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DotCom Editor: Why is it that Apple seems to be far more innovative about photography than Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others? (That said, I still like having a lot more megapixels on my DSLR than Apple offers on its phones.)

Apple is both a HW and SW company and pretty good at doing both. Traditional Camera makers are all HW at heart.

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Breakfastographer 2: Mongolian Eagle hunters are the new Antelope Canyon.

or that tree in NZ, or some gorge in Norway, or tunnel view of Yosemite ... too many is too much.

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Frankie williams: It’s amazing that they can get a signal to send back the images millions of miles away but I can’t make a mobile phone call as no signal even thou the satellite 🛰 is just above us and theirs hundreds of them.

what you have is a cellular phone, aka cell phone, aka hand phone, aka mobile phone. if you have a satellite phone, aka satphone then you can make use of the satellites.

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I guess he hates cold :-)

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how come I feel like the CIA had this tech for a long time? You know how they were able to enhance blurry surveillance camera feed to get the license number and stuff?

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rurikw: If Percy were to find conclusive evidence of life, would it most likely have arisen on the one and migrated to the other planet? Big news but not 'game changing'? If it had arisen in both places independently, that would be the biggest news in the history of mankind? Is there any way to determine which happened?

I think it is a huge leap to assume that all life forms eventually evolve into intelligent life form that is capable of inter-planetary travel. intelligent life form is the exception not the norm. most life forms are just be and then to to be.

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jjz2: Iphone 12 photo look better, nasa cams are obsolete like entry level point and shoot

maybe as an experiment, we should put an iPhone 12 on the Mars and see how long it will last.
People are so easy to lose their perspective. Just in the few sec it took to write the comment, he forgot that we are talking about Mars.

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J.I.P, Olympus!

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Video-vs-photo: Finally someone with real brain between the ears!!! :)
"Halide Mark II uses the full 14-bit Raw data, in real time, to calculate the exposure."
’Consider that video of the Golden Gate Bridge from earlier. Your histogram, analyzing 8-bit data, might think the sky is clipped. If you saw that in your zebra stripes, you’d say, “It’s over exposed, I should go down turn things down a bit.” In fact, the cloud are not over exposed in the RAW, and there’s no need to turn down your exposure. By under exposing, you’re now going to lose details in the shadows!’
So smartphone app vendor could made it but 50 years old ILC vendors could not ......
And this is very cheap!
"A one-time purchase, which will include all future updates and features, costs $30 at launch and will go up to $36 after the introductory offer. Subscriptions will start at $12/month with a limited $10/month introductory offer that will lock you in at $10 for the life of the app."

" ILC vendors" are traditionally hardware companies and are good at that. But can't say that they are good at software. There is only a few companies that are good at both. I can only think of Apple and Microsoft. Google is trying ...

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108: Olympus E510 : sharp , clear, consistent, reliable, , excellent flash . Can be found used for a song nowadays but I'm tired of this never ending buying-selling ..

the E510 was my first DSLR camera. I had good time with it and learned the basics of shooting with SLR on it but it wasn't cutting after a while (now that I think of it, it was mostly because of the kit lenses) and sold it along with the kit lenses and upgraded to E-M1 (mark 1) along with a couple of Pro lenses. I don't regret selling it though ...

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peripheralfocus: People don't seem to understand what they're seeing here. Hart Island is New York City's potter's field -- i.e. where unclaimed bodies are buried at public expense. They are buried in individual, simple pine boxes. It has served this function for more than 150 years. Every city or district in the world has one.

Burials just like this have been happening on Hart Island every week for many decades. There are no reports of changes in the procedure as a result of Covid-19, just in the number of bodies that need to be buried.

It's a bare-bones burial, for sure, to keep costs down. You can form your own opinion about that.

Steinmetz says "there is no public access", which is not true (see another post below). Relatives are allowed to take a boat to the Island -- twice a month nowadays, evidently -- and visit the grave site of their loved one, whose exact location is recorded.

on the other hand, in Wuhan, China, they cremated the bodies without talking to the families and now people are lining up to claim the urns -

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Some vodka will do good in many ways in this trying time ... stay safe and enjoy yourself!

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Karroly: DPR,
We should mobilize to shoot that COVID-19...
But which sharp enough lens should I choose ;-)

you need an Olympus ... I mean an Olympus microscope :-)
out of the many camera makers I think Olympus is best positioned to ride out the storm ...

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Simon97: I'm self employed working from home. Although I might not get this virus, I feel I'll have a lot of free time on my hands as work is already starting to dry up. This is after my biggest year in 2019. I've always been a saver so hopefully I'll have enough to get me through this. I might grab the camera and go someplace for a mini photography vacation.

hopefully you are thinking about a solo backpacking trip in the wilderness :-)

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Hello123: a 120-year-old photograph of a cat.... somethings never change. :)

more proof that cats rule us ...

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1719 comments in total)
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Biowizard: I'm an E-M1 mk I owner and user, who skipped mk II (it came out too soon after I'd invested in the mk I). Perhaps I will finally upgrade and/or add to my collection now the mk III is here.

And despite the naysayers, I am very glad it retains the basic look and feel of the glorious camera that is my mk I version, itself paying homage to the OM-1D that I bought in 1976, and still own!


I'm same as you. Recently my e-m1 started to tell me that I need an upgrade - it fails to power on and this happens in random manner. Removing the battery seems to help but not sure for how long ...

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no wonder why Olympus is not able to produce a camera with updated sensor ...

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jimhughes: Flickr is a victim of its own success. With " more than 100 million accounts and tens of billions of photos" I couldn't find any way to make use of the platform; you're not even a drop in a bucket; you're a dust mote in a galaxy.

The relevant groups I found were either abandoned ghost towns, or were already flooded ten times over with low quality content, and more pouring in every day. When everyone is a "photographer", no one is.

If Flickr can't make money at these user numbers it's hard to see how a few thousand more can put it over the top.

I share the same sentiment as well. I do use it as a cloud storage (another backup to my 2 HDD backups) but I only share to the public what I think is my best. Maybe they can implement a "max no. of public" per day to discourage people from sharing everything they have?

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Kiwisnap: Even better - take cameras out of phones and save us all the intrusion.

one example -

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falconeyes: I always wonder why management pays such extraordinary amounts of money for a service which is rather easily recreated by hiring a bunch of talented software engineers. Not much brand value at stake here.

I guess you guys don't have kids in school (in US). You will understand when they (those companies plus the school district) charge like $15 for a single printout of your kids and they don't even give you the digital copy ... It is an extortion!

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