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Groundbreaking technology in a Phone, thanks Damian for bringing this to the masses! I only like dragging around my Canon 5D mk ii when I'm doing a paid shoot, but my 808 Pureview is always in my pocket for an amazing shot!!

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If you were a Professional Photographer you would appreciate what a wonderful piece of tech this Nokia 808 is. Instead of wasting your time here bad mouthing it. Obviously you are not.

That it is comparable to the latest $3500 Canon 5d mk 3 is a tribute to what a breakthrough it is. Mind you the Canon does not have digital stereo mic recording in HD video up to 140db.

The proof:

As its says above in the review you are commenting under

"one of the most important innovations - arguable the most important - in mobile photography since the smartphone era dawned five or so years ago."

You can keep the useless apps, ill keep my Pureview camera. Amazon USA has 25 reviews on the Nokia 808 right now, real buyers that's the only reason they can review it. Have a read before buying, they are very insightful.

FYI 20 reviews are 5 STAR, 4 are 4 star, 1 is 1 star.

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On article Review: Nokia 808 PureView (347 comments in total)

As a Professional Photographer for the last 8 years I can admit that I've had my Nokia 808 Pureview a month now (also an Apple user for almost 10 years) that the 808 Pureview is the best piece of tech not only of 2012 but for the last 5 years. I shoot professionally with a Canon 5D mk 2, and that the images from my phone in my pocket can match (or even better) the $3500+ camera & L series lens i use in some situations is truly mind blowing. Add to that the Free Maps & Class leading Offline Navigation, plus digital stereo sound recording at up to 140db and you have a handheld device that no phone can match in imaging or sound quality, and no camera can match in ease of use, features, phone & internet capabilities. What other Camera can you send emails on or Navigate you at no charge to over 70+ countries around the globe without a sim card even inserted.

It's a shame that Apple's Marketing has most people brainwashed into needing worthless App's.

Best Purchase i've made in years!!

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