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keepreal: So many comments to "Reading some of the comments here" - replies there are hidden.

I prefer CDs to digital but only to avoid bad clicks and pops which are very distracting. If high end audio surpasses digital and the reason is audio engineers buggering up the signals, then we cannot stop them doing it - just like we cannot stop the overlays in digital cameras which you cannot always turn off.

The problem with digital is that it is so easy that quite unnecessary info is forced upon us. The media is overwhelmed with crap, so it is a chore determining correct factual information. The President violently complains about it but is quite happy to invent facts to his agenda...

I used to work in MISinformation Technology. Hated it. Many of those who prefer EVFs over OVFs were born into the electronic age, so ignorant of the real world deferring to an artificial interpretation of it. They do not have a clue so lose nothing by not seeing it through the EVF eyepiece. Not all of them though.

"I prefer CDs to digital" -

Sorry to be sounding like a smart*** but CDs are digital - they store info in digital format, that is. I guess you prefer CDs to audio files, or streaming because CDs are more mature and reliable. I think it is the same with OVF vs EVF - give it a few more years to become mature.

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On article JPEG Committee contemplates adding DRM to image format (184 comments in total)

Why does the JPEG Committee want to commit suicide? Start introducing DRM and people will start using a different format/codec. JPEG will become yet another historical note to the evolution of the Internet in 20 years. Imagine what will happen if MP3 adopts DRM.

There is a fundamental belief in many of us that the Internet should remain free - not just "free of charge", but also free of regulations and management.

So please keep JPEG alone.

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Love the colors!

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Superka: OK, now we know that image is so poor quality because of dust, raised when landing. Who's gonna clean the lenses? I hope it will be Martians.

The "cleaners" will be cleaning the lenses, of course!
If you don't know what I mean, check out "Wool" by "Hugh Howey" :-)

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