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Wade Davis investigated the 'Voudo' of Haiti many years ago, this is hardly a new frontier for Mr. Karen to break into. The KKK, while noteworthy, is in reality quite boring and extremely fringe segment of society. Westboro Baptist Church, well they get enough press already - no need to give them more.

I fail to see the deep end of this investigative journalism.

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Sam Carriere: Still can't figure out for the life of me why someone who wants to shoot video doesn't get a video camera.

Actually, a number of video cameras *can* capture stills, at high resolution.. the Sony VG-20 comes to mind with its APS-C 16mp sensor... The difference is that the VG-20 is designed for video with the ability to capture (high quality) stills, where my 5D2 is designed for stills with the ability to capture (high quality) video. Both do both jobs, quite adequately, but are oriented at different markets and users.

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