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On article Panasonic Leica DG 15mm F1.7 shooting experience (333 comments in total)
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Gimli son of Gloin: Is there a reason to get to consider this combo instead of a ZS100, RX100 or some other pocketable camera?

The mFT cameras became too big and the price tag too high to justify a purchase. On top of that the IQ different between the small sensors are almost indistinguishable and you get more flexibility of the zoom range.

Pricing a mFT lens the same league as a FF lens without their benefits is crazy talk.

Gimli, I'm with you and carry my R100M4 around more and more. I've looked and you can't get a 24-70 f1.8 zoom anywhere for interchangeable lens cameras. Plus it collapses down to nothing. I've seen a number of tests and the quality difference is insignificant, at least for most pictures and users. It's personal but I started out with Leica primes and now much prefer a zoom.

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jjz2: Am I the only one who doesn't edit on a laptop, like, at all? I get most people prefer laptops, esp people under 30, but would assume a lot of photographers and videographers still use a desktop for work? I don't care about Mac vs PC, I just don't need a tricked out laptop.

Ditto here. I just discovered my old HP would take two screens about a year ago and W10 handles them well. Not just for photo editing, but we do a lot of traveling among other things and to have two 25" screens up with 4 windows makes research and planning sooooo much easier. My cost... $150 and its a great screen.

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I've been operating PC's since they first came out. Often I've considered the idea of switching to Mac due to a more stable environment. Overall, the PC operating system has been pretty good since XP service pack 2 if you knew what you were doing, and very stable with Windows 7 & 10. I've had no issues. If you like to play and tinker, get a pc. If you are in business (as we were for 35 years) it's definitely a PC. If you don't want compatibility & installation issues with millions of new and free software, get a PC. If you like to do and edit photos or do music, then it's a tossup. If you do GPS and hike or a number of other niche things it's a PC.
Basically the Mac says it's my way or the highway, and gives you very little compatibility, or ability to tune the 'engine', in exchange for a stable environment.
Personally I'd rather not have my hand held, but go out on my own... even if I fall once in a while.

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On article Throwback Thursday: The Canon PowerShot G3 (95 comments in total)

I had a whole series of Canon G's and loved them until they did away with the articulated LDC. Then went to the Nikon P7700, which I have still. Both cameras take amazing pictures for the sensor size.

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On article Roadtrip Review Redux: The Fujifilm X100F (173 comments in total)
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FoxShutter: This camera is good for a good weather, that's it. There is no weather sealing of any kind and it makes the camera a poor travel companion.
The images in this particular review look mushy and desaturated to my taste. Sorry.

Gee, I've been all over the world in all sorts of weather and have seldom needed weather sealing, even in the Olympic Peninsula. In bad weather I keep it inside my raincoat, then use my hand while I take a quick shot and have never had a problem yet. Then again most countries have one day of rain for every 10 days of dry weather, and even that one day is only for a few hours, but perhaps I should look into a sealed camera just to cover myself as I wouldn't want to have a 'poor travel companion'. Lastly, I sort of liked the Samuel's pictures.

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Boy, and I thought I liked to shoot wide with my 10-18 (15-27 in FF).
And contrary to one commenter below, I enjoyed hearing about your personal thoughts on this subject.

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AlanG: I've been adjusting my images using a NEC wide gamut monitor using Spectraview. It made a lot of sense for prints and for the work that goes to ad agencies for printing. But the agencies tell me now that their primary emphasis is the web.

Most viewers are using calibrated computers, tablets and phones. Generally these uncalibrated devices are set contrasty and overly saturated. I'm beginning to think it might make sense to target the images to a typical iPad/iPhone reference.

I may be mistaken but I think the point is most viewers will NOT be using a calibrated monitor, so it's best to design images for them.

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On article Alpha-better: Sony a9 versus a7R II (503 comments in total)
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luben solev: Comparing Apples and Oranges perhaps?

After all, both the price and the intended usage of both cameras differs substantially.

I thought it was a good comparison. Sometimes you want to compare oranges and apples.

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On article Hasselblad X1D final production sample gallery (142 comments in total)
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Rodenmg: I know the dollar ain't what it use to be but come on. $43000. Say it again and think about it. $43000.

That would buy a nice car... and both would depreciate at about the same rate.

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On article Fujifilm GFX 50S vs Pentax 645Z vs Hasselblad X1D (348 comments in total)

Just for some balanced comments. I think it's wonderful that manufactures are making these amazing cameras and getting them down to prices ordinary people can start to afford (with a small loan against their house). That said, as a casual, landscape and travel photographer, I have no desire to go to even full frame, and admire most the new 4/3 shooters and their cameras. Of course if you shoot commercially in a studio and need to impress clients with the size of your equipment, that's a different story.

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On article Image style AI can convert paintings to photographs (54 comments in total)
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EssexAsh: Using 'image style transfer' their AI can convert Monet's impressionist paintings into a much more realistic image that comes close to photo quality, giving you a good idea of the scene that the French painter was looking at when he put down his easel and started to paint.

And thus completely and utterly missing the point of what Monet and impressionism was all about. Awesome for every artistic ignoramus out there. I'm sure they'll sell loads

Art is like religion, everyone thinks they have the right answer.

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Primes are great. Small, faster and almost always cleaner edge to edge. But if you're a traveler in dusty, damp conditions that has to travel light and sometimes get a shot off within seconds from wide to mild telephoto, primes are not practical. Your choice depends largely on your shooting interests and conditions. There is no right or wrong here, just pragmatic choices.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Our first cameras (392 comments in total)

I had been in the Navy for one year back in 1964 when the photo bug bit me. An old salt said if I want the best, it was either a Contaflex or Leica. A few months later while on leave in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, I went to the commissary and found they stocked Leicas. After some soul searching and horrible gilt feelings, I bought an M3 for several months wages. On the way back to the ship I held this precious object with both hands, not realizing I was just hanging onto the top of the box as I watched the bottom dropped out and smashed onto the pier. I was horrified. But it only tilted the tripod mounting screw a bit and served me faithfully for the next 30 years when I sold it for about twice the purchase price.

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Apparently GoPro has been having problems. I've never understood why a camera manufactures would put out a video camera without an LCD built in.
I've had several and it's always trial and error to line it up. I know, they have one as an add on, but I finally went to Sony. Had this one been available then, I might have gotten it. Love the simple interface of the YI.

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On article Prime or zoom? LensRentals investigates (237 comments in total)
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bobbarber: Zooms have improved since film days. A lot of the "zooms are terrible" stuff originated then, and people have not updated their opinions. Not arguing with the article's basic point, but zooms are plenty usable these days.

Also, one of the "advantages" of a crop format, is that you only use the sweet spot of lenses that were manufactured for a larger format. Some of my 4/3 lenses are rebadged lenses from Sigma, built for larger formats. No edge problems for me.

Wouldn't that be similar to cropping then with an APS-C or full frame?

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On article Adobe Creative Suite 6 has been officially retired (352 comments in total)

Years ago I use to drive past 'auto row' on the way to work. I'd notice all the posted prices: $16,998 for this model, $19,995 for that one, etc.
Within one year, all that changed to lease prices: $399 for this one, $449 for that one etc.
I suspect it's a harbinger of things to come for a lot of products where the manufacturer can get more for selling things piecemeal to people who don't/won't add up the total cost. For heavy users the cost will be minimal. For the rest of us we pay the price.

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jorg14: I thought this was an interesting learning experiment for the author. For the most part I agree with him and his conclusions. Aside from the rain, I would think if someone wanted to travel really light with one camera, have a fast lens and zoom, the Sony RX100 series would be about perfect.

I read most of it and that's why I said ""Aside from the rain".

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I thought this was an interesting learning experiment for the author. For the most part I agree with him and his conclusions. Aside from the rain, I would think if someone wanted to travel really light with one camera, have a fast lens and zoom, the Sony RX100 series would be about perfect.

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John KM/linhof: Beautiful video. My wife and I spent about a week in Dubrovnik in 1970 and this brings back memories of the former Yugoslavia. We drove and camped along the Adriatic highway as part of our 5-month European driving/camping tour. Split, also in Croatia, with its Diocletian palace and Pula with its Roman amphitheater both were open to public use at that time. I would love to repeat this experience and would take a Fuji GFX for stills.

My wife and I sent two weeks in that area in 2015 after a lot of fellow travelers recommended it. Basically Mediterranean climate with very Italianesque villages that go back two thousand years. A photographers paradise for sure. Last year we did the Baltic countries, which also has similar amazing towns. We also heard from many travelers that Romania is a worthy destination if you like that sort of environment. You can see photos here if DP will permit it:

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On article Buying a second lens: what lens should I buy next? (296 comments in total)
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HowaboutRAW: "Why do I need another lens", doesn't this headline imply that the interchangeable lens body you just bought comes with a lens automatically?

Yes, I realize this article is directed at those who most likely bought an ILC kit of some type. However it is quite possible to buy cameras like the D750 or A7II without any lens. (There are plenty of Leica, Pentax, Fuji, Canon, Olympus and Panasonic examples that can of course also be purchased absent a lens.)

Samfan, I agree. A beginner should first work on improving their photography with the kit lens, some of which are very good. After a bit, they will realize some optical need is not met, and then they should purchase that lens. Not good to get a bunch of lenses only to find out you don't really like photography.

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