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On article Throwback Thursday: Our first cameras (384 comments in total)

I had been in the Navy for one year back in 1964 when the photo bug bit me. An old salt said if I want the best, it was either a Contaflex or Leica. A few months later while on leave in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, I went to the commissary and found they stocked Leicas. After some soul searching and horrible gilt feelings, I bought an M3 for several months wages. On the way back to the ship I held this precious object with both hands, not realizing I was just hanging onto the top of the box as I watched the bottom dropped out and smashed onto the pier. I was horrified. But it only tilted the tripod mounting screw a bit and served me faithfully for the next 30 years when I sold it for about twice the purchase price.

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Apparently GoPro has been having problems. I've never understood why a camera manufactures would put out a video camera without an LCD built in.
I've had several and it's always trial and error to line it up. I know, they have one as an add on, but I finally went to Sony. Had this one been available then, I might have gotten it. Love the simple interface of the YI.

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On article Prime or zoom? LensRentals investigates (232 comments in total)
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bobbarber: Zooms have improved since film days. A lot of the "zooms are terrible" stuff originated then, and people have not updated their opinions. Not arguing with the article's basic point, but zooms are plenty usable these days.

Also, one of the "advantages" of a crop format, is that you only use the sweet spot of lenses that were manufactured for a larger format. Some of my 4/3 lenses are rebadged lenses from Sigma, built for larger formats. No edge problems for me.

Wouldn't that be similar to cropping then with an APS-C or full frame?

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On article Adobe Creative Suite 6 has been officially retired (351 comments in total)

Years ago I use to drive past 'auto row' on the way to work. I'd notice all the posted prices: $16,998 for this model, $19,995 for that one, etc.
Within one year, all that changed to lease prices: $399 for this one, $449 for that one etc.
I suspect it's a harbinger of things to come for a lot of products where the manufacturer can get more for selling things piecemeal to people who don't/won't add up the total cost. For heavy users the cost will be minimal. For the rest of us we pay the price.

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jorg14: I thought this was an interesting learning experiment for the author. For the most part I agree with him and his conclusions. Aside from the rain, I would think if someone wanted to travel really light with one camera, have a fast lens and zoom, the Sony RX100 series would be about perfect.

I read most of it and that's why I said ""Aside from the rain".

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I thought this was an interesting learning experiment for the author. For the most part I agree with him and his conclusions. Aside from the rain, I would think if someone wanted to travel really light with one camera, have a fast lens and zoom, the Sony RX100 series would be about perfect.

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John KM/linhof: Beautiful video. My wife and I spent about a week in Dubrovnik in 1970 and this brings back memories of the former Yugoslavia. We drove and camped along the Adriatic highway as part of our 5-month European driving/camping tour. Split, also in Croatia, with its Diocletian palace and Pula with its Roman amphitheater both were open to public use at that time. I would love to repeat this experience and would take a Fuji GFX for stills.

My wife and I sent two weeks in that area in 2015 after a lot of fellow travelers recommended it. Basically Mediterranean climate with very Italianesque villages that go back two thousand years. A photographers paradise for sure. Last year we did the Baltic countries, which also has similar amazing towns. We also heard from many travelers that Romania is a worthy destination if you like that sort of environment. You can see photos here if DP will permit it:

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On article Buying a second lens: what lens should I buy next? (295 comments in total)
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HowaboutRAW: "Why do I need another lens", doesn't this headline imply that the interchangeable lens body you just bought comes with a lens automatically?

Yes, I realize this article is directed at those who most likely bought an ILC kit of some type. However it is quite possible to buy cameras like the D750 or A7II without any lens. (There are plenty of Leica, Pentax, Fuji, Canon, Olympus and Panasonic examples that can of course also be purchased absent a lens.)

Samfan, I agree. A beginner should first work on improving their photography with the kit lens, some of which are very good. After a bit, they will realize some optical need is not met, and then they should purchase that lens. Not good to get a bunch of lenses only to find out you don't really like photography.

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On article Buying a second lens: what lens should I buy next? (295 comments in total)
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Fotoni: I don't like wide angle lenses for natural look. They produce weird views and pack too much information as a single photo for a typical camera which has quite limited sensor capabilities.

Panoramas have their cons (you need multiple photos), but you can use lenses like 50mm or even higher and get the wide angle too. For me, panoramas can look much more natural, if there is not much movement. This works especially well for landscapes. Plenty of resolution for a large view which really need it. Maybe a 8x10 large format camera can do the same with a wide angle lens and single shot.

Many say that ~43mm is the sharp viewing angle of the human eye. That is something to think about, if you want photos as you see the view.

I do a lot of traveling to Europe. One of the most fascinating things there is the architecture... especially old medieval towns. Try shooting inside one of the amazing castle rooms with a normal lens. Depending on what you like, wide and perhaps even ultra wide is the only thing that can get the shots sometimes. Neither stitching nor panoramas work here. Plus sometimes you want it just for effect. An acquired taste perhaps. If you have Windows 10, today's grassy shot is a great example of ultra wide done right.

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On article Meet two nomadic photographers who travel full-time (152 comments in total)

Interesting that so many people have wondered about how they finance their adventures and wishing they could travel more. My wife and I have been traveling the world since we've been in our early 20's ( About 15 years ago after retirement & still young, we became well off enough to do what these people do, but chose not to. Perhaps it's age, perhaps it's personality, but we really miss our friends, family, get-togethers, home, pet, and routine of just puttering around the house & doing local things. Of course we still travel several times a year, but I think it's a case of the 'grass is greener'. I believe if most people had the chance to travel this way (and we did for a short while) they would look at this full time traveling less romantically. In short, things are more fun if you don't do them all the time.

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Joe Ogiba: The 4K sample is worthless, shoot one like this :

Joe, your second comment makes a good point and I agree. But most of us understand this isn't suppose to be a polished finished product but just a sample. We can still see the clarity, color, steadiness, angle of view etc. so it is worth something.

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Joe Ogiba: The 4K sample is worthless, shoot one like this :

I prefer the 4K sample to the ad like alternative. "Worthless" is an nonconstructive negative opinion best left unsaid.

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So we should ask this gunman to wait until we can get a professional photographer out there?

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Mike FL: I do not see SONY has good build quality, and my RX100.M3 USB door can not close b/c one of the two "little leg" are broken today.

I do not know how to call the "little leg" which hold/lock the USB door while close.

This is the first camera, I own, has this kind of problem, and I rarely use the RX100.M3. I may be only open/close the door less than 3 times.

Too bad.

I had the same problem with my M3. I found out it wasn't worth fixing as the camera has to be taken apart and would cost half as much as it's worth.
For another year I just lived with it using tape. I don't know why Sony doesn't address this known problem.

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On article Mobile Speed: Portable SSDs for photographers (204 comments in total)
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DJF65: Hi, I still don't get the point. I know that I can hook up external drives (HDD, SSD, SD Cards etc.) to my laptop or tablet. But the title of the article is "Mobile Speed: Portable SSDs for photographers". So I had hoped insight into how to backup SD cards to such drives without the intermediary of a laptop, phone or tablet. Unless the drive has the necessary hard- and software to do that, I wouldn't know how that would work. Could anyone help me with this question?

As I mentioned below, I think this approach is obsolesce now. Most people will have a laptop anyway. So you really don't need an old fashion expensive large external SSD. You simply leave it on your computer as a backup, or buy a less expensive smaller high capacity flash drive and copy and paste onto that. Simple, easy, fast and cheap.

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On article Mobile Speed: Portable SSDs for photographers (204 comments in total)

Nice article.
I switched to SSD's years ago when higher end laptops came with them.
Plus higher capacity flash drives are fairly cheap now, so I simply keep photos in camera (No. 1 backup) and back them up daily on the laptop (No. 2 backup). If it's ultra important, I can always plug another high capacity flash into the laptop and transfer them to yet another storage item (No. 3 backup), but I've seldom seen the need for this kind of duplicity with the reliability they have. If you're concerned about theft, it's also easier to hide a flash drive than an external SSD and they're cheaper.

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All this reminds me of some fantastic aerial photos I've seen of Iceland using.... a drone. I'm sure drones must be making some inroads to aerial photography as well as expanding the field.

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On article Spoilt for choice: which Sony RX100 is right for you? (303 comments in total)
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justmeMN: Sony-sponsored content? It's hard to tell the difference between that, and DPRs regular content.

Greenville, I completely agree with you. The last thing I want is more speed or better video. A longer reach would have been much more useful to me. Two more useful things would be a EVF that pops out automatically, a better grip and more manual controls. But perhaps the latter would be too hard on such a small camera. I like the M3 as it is the cheapest one with EVF.

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On article Spoilt for choice: which Sony RX100 is right for you? (303 comments in total)
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Aroart: Sony stepped up the quality of the point and shoot market.. I wonder why they would sell there sensors to the competition .. Does any one know... My only guess is the sale of the sensor is greater than or equivalent to there profit of a camera sale .. I would love some feedback .. Thanks..

I've heard that your guess is right. Sony has a 6 months 'head start' clause on their sensors from other camera companies. So this lets them get a solid foothold in the market before other manufactures using the same sensor start to compete.

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On article Fast Five: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V Review (420 comments in total)

Strange, coming from the Nex 7 to the a6000 and RX100M3, I think the menu is great! I like it much better than the slew of Nikon DSLR's and Canon G series I've had.
You can visually see all the tabs, and with each scroll you see the whole page. No having to scroll down endlessly as in other cameras. So how would you improve it? Plus I have a second battery. On vacation I simply charge both in camera when in the hotel. No having to drag along a bulky charger - the whole point of a compact travel camera. Works great for me.

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