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Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt Adapted Lens Talk 11 months ago
What kind of perfect photo, scene or idea are you longing for? Adapted Lens Talk Jun 28, 2020
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Flektogon, Mir & focal reducers Adapted Lens Talk Aug 1, 2019
#Arkive CK's Lens Post: E. Ludwig Meritar 50mm f/2.9 Adapted Lens Talk Jul 13, 2019
TZ70 vs TZ80-TZ90 questions Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Sep 11, 2018
Why spend big time $$ for photo equipment if only a hobby? Micro Four Thirds Talk Mar 8, 2018
Metz 24 AF-1 overexposure Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 31, 2016
New Camera: Stick with m4/3 or move on? Micro Four Thirds Talk Dec 30, 2016
My GX100 has died - stuck lens problem... Ricoh Talk Feb 22, 2011
Falling in love again with GX100 :) (7 bw pics) Ricoh Talk Apr 21, 2010
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GXR is an upgrader's dream Ricoh Talk Nov 19, 2009
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Dead GX-100 Ricoh Talk Sep 1, 2009
GRDI B/W vs PP Ricoh Talk Apr 25, 2009
GX100 timelapse movie in full HDTV format Ricoh Talk Jan 18, 2009
OVF questions for GX100 (& some recent B&W pics) Ricoh Talk Nov 9, 2007
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First days with GX100: some RAW problems (pics) Ricoh Talk Jun 18, 2007
P5000 - just what I needed in a compact? Nikon Coolpix Talk Feb 26, 2007