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Great work and congratulations to Brett for idea and execution. Though I'd prefer the film running a tad slower, maybe even 1/2 speed for some takes. It would match my feelings I have about wood better. But I think like that about most modern films and movies. Just too much hecticness.

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Isn't non-aspherical == spherical
Or am I missing something?

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EthanP99: Heres how I would use it.

Imagine your home having its own battery that it slow charges and tops off while youre not at home. When you do come home, you can plug your car or any other device into that battery and get a very rapid charge without stressing the power grid.

This seems to be one if the few - or the only - constructive replies here. Though you'll still need a solid 10 kW ++ connection to the grid. But it really would solve some problems. Also for owners of solar- ans wind-power generators. Now it it only would work on large scale production and application.

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Didn't know that these early digital camera models were so dangerous. From page 8 of the review: "camera uses the AF illumination lamp to illuminate and reduce the size of the subjects retina before main flash."
I hope not too many innocent retinas were shrunk in those days. ;-)

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matthew saville: What a telling sign of the times. "Stories" that are meant to evaporate into oblivion, because we're too busy living in the moment, yearning for our next few seconds of fame, or those extra 100 "likes", whatever...

A "story" used to be a meaningful, lasting collection of images and words; the whole point of a story was for it to stand the test of time, and be passed down from generation to generation.

Obviously this particular trend is just a drop in the bucket, I just hope that we as a society don't lose sight of what is important in life. I hope our grandchildren have something, *anything* at all that is meaningful enough for them to bother looking back on and reminiscing about.

(I write this as I read my great-grandmother's story about her life immigrating to the US, crossing the prairie "a la Laura Ingalls Wilder", and other amazing things.)

In their hunger for the next new exciting thing in life, many people seem not to notice how they actually are wasting their limited time on the blue marble, rushing through their lifes like a high speed train.

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The so-called DOF-effect in the example reminds me more of a masked subject with blurred surrounding, than a real depth-of-field. I hope the final results will be a bit better.

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If I understand things correctly Samsung has done this in the Galaxy S5 already with the adaptive display mode. Take a look at

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Two major features I currently miss:
- 100% zoom. I have to use the app "Quickpic" for that
- The photo app has no view to show just those photos that are taken with my smart phone. If I want to clean up my library of all the pics I don't want to keep I have to go to a PC to do that.

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Regarding the reds: Take a look at the photo on the right image border. Here the reds are more natural in the nikon picture, and too much in the canon's. I think the significance of such a shot for the results in real world photos is not so high.

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