorry but I am quite disappointed, no 8K 120fp 16bit, no ProRes Raw 10K 10 bit and moreover it is not for free. I'll switch to sony A1"

If it can read pizza recipes aloud, I'll get one...
Had to return my A1 as this feature was not included. Very disappointed.

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Roger C: Very fascinating! I never realized how many calculations went into photographing these pieces of art work. It would take me the rest of my life shooting on my Fujifilm X-T3 and editing on my Surface Book 2. Clearly, this type of work is best left for the pros LoL!

Nice way of thinking about it - could not agree more.

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On article DPReview TV: OM System 20mm F1.4 Pro review (388 comments in total)

Thrilled to see that people engage in a discussion on glass rather than the 111th 'device must have a new sensor and at least 444 sillypixels' rambling. Great and reasonably sized gear was the major reason why I complemented my Nikon FX kit with m43 in the first place and never looked back.
The Panny 20mm 1.7 that is mentioned by some is a terrific lens - looking at the DPR sample pictures it seems that OM has managed to create a product offering even higher quality.
One distinction I found between very good and fabulous (comparing Olympus portrait lenses) is the fact that the PRO line is able to a) remain tack sharp and b) literally without vignetting when shooting fully open. Looking at the sample photos I must say that OM did it again (assuming that they were not corrected).

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Fotoni: There is currently aggressive cashback pricing between Panasonic S5 and Sigma fp at least in Finland. Both bodies are around total 1300€ tax included ($1220 no tax).

Sigma fp is almost a perfect budget friendly video camera, but raw video is pixel-binned which lowers video quality because of additional aliasing, IBIS can actually be bad in video, if you seek ultimate smoothness because the sensor is never fixed in place with same stability as without IBIS.

Panasonic S5 is mostly better with stills, but raw video is not 100% lossless because of Prores RAW and it requires external recorder to do that. Sigma fp can record lossless CinemaDNG to a USB-C SSD which is a lot cheaper option. S5 also has IBIS which helps with stills, but sometimes can be bad when doing video. S5 also does proper almost full width readout from the sensor instead pixel-binning, but Prores RAW ruins it a bit.

S5 is mainly better as hybrid camere, but fp is more budget friendly for video.

Why not choose BRAW instead of ProRes? Firmware v 2.3 supports it. And you will have to get the Atomos Ninja V (that is a small price to pay if you expect top notch video quality).
Obviously, the whole kit will grow in size. But that is true, too, for Sigma (I doubt one would simply attach the SSD to the camera body.

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arpodthegreat: If "perfect travel camera" means portable camera you always want to have with you then I would not consider anything FF unless number one priority is image quality. The lenses are just too big. A m43 system whether it's a couple of compact primes or a couple zooms will be so much lighter and easier to manage on a trip. I've traveled with a lot of different systems and nothing has struck the right balance as well as a Panasonic gx85. Oh yeah and they cost 500 not 2000.

I'd second that with the adjustment that I don't care too much for the body size (the G9 is fine for me at all times). What is great about m43 are the size and quality of some primes.

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On article What you need to know about the new Nikon Z9 (529 comments in total)
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onemoreguy: "all-new Nikon-developed chip"
Made by Tower Semiconductor?

@ DualSystemGuy: Full frame stacked silicon is also made by Canon but I don't know if they sell their sensors to other camera manufacturers.

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On article What you need to know about the new Nikon Z9 (529 comments in total)
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KodaChrome25: Great initial look. The Z9 looks impressive.

I second that. Using the excellent FX lenses I have bought through the years would be fun. Nikon shows more steam than I would have expected - cool.

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lightnchade: Just what µ43 needs, yet another big expensive high-end camera, lol.

@ lightnchade: point taken as far as the body is concerned. Nevertheless, in a market that is clearly steering in the high-end direction I do not hold my breath.
On a side note: the Canon Powershot G5 X Mark II sports a stacked sensor. It's not particularly expensive.

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Aberaeron: I've got 16MP M4/3 and 20MP. Also 24 and 47MP full frame cameras. I find nothing wrong with the resolution of the 20MP four-third sensor in my E-M1 camera.
The sweet spot is the 24MP sensor in the Sony A7.3 for low light high ISO performance but Sony colour science is definitely not up to Olympus' standard.

@ Magnar W: agreed, but I'd have to have a problem with 43 first to go 'larger'. Compared to analog times we are in heaven. If pixel size were the only criteria everybody would be using a medium format cam.
I keep seeing these strange dudes who seem to have unearthed a photo mode when using their mobile phone. Not sure what I shall think -:)

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lightnchade: Just what µ43 needs, yet another big expensive high-end camera, lol.

@ lightnchade: what makes you think that the camera will be expensive? Fast read-out speed and low rolling shutter have always privileged smaller sensors. Offering a stacked 43 sensor seems extremely promising.
Pricing: I typically need an entire kit, which consists of the body and a few lenses. m43 shines in this domain while some competitors are getting crazy regarding lenses. I'd rather take pictures than rob a bank.

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Pseu_Pseu_Pseudonym: 8K isn't a big deal, it's been almost 10 years since the first 8K capable camera, it's absolutely expected for a flagship Nikon and especially since Nikon was the first company to start the hybrid stills/video trend with the D90.

Not sure about that. I am not invested in Canon gear but I do appreciate the fact that they have massively polished 4k (including 4k DCI), stacked sensor, eye focus in the best sense of the word, 30 fps burst mode (some people use a photo camera to shoot pictures), no recording limit, apparently not overheating issue.
Sounds like a professional tool to me.
Nikon can record up to 1h? Not really professional. I have the D610 and quite some nice lenses (the Nikkor tele lenses are reason enough to opt for the system) but think that the company has some fine tuning to do before it is really appealing in the higher end market.

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On article iPhone 13 Pro sample gallery (DPReview TV) (60 comments in total)

SOSAD (same old song and dance). This stuff is fine for non-tele use under fairly bright conditions without motion in the picture.
Usability? Ouch!

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 II review (488 comments in total)
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silentstorm: How does this GH5.2 compared to a more video centric camera like the Sony FX3, for example?

Price aside (FX3 is more expensive), just comparing video features and video quality. Does it make sense to go for the FX3 instead?

Panasonic kits are dramatically cheaper.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 II review (488 comments in total)
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RedFox88: Who is buy these tiny sensor expensive digicams these days? 🤔

It's a huge sensor. 99% of all people shoot using tiny sensors (built into their mobile phone). Yes, there are bigger sensors. I have fiddled with them but rarely use them. Nose hair photography, you know.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 II review (488 comments in total)
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eivissa1: Why is the quality of the GH5II the same as the 5 year old G85 produces?
Oh wait, the video made by the G85 is even sharper.
I expected more of this renewed GH5.

Does the G85 really offer C4K p60 10-bit using high quality downscaling based on the entire sensor-width?
Seriously, the GH5m2 is one of the most capable video cameras out there - the price point is fine, too.

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