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I’m sure the quality is excellent but the problem is there are already 3 great X mount zooms (16-55, 18-55 and 18-135) and if you already own any of these this is a somewhat marginal upgrade. Even just compared to the 18-55 kit lens this costs about twice as much and loses a full stop at the wide end. And it always feels bad to pay twice as much and lose a stop even if it’s better in pretty much all the other areas...

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Basically the best IQ there is. At low ISO 100mp sensor easily out resolves FF flagships. At high ISO although the noise per pixel is higher due to the higher pixel density on Gfx100, the massive resolution allows for downsampling (aka the comp mode) and gfx100 is easily more than a full stop ahead once downsampled to FF resolution (GFX100 at ISO 12800 produces cleaner image than any of the FF camera at ISO6400 at the same output resolution).

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I don’t get what’s the point of making a 48mp sensor with tiny pixels then merge four pixels for an effective 12mp resolution than just making a 12mp sensor with larger pixels in the first place...

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I love my fuji however i do think its worth mentioning in the review that there’s no way to store groups of settings and quickly switch between them like a memory recall function in other systems. If you visited the Fujifilm X forum you will see lots of threads about this missing feature and as someone who likes birding and wildlife a lot of times i would miss the shots simply because there’s no time to switch each setting individually.

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Wish you had asked them (or other manufacturers) whats their stance on computational photography like pixel 3 and if there’s any plan to implement it on their cameras.

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Are there more interviews like this with other manufacturers coming up?

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Jhaakas: Amazing!
Pixel is giving you all that was thought only possible via dslr.
There is bokeh as well. The multi image processing is something that larger cameras should have had long time back.
makes me wonder do I need to even think about any dslr!

Now if some smart camera company gets all of this tech in a mft, will be great!

“would that really ship more units? How many more?”
I’d say quite a lot more if a MFT can achieve better high ISO and DR performance than a FF via software...especially if you are the only company doing it. I personally would be very interested in buying such a product.

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it’d be nice if the same technology can be implemented on large sensor cameras but the amount of extra processing power required is probably why it hasn’t been done yet.

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