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    You sound old school, like you've been using Photoshop since you've needed scratch disks. Perhaps you got just an M.2, but if it's actually NVME, like a Samsung Pro 960, you'll never flood it. If ...
  • Replied in Yes
    Who cares if it doesn't last 2x as long, when it 4x cheaper? I still lug my nearly 2 decade old Profoto Compact 600 around as a backup, it's a great quality of light. But it's missing so many ...
  • I have a Nikon D800 and my custom built desktop has the same CPU and a very similar MB, V but not V-LE, also 32GB RAM and 512 SSD. Your setup should be doing fine for D750 files. If you get the ...
  • Replied in Yes
    Get a $400 Godox AD600 instead, actually get at least 2 if you're doing a wedding. A once in a lifetime event (until you get divorced) is reason to have backups. I have Profoto and Dynalite gear, ...
  • Replied in too long
    A lens that long is rarely used on a gimbal. That length normally calls for a tripod. As you shoot more video, you'll see how much you use your wider lenses.
  • Commented on article Gudsen Moza Air gimbal review

    Come on Nikon!
    Let us follow focus via USB, 10 pin or Snapbridge.

  • I use a Logitech G600 for product retouching. Assigning 12 shortcuts for the buttons by your thumb is a HUGE timesaver. Switching from Stamp to Heal to Patch to Burn to Pen is so fast. It takes ...
  • Unless you shoot the same style over and over again, don't bother. I had a studio mate with one, we never used it since swapping out the plexi was a nightmare, we cracked it once, $300. DIY ...
  • Replied in Clarification
    You would apologize for not being clear, you don't apologize for me not understanding. You are using incorrect terminology, as evidenced by Lynnie still asking for clarification.
  • Window key + left or right arrow. Keep hitting the arrow until the window is in the correct spot.
  • Replied in Clarification
    It would clarify things if you used the right terms. You seem to just want 4 windows, not 4 desktops, that's super easy. Just size the windows and run the programs. You don't need anything special.
  • Well, what are the specs of the 3 other computers? I'm not sure you're giving enough information. If you want 4 different windows showing different things from one desktop, that's super easy. If ...
  • Have you ever lined up a horizon, floor or wall with rule-of-third gridlines, then locked your tripod? Most tripod heads move as you lock them. A geared head is always locked. This is very ...
  • Before you replace it, try to fix it. I would take a silver sharpie or thin paint to it. Put it back in and bang it loose. Wherever the paint is missing is the sticking point. File it down.
  • It isn't a mountain top.
  • Replied in 2 part epoxy
    2 part epoxy is a lot stronger/longer lasting than CA glue (Crazy Glue). Though I agree, it's bad design if they're coming off. My Acute 2 1200 pack smoked and died, got it repaired for $200. ...
  • I had a lemon HP 17" replaced after 3 repairs, the replacement throttled. The 16" Dell I got next shipped with an undersized AC adapter, which they eventually replaced. It throttled and overheated ...
  • I'm eyeing a new laptop myself, but I have a desktop, so my use cases are different. I travel for work a lot as well, so I want light, but need to be productive. I need to carry a lot of files and ...
  • Replied in Renderings
    A lot of this type of photography is being replaced by renderings. The plastic and metal of watches is easily replaced, leather and textiles are harder, but it's getting there. The majority of the ...
  • I love my SP3 8/256. I do minor video editing on it; resampling 4k down to 720, trims, time lapse. My desktop is much faster, but the SP3 is more than adequate. The Surface Pro 5 is rumored to be ...
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