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Mfritter: This is a very aggressive price for a MF lens.

@ Great Bustard
99% of digital MF cameras have a crop sensor. As far as I know right now only the Phase One XF 100 back has a full size medium format sensor (53.7 x 40.4mm) and it costs 33.000 USD only for the digital back. So totally different league. Also not sure Fuji GFX lens can cover a sensor that big. Depends on Fuji's plans, maybe they want to stick to the "crop" MF so they designed the lenses only to cover that range.

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On article Looking back: Canon's eye-controlled focus (225 comments in total)

Would probably be even better with today's technology. Face detection is useless when you have more faces in the frame so having the camera track your eye to see what subject to use the face/eye detection on would be the best solution. They I would never need to change the focus points manually again...

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barrym1966: so they copied the idea from Godox and charge extra for it :)

Broncolor actually uses Godox trigger for their new HSS flash. And they still don't support TTL. So it's Profoto and Godox, bot Profoto and Broncolor. Broncolor still needs to catch up :)

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GChris: Looking for people in a similar boat. I don't have a GoPro or a drone. I can either get the Karma with a detachable gimbal and camera, or get the better drone with the Mavic.

For me the detachable gimbal makes half of the value of the drone already so I will go for the Karma. I tried the DJI Osmo and loved it but the camera is worse than the Go Pro. Also the camera on the Mavic looks like it's smaller than the Hero so probably smaller sensor also. Nice drone, nice features but I think Karma is great value when bought with the Hero 5. Also you can do so much more with the Hero than just use it on the drone or gimbal. I can mount it on a tripod to do making off's, soak it in water, etc.

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User9734137893: Why are people on here so negative?
Just imagine the footage a wild life film maker could from this device, great whites, crocks, hippo's to get up close without the danger.

Why don't we just let the hippo's alone. Just imagine you are having sex with your hippo wife and this swims in your face. C'mon. Where's the privacy anymore? Also you cannot chew on the m***F***r who controls it. Sad day to be a hippo.

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RichRMA: Ruggedized if it falls on its edge. One good hit directly on the screen and it's bye-bye.

To be fair my S5 has fallen from the couch and cracked the screen in half, so...

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On article Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era? (84 comments in total)

Yes it's a new era. But all the cost cutting from the newspapers will bite them in the ass. Of course a Tweet can beat even online news in our days. But journalism is about well documented facts. Most of what you read in the first hours on the internet is not news. It's only roumors. So yes people would pay to read the real facts, well documented, also visually documented. Cutting down the costs, loosing the visual impact and maybe soon the writting quality makes the payed newspapers ( printed or online) irrelvand in front of any other free blog that post an instagram image. Who will pay when they can get the same thing for free ?!

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xarcex: Bold move! Good on you Sun-Times, good on you.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, a photo is just a photo and, of course, a bad workman blames his tools, so if you're a good photographer you can even use a disposable camera and you'll get good results. People should stop caring so much about insignificant labels, such as "mobile photography" and should start focusing on actual results. DSLRs will never beat neither versatility nor practicality of smartphones.

Times are changing. I'm just saying...

I would like to see xarcex report from a war zone with his Iphone :))

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DSiegfried: It does NOT support all the features of the 40mm STM lens. Specifically, it doesn't support continuous autofocus in video mode. If Canon knew they had this lens in the pipeline, WHY did they not include the Hybrid AF in the 5D3?? What is the point of a full-frame lens with continuous autofocus in video if NO FULL-FRAME BODY SUPPORTS THE FEATURE??

Because no serious videographer will use autofocus. The 5d mark III is aimed at profesionals. Both photographers and movie makers. So a feature like autofocus during movies is normal on entry level bodies, but not on this. Autofocus in movie mode uses Contrast detection and it is not possible to have a smooth focus that will even get close to professional expectations. You can use a USB follow focus to focus easily, it let's you do focus switches with the exact speed you want and much more...

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