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  • Created discussion thread Same photo - 10 different challenges
    One of the currently open challenges has a photo that has, I think,  appeared in 9 previous challenges. It's a striking image, and has been placed 1sr twice, 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th in the past. ...
  • As a set they capture the overall sense of the place extremely well. A couple of (minor) comments. On no 6, I might have tried to avoid half a gondola at the bottom. On 11,  i wonder if it would ...
  • Every thread on this subject generates replies that say "always turn IS off" and replies that say "it makes no difference". For Canon at least there is a definitive article from Canon themselves ht ...
  • I am afraid your 3 answers Always on Always off On only when necessary do not cover the fourth case which I think applies to me On unless it's necessary or useful to remove it - primarily low light.
  • You may well be right that it's nearer 6% than 8%. The problem is that we've reached the limits of known data and, to complicate it further, the avaialble data sets relate to different time priods ...
  • The 50% is ILC as a proportion of total camera market, not mirrorless as proportion of ILC (which as you say is around 35%).
  • Thanks for that. The problem is the published Nikkei data only gives "top three" and I've not found a way to dig deeper into it. I have though come at it from another direction. Olympus financial ...
  • For some time I have been trying to find believable data on the proportion of the ILC market held by each of the 3 main mirrorless sensor formats.  The public CIPA data does not do this - it only ...
  • I'll accept that M43 is a niche format in the US, but bear in mind that, based on CIPA data, the Americas are only about 25% of the ILC market.
  • To which I would add anyone who travels a lot and wishes to travel light - and they too have spending power.
  • I was about to reply only to find Mark_A has used pretty much the words I would have done. My only addition is to say buttons and menus are equally important.
  • Unfortunately it's now only available through  archive.org, but I suspect you'll appreciate the sentiment that was www.wwwdotcom.com For all on this site, insert "pick up your camera" in the last line!
  • In all the recent comments on DSLR v mirrorless and the viability or otherwise of various mounts, there is one aspect for which I do not recall seeing much comment. That is the sheer breadth of ...
  • MFT months or FF Months?
  • Over 2013-2017 compact down 71%, DSLR down 45%, other ILC  flat until 2016 then up 25%
  • CIPA data suggests about 11.7 million interchangeable lens cameras were sold in 2017. Does anyone have any evidence of how many of these were bought by newcomers to the  ILC market as opposed to ...
  • My take on uREbelRob's calculation is that it is looking at the rotation needed relative to a datum fixed on a rotating earth to continue to point at a celestial object. Mine was looking at how ...
  • It looks as if this thread may be converging on a possible explanation. I'd posted similar calcs to yours elsewhere and in parallel -  thanks for your more refined versions. The one observation I'd ...
  • Sorry, but acceleration is a consequence of rotation, not the other way round. And rotation is measured directly by gyros.
  • I must confess I have been sceptical about this rotation argument but after some further reflection I can see how it might apply. It is though purely a rotational effect, acceleration does not come ...
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