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I understand all the arguments, especially with the additional electrical demands of sensor stabilization, but one of the best things about Fuji to me, was the battery continuity across bodies. I would have rather just had the battery grip option available to those that need extra juice. Epic trip to Alaska in 2016, had me carrying 3 different battery types for 4 bodies... Never again.

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De Fotoman: This is a clear cut pro argument for buying from a real store..

Were I live they get paid per successful delivery. Have had several packages simply being left in my front yard...

I do wonder what whould happen if these people would get paid double...

Argument for buying at a "real" store??? I live in 26th largest city in the US, and without counting someone like Best Buy, there is unfortunately no longer a camera store in my town!! I can't stand FedEx, and went years without using them, but my favorite retailer, B&H shifted their free expedited shipping from UPS to them. Sad but trying to deal.

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Interesting if not highly specialized product, but it’s NOT the same as bullet time effect. Even if you are using super high frame rate video, it’s still video. Maybe if it could something like a Panasonic GX-85 or another small camera that can shoot in 4K photo mode, but then spinning would create too big of gaps between photos. Still interesting, just not the same as bullet time.

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Shooting Nikon since the early 80s, didn't choose models very well IMO. The EM was junk. I'd go FA or FM2 over the FE2 any-day, preferring the latter. The obvious missing camera on a useful Nikon for use today would be the F3. I still use my F3P for Astro photography & with it's off the film metering can ACCURATELY do 45-50min Aperture priority exposures with fresh batteries. It can also we used as a hammer, if you had some nails that needed attention. The only downside is slower flash sync speed & a flash adapter for hot-shoe flashes.

Another film camera to consider is the Rollei 35. It's a pocket-able, tank of a camera with a really sharp 40mm collapsible lens.

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Paul Pasco: I have been using Nikon 3T and 4T close up lenses for years, very good quality. Canon has there similar 250D and 500D I believe. I won't comment on the Elpro price.

I dropped & cracked my 4T a couple of months ago. I’ve been using it for about 15 years with great success. Nikon doesn’t make it any more & the go for $200-275 when you can find one. Is the new one worth it? probably not, but there aren’t too many options (never used the Canon’s) so...

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DigitalMission: Am I the only one who thinks it ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that some of these cameras have 4K and 5-Axis stabilization, among other astounding capabilities..... and NO JACKS for headphones?? At least some have mic jacks, but the GX9 doesn't even have that?? This just seems ludicrous, outrageous... SHAME ON THEM. It's like buying a car without adjustable seats or a radio in the dash. I can't think it's anything much to do with cost, it's just the upgrade game I guess; stupid.

I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about headphone jacks. It is incredibly easy to sync sound in post with an external recorder, and even superlight, cheap ones like the Zoom H1 has a better preamps & sound than the best mirrorless or DSLR cameras.

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h2422240: Just wondering here, I have a GH3 for a long time now, and was wondering if this was about to consider changing? I don't use much of the video recording feature, but I do lack a camera body that fits well in my hands, I need grip for portraits, and I have lots of lens micro 4/3 so clearly. I want to remain on hybrids.
What I do like here, is the presence of stabilizer within the body... is it game changer ? or shall I wait for a panasonic GH5 instead ?

thanks !

Me too, I love my GH3. However, I took a trip to Alaska back in July & wanted 4K & stablization with my Olympus 9-18 (& all my Nikon lenses) . I rented the GX85, and loved the image quality & REALLY loved the sensor stabilization. A after a couple of days of testing, I decided to leave the GH3 at home. Don't regret the decision, the only down sides were lack of weather sealing & the small rangefinder like form factor in my big hands, which had me turning it off instead of changing modes a lot. The G85 should solve those minor issues. I just hope the G85 becomes really popular, so someone will make a dedicated arcs-swiss L-bracket that I enjoy on my GH3.

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