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On article Mobile Speed: Portable SSDs for photographers (198 comments in total)
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DJF65: Hi, I still don't get the point. I know that I can hook up external drives (HDD, SSD, SD Cards etc.) to my laptop or tablet. But the title of the article is "Mobile Speed: Portable SSDs for photographers". So I had hoped insight into how to backup SD cards to such drives without the intermediary of a laptop, phone or tablet. Unless the drive has the necessary hard- and software to do that, I wouldn't know how that would work. Could anyone help me with this question?

As I mentioned below, I think this approach is obsolesce now. Most people will have a laptop anyway. So you really don't need an old fashion expensive large external SSD. You simply leave it on your computer as a backup, or buy a less expensive smaller high capacity flash drive and copy and paste onto that. Simple, easy, fast and cheap.

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On article Mobile Speed: Portable SSDs for photographers (198 comments in total)

Nice article.
I switched to SSD's years ago when higher end laptops came with them.
Plus higher capacity flash drives are fairly cheap now, so I simply keep photos in camera (No. 1 backup) and back them up daily on the laptop (No. 2 backup). If it's ultra important, I can always plug another high capacity flash into the laptop and transfer them to yet another storage item (No. 3 backup), but I've seldom seen the need for this kind of duplicity with the reliability they have. If you're concerned about theft, it's also easier to hide a flash drive than an external SSD and they're cheaper.

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All this reminds me of some fantastic aerial photos I've seen of Iceland using.... a drone. I'm sure drones must be making some inroads to aerial photography as well as expanding the field.

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On article Spoilt for choice: which Sony RX100 is right for you? (305 comments in total)
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justmeMN: Sony-sponsored content? It's hard to tell the difference between that, and DPRs regular content.

Greenville, I completely agree with you. The last thing I want is more speed or better video. A longer reach would have been much more useful to me. Two more useful things would be a EVF that pops out automatically, a better grip and more manual controls. But perhaps the latter would be too hard on such a small camera. I like the M3 as it is the cheapest one with EVF.

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On article Spoilt for choice: which Sony RX100 is right for you? (305 comments in total)
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Aroart: Sony stepped up the quality of the point and shoot market.. I wonder why they would sell there sensors to the competition .. Does any one know... My only guess is the sale of the sensor is greater than or equivalent to there profit of a camera sale .. I would love some feedback .. Thanks..

I've heard that your guess is right. Sony has a 6 months 'head start' clause on their sensors from other camera companies. So this lets them get a solid foothold in the market before other manufactures using the same sensor start to compete.

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On article Fast Five: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V Review (405 comments in total)

Strange, coming from the Nex 7 to the a6000 and RX100M3, I think the menu is great! I like it much better than the slew of Nikon DSLR's and Canon G series I've had.
You can visually see all the tabs, and with each scroll you see the whole page. No having to scroll down endlessly as in other cameras. So how would you improve it? Plus I have a second battery. On vacation I simply charge both in camera when in the hotel. No having to drag along a bulky charger - the whole point of a compact travel camera. Works great for me.

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I disagree with some of the comments below that 4/3 is dead due to it's small format. I've taken some wonderful pictures in Iceland with my RX100, a so called 1" sensor. Even a 2/3" sensor takes good pictures if there is enough light.

What's missing here is partly the fault of the photographer, but there are caveats. When on assignment, you often don't have time to wait for the right time of day, sun, clouds, people to move etc. But perhaps the biggest part is post processing. Most all of the drop dead gorgeous pictures I have seen have been heavily processed, (including Ansel Adams). If done right, it's subtle like seasoning in a dish, where you really don't know what's been changed. The price point is a valid objection though, and the market will decide that.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Nikon D40 (174 comments in total)
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jadot: Rockwell built an entire website and career around telling everyone that the D40 was all the camera you'd ever need, so I guess you can thanks the D40 and Nikon for that.

Truth is, the D40 with the 35 1.8 was a joy to use, give or take a few focus points. I never had a problem with the (at the time, high enough, but today, low) resolution. What I really loved about the D40 was it's simplicity and apparent lack of unnecessary features.

Wouldn't it be great if Nikon released a new iteration of this camera? A D40 with a few more AF points, a well integrated AUTO ISO, and a 12MP sensor with great Low light performance. Throw on a secondary wheel on the front and some good manual shutter/aperture options and you're good to go.

Pretty much my experiences as well. Strange how they classify cameras. I'd been photographing for 40 years when I bought that camera, having come from Leica, and I never thought it was a 'beginner' camera. I could have bought any camera, but chose the D40 as it was sooooo lightweight and small. Many Nikon's later I still remember that as my favorite. I finally went to Sony mirror-less as I liked the size better plus it makes Ken Rockwell cringe.

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I paid $385 for a brand new Sony a6000 during a sales blitz from Amazon just before the a6300 came out and am having a hard time suppressing a grin.

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abolit: This is ridiculous! $2000 for m4/3 body only - disgusting!

Interesting to watch the ratio of likes to dislikes.
Does this tell you something?

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Well.... makes me realize what a good deal the $385 I paid for a brand new a6000 was.

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On article Hands-on with the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V (236 comments in total)

Ok, my wish list as a long time RX user and traveler. I would have liked to see a longer zoom (if possible w/o increasing size too much), flip out LCD (flip ups are nice but flip outs are better - I've had both), faster startup (I've missed a lot of shots due to this), nice rubber finger grip ( I usually add my own), an EVF that pops out automatically like on the RX1 to save that one extra step of pulling it out after popping up, and lastly an extra wheel for exposure value etc. that is customiz-able. Too bad the new one doesn't have any of these. I'll wait for the V1... where they'll probably just add another 300 phase detection points.

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Did anyone ever mention how little they care?

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On article This vibrant hyper-lapse shows off New York in 8K (69 comments in total)

Nice time lapse technically, but I had to turn off the music which was a total mismatch with the video I thought. Plus I found the constant switching of points of view distracting, as I had just gotten interested in what was going on in one scene when I was ripped away to another one, and then another. I didn't even last a minute.

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On article Under pressure: Canon vs. Nikon in a hydraulic press (287 comments in total)

Somewhat interesting to see once, but once is enough.

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David 247: Photography by its very nature is always manipulated and always has been to a some degree. No camera or film ever produced, shows exactly what the human eye sees and how the human brain interprets it. In fact, no two people ever see exactly the same. There is a realm of reasonable representation and some level of acceptable interpretation by the photographer. Reasonable adjustments of highlights, shadows, color, etc are generally acceptable. What is not acceptable for documentary work is adding or removing elements or modifying elements in a way that is unnatural or false. Take the same photo at the same moment with different cameras and receive widely different impressions of what eyes and mind see. None will show exactly the same. All would qualify as reasonable representations. Limited post processing is reasonable as long as it does not significantly alter the subject as seen. There are no limits on artistic work as long as it is stated as such.

Ditto here David. It was almost a shock to me to find out recently how much dark room manipulation Ansel Adams did. I'm not sure his 'raw' (negative) file would pass National Geographic muster. While I'd guess most serious photographers and judges agree with you, there will forever be arguments over what 'reasonable' and 'significant' is.

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (814 comments in total)

So, what's next?
2-1/4 square?
Full frame is so yesterday.
I mean how could you even take a serious shot with APS-C or 4/3's right?

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (490 comments in total)
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Grig: I don't see destruction compared to FZ1000... Sorry... May be good idea to change it to "outperforms" or something like it if you really think so, but not destroys for sure... But to me FZ Leica lens is sharper and less CA... Especially on the sides at F8 at 400mm

With all due respect to BB and DPR, I disagree and think headlines should inform and entice, but not to the point of deception. To me "Destroys" is over the top, cheapens the editorial headline, and leaves a false impression.
Sadly I see this trend with all to many publishers. I'd like to think we have a more 'mature' readership here.

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On article Pelican lightens up with Air cases (52 comments in total)
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Jonathan F/2: I actually use my pelican case as my carry on luggage for clothes and put my cameras in my backpack!

Why buy a Pelican case for clothes?
We travel extensively and every suitcase I had soon fell apart, even the most expensive. A few years ago I considered a Pelican case as they are considered the toughest. plus I like the top hinge vs split suitcases as the latter takes up twice the room when open. But when I looked at the weight and what I'd have left over for clothes, it was out. This new lighter case might change things. Another issue we considered is Pelican cases sometimes draw unwanted attention.

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On article Upwardly mobile: Sony a6300 Review (2156 comments in total)
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pkcpga: Not sure how the Nikon d7200 is the benchmark for comparison for a year now and the Sony a6300 doesn't match or beat the Nikon and the Nikon receives a silver and the Sony a gold. I guess cameras have gotten worse with time so they get higher awards or maybe the Sony has such a great user interface it deserves the over look.

I think we forget use. If you're a professional using a camera day in and out, then perhaps a mirrored camera with a big lens selection might be good. I'm a traveler first and photographer second, and found my huge Nikon DSLR sitting in the closet most of the time in favor of smaller cameras. As a long time Sony user, I think the current menu is great! I prefer it over my Nikon menu. Of course perhaps coming from the Nex 7 menu from hell it just seems better. I take two small cameras that cover from 15-100mm so never have to change lenses, the bane of travel photographers in tense conditions. So my lens needs are minimal too. That said, I see no reason to upgrade to the a6300. It has all the improvements I'm not looking for except perhaps weather sealing.

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